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  1. Box just arrived from CigarAuctioneer: Kristoff Ligero Criollo robusto El Suelo Terreno Omar Ortez Original Maduro in the 20-ct. box Tatuaje 10th Anniversary Bon Chasseur (delicious!) Xikar Tech single-flame lighter black
  2. Cigars postcards

    Two Princeton football players celebrate a victory with smokes in 1955. No info on the bow-tied guy with them. Could be their dad, as the ears and jawlines are similar. No. 81 might be star of the game, as he's got a game ball. The 1955 Tigers won the Ivy league with a 7-2 record. Could not find a roster online to identify the players in this repro postcard, probably taken from a newspaper photo. We see NFL players smoking cigars when they win the Super Bowl. But never see college players smoking in photos, even selfies.
  3. Cigars postcards

    Couple of guys playing cards in Camaguey, Cuba, circa 1930s. Looks like they have enough cigars to last the night. An unusual postcard. May have been taken by a street photographer. The card's back reads Foto Mendoza.
  4. Cigars postcards

    Unusually detailed closeup of cigars boxes and a wonderful cash register in this 1911 B&W real photo postcard of Oberg Bros. Palace of Sweets in Philbrook MN. The sensational name Palace of Sweets suggests that the cigar counter was part of a candy store or probably a drug store.
  5. Cigars postcards

    A gorgeous 1935 Curt Teich Co. linen postcard of S.S. Cuba along El Malecon on the Havana shoreline.
  6. Cigars postcards

    If ya like heads of dead critters, the Wilson Hotel in Salt Lake City was your place to stay. This 1915 litho postcard also shows a cigar counter and a nifty lobby with brass spittoons and green velvet chairs -- good smoking spot.
  7. Cigars postcards

    Litho postcard circa 1939 advertising "impressions of a visit to gay Havana." P.&O. Pacific & Oriental Steamship company was in business 1822-2000. The shipping company became part of Maersk Lines. The cruise line was incorporated into Carnival Cruise Lines.
  8. Cigars postcards

    CooGAR I enjoyed seeing your lithographed billheads. Where do you find them? Here is a postcard of tobacco strippers at a Havana factory, with a 1911 postmark. Seem to be all women with a man supervisor at left.
  9. Cigars postcards

    Cigar rollers at an unknown factory in a 1910 postcard. Had to be stifling in ties and long-sleeve shirts.
  10. Navigated the shoals of Thompson's auction site. My first Thompson's buy in over 40 years. Nabbed a box of CAO Amazon Basin Fuma Em Corda toros made from the coiled ropes of Brazilian Aripiraca tobacco.
  11. A box of Kristoff Maduro robustos and a freebie mesh cap and free shipping for $79.95 from Holt's. I like the original maduro better than the ligero maduro -- a sweet Brazilian wrapper. Is more complex than the ligero maduro with a swirling finish.
  12. Cigars postcards

    Rollers in a 1920s factory in Tampa The Cigar City.The straw hats make this seem like a jaunty bunch until you see the guy in the foreground with the comb-over. Does not look like a happy day for him.
  13. Boxes & bundles from Cigar Auctioneer: Rocky Patel Hamlet Tabaquero toros with a double binder of Brazil and Mexico tobaccos.Terrific finish on these spicy smokes. Intemperance BA XXI Ambition belicosos. They have become one of my regular cigars. Delicious Brazil Aripiraca wrapper. Famous Nicaragua Selection 600 toros. Ecuador Habano wrapper. Among the best value smokes -- $2 a cigar. Good for chores and handouts.
  14. Cigars postcards

    A one-stop shop in Northfield MA -- the E.S. Kanrick barber shop, cigar counter and a pool room in the back. A rare postcard circa 1905. The guy behind the cigar counter does not look like customer service is his priority.
  15. Filipino cigars

    I did not want to comment because the cigars were a gift. But I did toss out the La Reyna mutant sticks. Foul smell unlit.

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