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  1. They enjoyed it very much.
  2. A team has 4 attempts to make it to the first down or score a touch down. If a team doesn't move very far down the field by the 3rd attempt, they normally will kick the ball away down the field to give the other team a harder chance to score. Hence Packers go 3 and out. 3rd down is usually the last attempt the team makes to go down the field because they don't want to risk giving the ball over to the other side with poor field position, meaning the enemy wouldn't have to go very far to score. If they are really close to the first down marker,(10 yards from the point of their last first down or initial starting position) they may attempt to get the 1st down on their last possession, the 4th down. American football is like warfare. They can pass the ball, like an ariel volley. Or they can try to rush it like pushing up the trenches. The runningbacks are like the tanks. And the injuries they suffer from using their helmets like battering rams over long periods of time are the casualties of war. Actually, if someone explain to me why people would play such a dangerous sport, I'm curious as well. Ex players, like Junior Seau, RIP, shouldn't be left with so much brain damage that they think the best option is to shoot themselves in the heart so their brain can be studied. It's terribly sad.
  3. What To Expect From Cuban Cigars:
  4. Sometimes, you just have to put them down.
  5. PerfecDraw

    My mind immediately went to the seinfeld muffin top episode.
  6. There's the driving range. And beer. Lots of beer. I guess if you're wiling to drive an hour outside of the town there's like Napa Valley or the Golden Gate Bridge or something. But man I gotta tell you I'm really fond of that driving range and the pitchers they let you bring on the range to drink. That's really the highlight of the Bay Area.
  7. My town is really small. So my 1 day tour would consist of taking them to the driving range and ordering a couple of pitchers. We'd pass out before the day is over.
  8. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Monti 2 and blue moon. Bliss.
  9. Sorry to hear about your little boy. I hope he feels better. I'm pretty new here but from what I've seen it's usually the behikes or the winnies that you need to have the quickest draw. I don't think the 24:24 would be a good basis to determine what's great right now because the Rob and the team do a pretty good job of shielding us from the worst of the worst out there. In regards to young cigars, I've been trying around some stuff from here and what I had brought back from Havana last April. I had an HUPC that pulled me right back to vinales. So I'd say to get those why you still can. I also just can't seem to keep my hands off some young R&J churchhills that I just picked up. I just had a plugged one that I ended up bitting off the foot and nubbing. Probably not my proudest moment but I would do it again in a heartbeat. A 2015 box of Hoyo Epi 2 have also been another one I can't seem to let alone. The 2016 Boli's I've had had all been great lately as well, pc, coronas gigantes, libertador. In regards to NC: the winners for me have been the Padron 50th aniversary in Natural, Ashton VSG Belicoso No. 1, and a tatuaje chuck that I had from a box of pudgy monsters with yellow cello mmm.
  10. If the cost of living until 111 is having to smoke at least 12 Tampa Sweets a day, I don't think I could do it.
  11. The guy has a 30,000 US dollar submachine gun in his closet and smokes 50 cent tampa sweets. He is the epitome of living the way he wants to live. Much respect.
  12. Hope he gets well soon. The other post said he was dealing with a double infection of pneumonia.
  13. SignalJoe, wasn't this the guy that you were talking about in your post back in June? Would love to hear your thoughts about his diet.
  14. Welcome back! Glad you had such a good time. Did you have any trouble getting around? I have some friends that went there last year. I think they ended up over paying for a ticket because they didn't realize that purchasing a ticket was for single use and not reuseable credit like some of the stations they have over here. Also, how was the cigar life over there?

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