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  1. 1)HDM Coronations-what a pleasant surprise. 2)JLP any size I could get my hands on Smoked some Cohibas, Bolivars, Romeo Julieta. They were all singles, gifts. Only the top two were memorable.
  2. The mistake I made was not buying more of her rolls. How old is that one?
  3. I gotta agree with this. Even the ones we love are quite complicated, to say the least.
  4. After Trump made his announcement. This came out. But none of the restrictions take place until it's "published." So I guess we are still under Obama rules for a while, which is no limit for personal use. What's interesting is I hear stories about difficulties getting out of Cuba with CC's. Most people seem to have little or no trouble with American customs bringing CC's into the U.S.
  5. Correct me if I am wrong, but I do believe the "Culebra" style of cigar was invented or introduced in the Philippines.
  6. I bought all my groomsmen a simple 14k gold ring. Had them engraved. You'd be surprised what you can find. One of my buddies still wears his.
  7. Just curious. Besides the house rollers in Cuba and Johnny O, are there any other custom rollers you would recommend? Thanks in advance
  8. check out this link.
  9. I went in June. Have smoked Alex's cigars, Yolanda's, and Juanita's. All of them, to me, are very smooth and medium body at the most. But when I spoke to them, I told them what I wanted. So maybe they gave me Mild-to-medium sticks because I asked. Have to say they were all wonderful and approachable. That was my experience.
  10. Because you still can't buy Cubans cigars legally on line in the U.S., this makes me save the ones I do get. In saving to buy CC's, I normally buy crappy Non-Cubans. And I smoke the crappy cigars and reward myself with a nice CC from time to time. Live in an apartment, so I smoke a whole lot more in the summer than winter. As far as what I smoke and when, I try to have something nice for special occasions and family gatherings. Drink of choice year round is anything with rum.:)
  11. I always store cigars together. Didn't know it mattered. But I never really have that many at one time.
  12. Makes me want to go to Spain:)
  13. Big Payback. I like this one a lot. Still a little young. But goes good with apple juice or something like that. The sweetness covers that initial bitter taste. Nice burn. Great draw. Gonna let it sit for a while.
  14. Most of the people I've spoken to didn't even know they could travel to Cuba. When I told them I went, they were surprised. And after the Trump announcement, even people like me who want to go again are reluctant. I wonder if Obama's policies was for tourism or actually more so for Cuban Americans. You always hear about tourism.
  15. I hope you make it home safe also. The smoke in the airplane just seems unreal.

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