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  1. Boxes & bundles from Cigar Auctioneer: Rocky Patel Hamlet Tabaquero toros with a double binder of Brazil and Mexico tobaccos.Terrific finish on these spicy smokes. Intemperance BA XXI Ambition belicosos. They have become one of my regular cigars. Delicious Brazil Aripiraca wrapper. Famous Nicaragua Selection 600 toros. Ecuador Habano wrapper. Among the best value smokes -- $2 a cigar. Good for chores and handouts.
  2. A one-stop shop in Northfield MA -- the E.S. Kanrick barber shop, cigar counter and a pool room in the back. A rare postcard circa 1905. The guy behind the cigar counter does not look like customer service is his priority.
  3. I did not want to comment because the cigars were a gift. But I did toss out the La Reyna mutant sticks. Foul smell unlit.
  4. Anita, a checkout specialist at Fred Meyer, the supermarket in our town, is one of the sunniest people I encounter on my daily rounds. She is always in good spirits. I always give Anita a mug, a tumbler, a bag, a cooler, a calendar, some sort of swag, and especially a black & yellow pen. She and her husband are Steelers diehards, like me.A few months ago, Anita mentioned she was going to visit her family in the Phillippines and asked if I wanted anything. Cigars was my answer.Anita delivered a gift bag from Ninoy Aquino Intl. Airport in Manila, where she got a 20-pack of Tabacalera cigarillos from a firm that has been making cigars in the Phillippines since 1881: Plus a 10-pack of a cigar with a strange obloid shape called La Reynas Mascaras. Appears to be 2 small cigars rolled into one, like a wide culebra. The La Reynas Mascaras Facebook page notes that it is a chewing tobacco company, plus it distributes juice and milk in paper cartons similar to these cigars. Anita said she looked for cigars in Manila, but could not find them. She said this purchase was made by one of her cousins "out in the provinces."Will give these cigars a rest after the long journey.
  5. Front and back of a nice B&W real photo card for Havana City Store, circa late 1940s. Cigars are front and center in this shot, located above rum bottles. The post card back advertises "Cuba's choisest cigars". Love the womens' fashions. This is a tourist shop offering the best of Cuban exports.
  6. This 1940s linen is the best cigars postcard ever. A dream date...
  7. A 1915 postcard for Vega del Rey, clear Havana cigars made by S.H. Furgatch Co. of New York.Plus an outer box label for this brand.
  8. The King Edward factory in Jacksonville Fl, circa 1955. Nice lithographic postcard.
  9. My primary drink is like I'm smoking King Edward Imperials.I prefer Refreshe seltzer water from Safeway. On special this weekend - 12-pack of 12-oz cans for 99 cents. Sometimes I splurge and add freshly squeezed lemon juice.
  10. Still learning about Cubans. Don't feel confident enough to buy, so hope it is ok to resurrect this thread of non-Cuban purchases. A box of RoMa Craft Intemperance BA XX! Ambitions. Champagneinhand turned me on to these wonderful cigars. Have been devouring them. Plus a 10-pack of CAO Brazilia GO!. All from Cigar Auctioneer. All with Brazilian Arapiraca wrappers.Looking for a deal on CAO Fuma Em Corda -- the new sibling of the Brazilia.
  11. Billy and Joseph Bott had a restaurant, saloon, billiard parlor and cigar counter on North High Street in Columbus OH. It opened in 1905. Here is a delectable postcard of their cigars operation.The location is home today to Elevator Brewery & Draft Haus
  12. Replying to toofargone, Swag is logo-imprinted promotional products. Can be anything with a logo. Have been doing it 13 years as a retirement gig. I work for Geiger, a family business in Maine. They have 500 reps like me around the world. We deal in volume. I mainly sell pens, bags & drinkware to businesses. Lots of pens.
  13. A wonderfully clear interior circa 1915 of Martin Bros. Cigar Store in Waterloo IA. Beautiful cash register and terrazzo floor.The owner was Hope C. Martin, a Waterloo entrepreneur married to a woman with the glorious name of Mayme A. Baro. Hope Martin had a wholesale candy and tobacco business in Waterloo. He owned 22 buildings, many farms and properties in Black Hawk County IA. There is a park and a theatre named for him in Waterloo. The park was camp site of the Pottawattomie, Fox, Sioux, Winnebago and Sac Indians. I worked at Comer's Cigar Store in Iowa City when I was a U of Iowa student. Would have loved to spend a few hours smoking and talking to the folks at Martin Bros. store. Then I would miss air conditioning and cable TV and want to return to now.
  14. Retired in 2004. Was a big-city newspaper reporter and columnist 32 years.Stumbled into a side gig to pay for restaurants and cigars -- selling swag. Work at it an hour or 2 weekdays. I hand out loads of free pens.
  15. This 1924 white border postcard published by Curt Teich Co. of Chicago shows rollers in a Tampa factory. You can see the lector (reader) in upper right corner. Sitting up by the ceiling had to be a sweltering job in pre-AC days.

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