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  1. The Amsterdam LCDH had Talisman a couple weeks ago when I was there. And a nice selection of aged stock. Siglo VI (for a high price!), etc.
  2. @BrightonCorgi I'm not sure about all coffeeshop's, but the two we visited did not allow cigar smoking.
  3. I used this guy: http://www.jccubanroller.com/ He wasn't expensive - less than a box of Talisman's if my memory serves me! Everyone loved it, and the cigars were surprisingly good fresh.
  4. I had a roller at my wedding. Totally worth it, although my bride wasn’t super excited about it. Great pics too, even if it’s only for a few min
  5. @Bahnofstrasse which store did you pick those up at? Is the selection good in Zermatt?
  6. I’m having a similar issue with my SensorPush and beads. Trying a few things, but no solution. I’m interested to hear what others say
  7. @Philski Nice! any good smoking lounges you've found there? Will be there in less than a month
  8. there's a poll on this somewhere on FOH....
  9. @Pharmacovigilant I agree - the Fuente Hemmingway series are about the only NC I've found that I can consistently retrohale. I think I'm done with any Nicaraguan sticks.
  10. No, my comment about a cigar that is "smoking wonderfully" was not referring freezing it twice; I was asking about freezing it once. I was saying that I purchased some aged cigars that are smoking wonderfully, but they may stay in my humi for years to come - so should I freeze them, or would they impact the flavor in the short run? I definitely wouldn't WANT to re-freeze any cigar. I thought Rob may freeze the cigars that he ages (I know he doesn't freeze the fresh ones, but wasn't sure about the aged ones) and thought i might potentially be re-freezing them if so. Also, I've been buying so many I can't always remember which I've frozen, so there is a chance I've frozen a box twice.
  11. Thanks. I've looked through the freezing posts in the past but couldn't remember anything about re-freezing cigars, or the impact of freezing an aged cigar that is already smoking wonderfully.
  12. A few questions: 1.) When purchasing aged cigars from our host, and assuming you typically freeze fresh cigars, do you freeze them? 2.) Can it harm the cigar if they are put in the freezer multiple times? 3.) I know fresh cigars are usually frozen before leaving Cuba, but does our host freeze cigars when he ages them? Thanks!
  13. @Philski do you know if the small tobacconist sells Cubans? Thanks for the cigar lounge recommendations. I'll have to check them out. I won't be out there until the end of January - enjoy your trip!
  14. I'm heading to Amsterdam for one night, and then skiing in Zermatt by way of Zurich. Spending a couple days in Lucerne on the way back. I'll have non-smokers with me, so I can't visit multiple stores. If there is one store in any or all of these cities you would recommend, which one(s) would they be? Main goal: HTF stuff (I guess, unless there is something else I should be looking for?). Also, are the Duty Free stores in the Amsterdam and Zurich airports any good? Thanks!

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