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  1. $65? - A pair of tennis shoes for Ken for him to wear during your videos.
  2. Was just in Japan. No Suntory 17 year hibiki for miles. Even the little bottles were all gone. I blame Bill Murray.
  3. Naw, if it was communist America we would be allowed to buy cuban cigars.
  4. USA / customs limits

    don't forget to get a receipt
  5. fix your team...

    Oakland A's - New Owners please. 49ers - New Owners please.
  6. I don't know about the full bodied, put hair on your chest description. For me many BBFs are a solid medium bodied depending on how new the cigar is. Anyways, it sounds like you didn't have a good time. Let me help dispose of them for you.
  7. Back after a loooong absence

    I can't imagine surviving the terrible 2s without my cigars. Welcome back!
  8. I think financial advisors will be gone by 2030. Robo Advisors should be able to handle most of their services.
  9. Well, we don't want to give them too much help. They might realize that the real stress causing factors are the 24:24 and it may cease to exist.
  10. Here was a nice Steve Harvey clip comparing cigars to yoga.
  11. I too, would recommend this book. It's a great introduction into the world of zazen meditation. At the very least it tells you to emphasize counting and focusing on your breathing. If you liked books by the little suzuki, I recommend looking into the works of D.T Suzuki as well. Meditation was a great way for me to able to slow down and just appreciate the day, until I found cigars.
  12. One man’a trash is another man’s treasure. Think if that gardener who used to save Churchill’s half smoked cigars had passed them down to his heirs. It would be worth a fortune.
  13. Gibson Guitars

    First Remington, now Gibson. Sad to see that even during a strong economy these iconic companies have fallen on tough times.
  14. Rotation

    I usually know who’s going to pitch on what day. But still have to take into account doubleheader’s and rain delays. That’s why it’s also good to keep a quality reserve of Petite Coronas in relief to help get you through those tough stretches. They’re the real workhorses.

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