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  1. I told them it was less than 100 per person, which technically it was (me and my wife). He let us go on through.
  2. For what it's worth, when I came back over the fourth of July I brought back 200 sticks, all with facturas and no customs. They were split between a checked bag and a carry on. Cuba gave me no issues whatsoever. US (Orlando) asked if I had over 100 cigars.
  3. Black Ray-Ban aviators. I got all my groomsmen these and I was surprised by how many of the guys continue to wear them. Some I thought wouldn't even like them.
  4. I wish I could put them away for a while. I've been trying, but it's so hard. I've sampled at least one from every box so far, and going to try and wait a few weeks before having any more. Ordered my first box from our host, so I'm thinking I'll have to keep doing that to build up my aged supply! Most were pretty good. The last 1/3rd of the Lusitania sucked, the HDM Epic 2 sucked, and one of the two RASS I tried sucked (all bitter). The rest were good to great. With no age, my favs were: Partagas no 4, Bolivar BF, Mont #4, and CoRo (not in any order).
  5. Thanks. Froze all my cigars for 2 days. Brought back a decent selection of production cigars, but no customs.
  6. Everything I've read suggests Heartfelt beads are best. I just started using them recently and they work great so far to take humidity out of the air when it gets too high. But, I'm just a noob so take my recommendation with a grain of salt.
  7. My apologies if this has been asked, but I didn't see it when I did a quick search. How many cigars do you typically have at one time in order to have a constant supply to smoke, as well as to age? I'm thinking I need to increase my stash.
  8. I came back from Havana a couple weeks ago. The only questions I had was whether I had over 100 cigars. I told him no. I had cigars packed in my carry on and in my bag - no problems. People here will tell you to always ask for receipts and to keep them. Additionally, there is some limit on customs purchased there but not sure what exactly that limit is.
  9. @PigFish I have the Wineador set at 68F but it seems to fluctuate between 66-69 degrees. I imagine even in the winter time (I'm in north Florida) it won't get below 65 or so. Think that will make it too wet?
  10. Anyone ever hear of, or use, the AllierAiir 5000 DS? I have a friend that is selling a used one for a good price.
  11. @stinkhead where did you find the BHK? I was there a couple weeks ago and was laughed out of every LCDH when i asked about them.
  12. I'm new to this whole CC thing, and don't want to mess up the large haul I brought back from Havana. I've been smoking some of the sticks now, just to see how they taste. Most have been good, but I had an HDM Epicure no. 2 last night that was having some serious problems (mainly, it wouldn't stay lit and lacked flavor). I've had the HDM box in a plastic bag with Boveda 62 packs since bringing it home one week ago. My wineador has 70 rh beads, and is finally seasoned and ready to add the sticks (both of my unadjustable xikar digital hygrometers read 66, but they're BOTH off by 4-5%!). My question is this: WILL I RUIN MY ~200 RECENTLY PURCHASED CCs AT 70RH?? If so, which heartfelt beads should I replace them with (is the rh a couple % below what the beads are?). I've been so afraid of drying out the cigars and ruining them. Most of what I read suggests the humidity is too high, but like I said they've been sitting with Boveda 62 packs. Over the past week I've had a Partagas no. 4 that was awesome, and a Partagas Lusitania that was amazing for first 2/3rd, and the last 1/3rd was the worst tasting thing I've ever smoked.
  13. Just an FYI for those that may be curious about the new restrictions...this FAQ from the Treasury sums it up pretty well: https://www.treasury.gov/resource-center/sanctions/Programs/Documents/cuba_faqs_20170616.pdf
  14. luv2fly, thanks for posting the link - that should be helpful. Wertman, I had a great time. We were with a group, so I didn't get to dictate everything we did or control my smoking there as much as I'd like. I did smoke some though...RyJ half chur, Boli belicosos, several different COH (nothing special), monte #4, RyJ petit julieta and a fake Behike they gave me at a bar (it was all they had available there so I didn't mind; no band and it was only like 15 cucs). Surprisingly, I really like the Monte #4 better than I would have expected.

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