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  1. Cigars postcards

    The West Hotel in Sioux City IA circa 1910 looks like a pretty great place to herf. Plenty of rocking chairs, no annoying TVs, a few postcard racks at the cigar counter, a mail drop (that rectangle white box on the pole next to the counter) to tell folks back home you've gone to Iowa to sit in a rocker and smoke cigars.
  2. Cigars postcards

    La Victoire was a restaurant owned by Harry L. Katz opposite the Steel Pier in Atlantic City NJ. A well-fortified cigar counter was across from the cash register in this late 1920s linen postcard published by E.C. Kropp of Milwaukee. La Victoire offered a blue plate seafood special that included half a lobster. Late-night customers were entertained by mucis from Warner MacFarlane's La Victoire Melody Makers.
  3. Cigars postcards

    This 1915 embossed postcard has one motif to qualify for this thread -- a pumpkin smoking a cigar. He looks like a happy smoker!
  4. Cigars postcards

    Considering it is 115 years old, this chromolithograph postcard is remarkably clear. Nice soft colors. Is a Havana cigar factory, showing the rollers and the lector reading a newspaper.
  5. Cigars postcards

    Top card is 1933 Curt Teich Co. linen postcard of Havana. Capitol is in center. Below is a 1938 aerial linen card. Stunning how many cigars were being consumed in these buildings when these images were done.
  6. Rain is seriously here. Since I am down to about 2,000 cigars, better stock up on shorter smokes for winter. These boxes and tins just arrived from Cigar Auctioneer:San Lotano Habano toro - my #1 regular cigarTatuaje Series P robustoCAO MX DaggerPadron CorticosPartagas Black Pronto
  7. Cigars postcards

    If you look close, there are cigars in the cashier case lower right corner of this stunning 1936 linen postcard of T and T Sea Grill in Worcester MA. Love this card -- the fountain, the checkerboard floor, the maritime art. And they offer shore dinners and venison steaks. A dream place.
  8. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    A superb Casa Fernandez Aganorsa Leaf Miami Maduro double robusto. Best cigar in weeks — and I smoke a few daily. Never the same cigar in a week. This maduro was delight. Nubbed it.
  9. Cigars postcards

    H.C. Nolan & Company produced cigars from this factory at 2nd and Walnut Streets in Lansdale PA. This 1900s postcard shows employees. The postcards were produced by a prolific local photographer Charles Berkemeyer. H.C. Nolan also had a cigar factory in Sellersville PA.
  10. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Enjoyed My Father #2 belicosos with my son-in-law while tailgating before the Washington-California football game. Superb smoke, good times. UW 38, Cal 7. Crummy game, even for us Dawg fans. We smoked MOW Puros Authenticos maduro belicosos after the game. A spice festival.
  11. Cigars postcards

    Unlike most of the cards I post, this New York City landmark is still in business 24 hours a day. Located at Sheridan Square near the subway's Christopher Street station. This 1970s chrome postcard shows a busy storefront that has not changed much. That woman walking through the door probably still shops there for paperback books, clocks, rainwear and cigars.
  12. I hate peppery cigars.

    My 55th year smoking cigars daily. Older I get, the more I avoid peppery smokes. Except Don Pepin Garcia Blue and Black. My top regular smoke is San Lotano Habano toro by AJ Fernandez. A spice festival.
  13. Not the best duty-free shop, but I had a memorable experience at Mexico City airport 24 years ago. Here is the story: I wrote boxing for big-city dailies for 21 years – 1973-94. In 1993, I was writing boxing for the Tacoma WA News Tribune and got sent to Mexico City to cover a big fight – 136,000 in a soccer stadium, a kid from Auburn WA named Greg Haugen, tough guy, vs. the great Julio Cesar Chavez. The Mexican government promoted the fight in cahoots with Don King. They deserved each other. Two federales, Jorge and Oscar, were assigned to take me anywhere I wanted to go that week. They squired me all over Mexico City in a new black Mercury Grand Marquis, looking for Cuban cigars. Couldn’t find good prices. Saw plenty of junk, many fakes. Bought nada. Haugen got iced in round 5. Was not a good fight. The day after the fight, I’m at the Mexico City airport, headed home. There’s a duty-free shop with a wall of Cubans in boxes. Jorge, one of the federales, was still wth me. He told the shop manager that I was a special friend of President Carlos Salinas de Gortari. I met President Salinas on that trip, was nothing more than a grip and grinner – a handshake. The store manager smiled and said everything was priced at $25 U.S. to $40. A box! Jorge nudged me. I bought a duffel bag. In a dream moment, I handed the bag to a lady working in the shop and said, “Fill it.” Bought $850 worth of Cubans – Cohibas, Partagas, Montecristo, Punch, the works. 28 boxes. Went through customs at LAX. What are they going to do, put me in jail? My criminal record was a speeding ticket at age 16. The dark-skinned folks got herded to a security area and had their bags searched. Us gringos were herded to another line. All they asked was where I’d been and where I was headed. I could have packed the bag with black tar heroin. Handed out Cubans for years. Smoked last of the Montecristo No. 2 torpedos in 2016.
  14. Cigars postcards

    Post card circa 1910 of Cuban tobacco grown in shade. Shade tobacco used mostly as wrappers and binders.
  15. There are better cigars but no better value than El Suelo. Got a 5-pack of delicious Pete Johnson/L’Atelier cigars for $12. The 5.25x56 Terreno is well-constructed, gobs of smoke, spicy, not strong or peppery, and has a good finish. Nubbed it.

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