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  1. Thanks. Whiskey is probably the "end all/be all" but even when I am drinking, I drink it so fast I have to move on to beer if I want to wake up in the morning. Unfortunately, I don't think O'doul's sells a scotch. I'll try this out.
  2. I'm thinking I need to go the tea route. Sodas and flavored waters are too sweet without the darkness I want, and I usually smoke at night so don't want to have the significant caffeine intake from coffee. Thanks for all of the responses.
  3. Just regular iced tea or do you have any specific kinds you like?
  4. Unfortunately, I'm forced to take a month away from drinking. I'm looking for non-alcoholic drink pairings with my cigars. I've tried water, Gatorade, Coke, LaCroix water...nothing enhances the cigar like a good whiskey or beer does (for me at least). Suggestions?
  5. Old 24:24's database?

    Does anyone have a screenshot from 9/14, as well as for last weekend (9/15). I'm looking for the description of the RyJ Chuchill and Connie A. I was busy when I ordered; I tried the Google trick but it didn't work. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Went to the Abacos islands in the Bahamas. Visited 3 different cigar shops, all fakes.
  7. Well that makes me feel great. Just ordered a box from 24:24
  8. Inventory

    I remember hearing about someone that insured them, and then claimed he lost them "in a series of small fires." The insurance company counter sued for arson. Not sure if this is an urban myth...nevermind, nope, never actually happened: http://www.snopes.com/crime/clever/cigarson.asp
  9. Thanks. I have decided to totally ignore all of the expert advice from those that have been smoking and ordering cigars much longer than me that have scientific evidence to back their claims. Just kidding. I have been taking others advice on this, but I just wanted to understand the logic behind it a little better...well, that and there are many cigars that are begging to be smoked. I'm going to do my best to resist. However, if ordering a large box I will likely try one first before putting away because (a) I can't stand not trying it, and (b) I have had a few that were good ROTT. Thanks again everyone. -Styx
  10. Thanks for all the feedback. It's very interesting. In conclusion, the primary reason for the 60-90 days seems to be due to the disruption caused by shipping. (e.g. assuming my humidor is the exact same environment, the sticks still need rest after being rested in our host's humidor due to disruption from shipping. Or an even better example - our host ships the sticks around the world back to himself, the cigars still need to rest for an additional 60-90 days.)
  11. The tobacco lounge in the Kempinski in Havana is awfully nice.
  12. I'd at least put it in some tupperware. CO recommends this one: https://www.amazon.com/Sistema-Collection-Rectangle-Storage-Container/dp/B00284AG5U/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1502831598&sr=8-3&keywords=sistema+klip+it
  13. Greetings - I'm trying to understand why letting your sticks marinate for a couple months in your humidor will make much of a difference. Buying new boxes typically means it has already been several months since boxed. And once boxed, aren't they typically maintained well? Will the minor difference in humidity between how I keep the sticks and the seller's humidor make that much of a difference? For example, let's say I order two boxes of the same cigar, but one is a box from May and one is a box from July. The May box already has two extra months where it was likely held in a humidified area, so do they both need a couple extra months in my own humidor?
  14. Old 24:24's database?

    @JJlavine4 I don't have a screenshot but I ordered a box that I expect to come in early next week. I assume you did too, though.
  15. Older couple need advise for cuba travel

    Hi @jerrybrowne This is from my experience traveling over the 4th of July: Currently, it is very easy to travel to Cuba using "People to People" but that may change. I was asked the nature of my trip upon my return and I stated "people-to-people" and they let you go through. You can get a travel visa through the airline on your way. That's it, it's that simple for now...right now. You're supposed to have an itinerary that shows you had a cultural experience, but in reality it's not necessary right now. If you really want to be official, read this: https://www.treasury.gov/resource-center/sanctions/Programs/Documents/cuba_faqs_new.pdf. However, it may change very soon. Trump announced there will be changes a couple months ago, but what those changes are and when they go into effect is unclear. Here is an official FAQ from the government about it: https://www.treasury.gov/resource-center/sanctions/Programs/Documents/cuba_faqs_20170616.pdf. If you're really worried about doing it yourself, there are travel agents that will make sure you have all of your bases covered. However, they will be much more expensive. We used https://acjourneys.com/ and they were great - it was just much more than we would have paid if we did it ourselves.

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