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  1. Amsterdam

    I went to Amsterdam LCDH - great selection. Ask about special stuff - they had Talisman's in the back. No problem whatsoever bringing them back into US.
  2. Do you still sell the boxes with no code? Or do you use those boxes to sell singles out of?
  3. USA / customs limits

    Remember when you go to a bank to exchange money, the rate they give you is about 5% below spot. Still better than bringing dollars down, but the reduced benefit may make it not worth it for some.
  4. I had one a few months ago. Great smoke, lots of nutty flavors.
  5. I still have yet to see/hear anyone say how/if this is different from the 80 aniversario???
  6. Mosquito

    You can have people come out and spray. Never tried it, but I've heard some people have had success. I use tiki torches
  7. I've been wondering the same thing - Monte 80th = Layenda in looks AND flavor?
  8. Don Draper Dexter Harvey Specter And I'm really like Ed Harris's character, The Man in Black, in West World. We need more rugged men in shows.
  9. A little bit of Cigar history.

    As a Jacksonville local, this was an interesting read! Unfortunately, cigars are not a big part of the culture here. With that said, I did find a friend on FOH and we get together weekly for a smoke.
  10. It seems sometimes I receive a box that smells glorious. I put it in my humidor and a few months later the smell is muted. Anyone else ever notice this? (I know someone will ask: 68/68 is how I roll.)
  11. Let's talk Steak

    Favourite Bone-in Ribeye How do you like it Medium Rare Any secrets to your prep. Get the grill HOT! Sear in the juices. I have a friend that swears by Sous-vide but haven't tried. I've changed my prep to match the quoted post below, and have found it to be excellent!
  12. Newcomer (Newbie) Q&A

    Two questions on aged stock being sold on 24:24: Is that supply stashed by Rob? Or is it members who keep their stash with Rob and decide they want to sell it (e.g. consignment)? How is pricing determined? If it's stock members have stored with Rob, do they have a say in how it's priced?
  13. Is the Layenda a different blend than the Monte 80th? Or is this basically the same thing?
  14. The first thing I promised to never do after moving out of my parents' house...NEVER buy cheap toilet paper. Ouch!

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