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  1. just one a day:
  2. This guy, and his red dot cohiba. He is an inspiration to us all.
  3. One word: Yes,. Yes they are. This is not just a cigar. It’s so much more than "just a cigar." I mean…that first puff—oh, what heaven that first puff is. The wrapper, like a sesame freckled breast of an angel, a 15 year old Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro, resting snuggly around the binder and filler below, soft, smooth and creamy flavors mingling in a seductive pas de deux. And then…a hint of spice! The most playful little spice! Infused with the nectar of the gods, Louis XIII Cognac. Then a slice of roasted peanut, and cocoa so exquisite, swirling in your mouth, breaking apart, and combining again in a fugue of sweets and savor so delightful. This is no mere stick of toasted leaf and ash. This is God, speaking to us through a puff in the clouds.

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