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  1. Urgh oh ah... Time to kick it up to 75!
  2. Indeed, At 26-29degs, or roughly around 80F, I'm keeping them at 63-65% RH, which should keep my cigars at roughly around 12PMC In any case, I'm gonna lower it down to 61-63% and let them all sit a little drier for a few months
  3. It has been a frequent occasion for me where the last third of the cigars I smoke tend to be bland, with a tannic mouthfeel that lingers on the tongue. I wonder if this is due to the cigars being young? Or overhumidifaction? (I keep at 63-65rH, 27-29 deg celsius) Or perhaps the environment in which I smoke them is too humid and therefore moisture gathers at the end of the stick
  4. I have a box of darker coloured, oily wrapper M2's. Three of them so far tasted like turd.... :/
  5. But.. Johnny...... \(T_T)/
  6. But Johnny himself says that these are unbanded EL bundles straight from the said factory. I'm merely re-stating and trying to confirm that OP is smoking this particular Talisman WHICH by the way, for USD450, is not the cheapest around
  7. These are the Unbanded EL Talisman's from the factory yah?
  8. Partagas Lusitanias Bolivar Gigantes Camacho Triple Maduro La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero 'Chisel' Liga Privada Unico Feral Pig
  9. I was just about to say Talisman but.. Obviously you guys got it covered with... perhaps more valuable gifts...
  10. It's no big deal. Just wondering if it's a common thing amongst the BOTL/SOTL community lmao Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Like an offline peer to peer network!! CubaTorrent!! And oh Dany looks like a hispanic James Franco lmao
  12. The HdM Palmas Extra are a staple, and yes I'm very close to the bottom row so I'm panicking. The first half of the cigar is amazing! with a strong-ish HdM taste along with milk chocolate hints. Things aren't as great once the stick enters the last 3rd. I rarely smoke them past band point. $3.50 cheapie! Hour-long smoke, can be dragged to 80mins with pacing. J. Fuego Connoisseur Orignals is my staple NC. They go for about 2bucks or less if bought en masse. Again, first half of the cigar is all dry cacao powder and aromatic tobacco. It's mind blowing at this price point! About 30% of the Fuego Conns I've smoked turn a little metallic towards the end. Metallic green pepper. Not what I look for in a cigar. Still, $2 cheapie goes a long long way. 45-60min smoke. Davidoff Winston Churchill Belicoso. Not really a 'cheapie' but I feel they're quite value for money considering the brand/band and the nice tins they come with. A stick I can always count on, every single time! Especially when giving them out to business friends and new-smokers. Perfect construction every single time. Also the brand Davidoff gets alot of cookie points. My Ultimate Moocher Stick!! 60min smoke. Pleasant cedar wood, dark wood, mild spices, a slightly fuller bolder Davidoff-esque profile. $6.50
  13. As per title, lets discuss!! I've noticed a rather noticeable increase in the passing of wind over the past couple of years where I've steadily increased the frequency of smoking from 1-3x a week to about 5-6x a week. Might be just in my head, maybe its just placebo. 80% of the time they're just odorless wind. PS: Just for sh!ts and giggles, I've never allowed myself to fart near my tupperdor or humidor lmao, especially when they're open. Don't want the mix of different ammonias
  14. Got a dress box of Monte 2's frm Ravi, upon opening it, there was the most intense chocolate aroma I've ever ever sniffed. After a month in the humidor, barely any whiffs of it. Still smokes the same however.. weird...

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