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  1. Oh I do like the PJ, it was the "bendy ness" that made me look at other things, plus, it's easier to buy from the UK for me. I am hoping this thing wears in and takes on a bit of a tattered look over time.
  2. My new case arrived today, so as promised, some quick snaps to see what people think as I prepare it for Upmann Saturday.
  3. I am having an Upmann weekend so thought I would commence with a Petit Corona anyway. Sat outside under the patio umbrella is the rain was not ideal, but better than depriving myself. Surprisingly, it took me 55 minutes to smoke, wonky due to the wet, but was as delicious as every other PC of Upmann I have had. Fortunately our new Summer House is being delivered on Monday, which I shall be turning into my backyard pub/smoking room........fingers crossed, so the rain can go to hell.
  4. Decided to order this today, will let you all know what it's like, but I have to say, personally I think it looks beautiful. It takes cigars up to 6.5 inches and 60rg, granted only 4, but that's certainly enough for trips out. It certainly seems to be more durable or more protective of the cigars than the basic (without metal insert) Peter James, though the brown PJs do look lovely themselves.
  5. Many thanks. The Casino in its hayday was slightly before my time too, though I do recall it as a kid in the 70's. Obviously now we are just famous for our pies and rugby.
  6. I am using single bags for each box/cab with 65rh bovedas, seems to work well so far. Am maintaining 64/65/66 RH is each bag, being anal I have a cheap but calibrated hygrometer in each bag to be on the safe side. I also have one of the same good quality Caliber Hygrometers just sat naked in the wineador, same type I use in my Humidors. Temp stays at 64/65 so unless someone tells me otherwise, that seems pretty decent. Am I right in thinking there is a suggestion that boveda packs, even though they are regulating the rh within each bag, may in fact over humidify the cigars within the boxes then? Would the hygrometer stay at 65 if that was the case I wonder?
  7. Have been toying with one of these for a while for heading out with. I currently use the Upmann Robsusto travel Humidor, but, of course it is limited to what it holds, so lighter, cutter etc are in pockets and a pain in the arse. I happened upon this one also, which personally I think is more aesthetically pleasing than the Peter James, I do love the idea of the cedar box in it, similar if not the same price as the Peter James. Actually just noticed that in the UK, the peter james is pushing £300 so the Hemingway is actually cheaper, be interested to see if anyone has seen one in the flesh.
  8. Starting a week off work so why not have a couple this evening, a somewhat wonky Punch Punch and a SLR Regios ought to do the trick.
  9. Just ordered a cabinet of Upmann Connie A's and a box of D4's, fingers crossed for a decent year. We get pretty screwed in the UK. The UK stores are horrendously overpriced so almost always end up buying online and from Europe, either Germany, Belgium etc, half the price what we pay here and currently with no UK import duty, who knows after Brexit actually happens.
  10. My Saturday morning breakfast Robusto was the Juan Lopez Seleccion No.2, smoked at just over 55 minutes.
  11. 20 years of this shit, and boy it's getting tiresome. I find I am wishing my life away, hoping the next 9 years to fly by so I can retire.
  12. I agree, Laidlaw would be a great option for the bench instead of Webb, but Murray has been very decent so far. He "out Smithed" Aaron Smith last week, again. In the starting 15, I believe that Williams, Davis and Warburton should be there. Warburton came to life in the 2nd test. As for AWJ and Faletau, no, there are better options. Faletau's try in the 2nd test has saved him from a punt on CJ Stander I believe who is much more Billy V, who most certainly would be starting the test matches if he had travelled. The thing that has surprised me the most is the consistency of Jamie George at hooker, his completion rate is amazing, though I would still have loved to see Rory Best, he is so talismanic, in the same vein as Keith Wood and another natural leader. Maku Vunipola should be swapped with Magrath I think also, he is not consistent enough to start and if he has a nightmare, he can be bloody awful. He is much better suited to coming off the bench half way through the 2nd half when his ability in the lose can be devastating. Anyway, fingers crossed. When does your four nations start down there? Always enjoy getting up early for those games.
  13. The last time the AB's lost 2 in a row at home was 1998. It will absolutely happen again, whether it's this weekend, we will see, but I doubt it, but I shall be awake bright and early with a breakfast rum and Cuban to see if Gatland's over reliance on the Welsh will overcome the best RU side in the world. How AWJ remains in the starting 15 I cannot fathom over Courtney Lawes.

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