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  1. MLB Season 2017

    What an incredible World Series! Congratulations to the Astros for winning it all! The city really could use a win. As for the Dodgers, well.. much respect to all the Dodgers fans for mainly sticking around to the end of the game. It looks like it's time to expand the payroll.
  2. Yes, it was meant to be humor. Didn't mean to infer hateful race/class innuendo or anything. My apologizes for any offense. The hands just look dirty to me, and this is coming from a former gardener.
  3. Washing the cigars doesn't sound like the worst idea. After all, look at the hands that make them.
  4. It'll probably be something like, "Was your bowel movement today a funny color? Post a picture! Most likes gets a sampler pack!"
  5. Office Politics - All a bunch of he said, she said hearsay. Sales and Marketing - Because if you already knew you didn't want it to begin with, here's why you should change your mind! Teslas - They outsource their manufacturing from China just like everyone else. Boba Tea- Weird Asian Drinks with the corn starch ball that you choke on when you try to take a sip.
  6. They enjoyed it very much.
  7. What To Expect From Cuban Cigars:
  8. Sometimes, you just have to put them down.
  9. PerfecDraw

    My mind immediately went to the seinfeld muffin top episode.
  10. There's the driving range. And beer. Lots of beer. I guess if you're wiling to drive an hour outside of the town there's like Napa Valley or the Golden Gate Bridge or something. But man I gotta tell you I'm really fond of that driving range and the pitchers they let you bring on the range to drink. That's really the highlight of the Bay Area.
  11. My town is really small. So my 1 day tour would consist of taking them to the driving range and ordering a couple of pitchers. We'd pass out before the day is over.
  12. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Monti 2 and blue moon. Bliss.

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