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  1. I was curios to know what books changed your lives. List five fiction books and five philosophy books or dialogues or essays that changed your life. For me I think of the following: Literature: 1) "The Alexandria Quartet" by Lawrence Durrell 2) "On Heroes and Tombs" by Ernesto Sabato 3) "Journey to the End of the Night" by Louis Ferdinand Celine 4) "The Idiot" by Dostoyevsky 5) "Underground" by Vladimir Makanin Honourable mentions: "The Tartar Steppe" by Dino Buzzati, "Inferno" by August Strindberg, Homer's "Odyssey" and Shakespeare's "Timon of Athens" and "Hamlet". Also "The Tunnel" by Sabato Philosophy: 1) "Phaidon" by Plato 2) "Fear and Trembling" by Kierkegaard 3) "The Praise of Folly" by The Erasmus Rotterdamus 4) "Thus Spoke Zarathustra" by Friedrich Nietzsche 5) "Interpretation of Dreams" by Sigmund Freud Honorable Mentions: Kant's "Critique of Pure Reason", Husserl in general, "Sein und Zeit" by Heidegger and "On the Heights of Despair" by Cioran. Also " The World as Will and Representation " by Schopenhauer. Saint Augustine's "Confessions". Also the Bible which is unclassifiable.
  2. My father is 49 years old, and has been smoking cigarettes since he was 21 years old. I have finally convinced him to try cigars in order to give up his habit. He said he will give it a try, and try different suggestions for one month. One each day, maybe two. If he likes them he will buy some boxes of the ones he likes, if he doesn't he will stick to cigarettes. Thusly, I beg of you to give me as many suggestions as possible. I gave him a Cohiba Genios, he enjoyed some of the flavours, but overall it was too strong for him. He is looking to light, light to medium cigars. Preferably short sticks, although you can recommend ones of any size. In 2011 he went to Cuba and smoked plenty of cigars. He smoked a BHK 54(I believe, but could be a 56) and he absolutely loved it. He still can't forget it. The best tobacco he ever smoked. He found that the smoke was oily, yet quite light, and he found a lot of sweetness which he thoroughly enjoyed. He told me that he smoked a H Upmann No.2, even bought a whole box of them and he says it was the strongest cigar he had ever smoked. So strong that not only did he get the worst cigar sickness, but he gave the rest to a cigar smoking friend, who also found it quite harsh and strong. So please any sweet, oily cigars are welcome. Thank you for everything, and wish me luck in convincing him to switch.
  3. Horribly bitter cigars

    Thank you all for the great advice! The next day(Sunday), on my birthday, I took all the cigars out and let them dry, but I tried to smoke a Bolivar Corona Gigantes, which last time I smoked I enjoyed the flavour, but got cigar sickness. It was just as bitter as the Punch. So I threw it out and took out a Cohiba Esplendidos. They were perfect, they tasted great and had no biterness. The next day I smoked a Monte no.2 and it wasn't as good as the CEs, put it wasn't bitter at all. Now I am smoking a Montecristo 180 Aniversario, and it is very good, no bitterness. Same source. And again punched. As for the girl, well, she is not mine to hold, she started brother... Already...
  4. Horribly bitter cigars

    I didn't leave my date, I went with my date to the cigar shop. I asked the store at what humidity they keep the cigar and they claimed they keep it at 70 and that they are all quite old... From what I saw 65% is the perfect humidity. I smoked a large format cigar in order to keep the conversation flowing for 2 hours at least...
  5. Horribly bitter cigars

    Maybe I should dry box them for 2-3 days and then put them in my ziplock bags...
  6. Horribly bitter cigars

    I have had 3 NC, and I hated every single one of them, they were much harsher, much more powerful and with almost no sweetness... That is the thing I don't have a humidor at home, I only have some ziplock bags with 69% humidity Boveda packs. So far I have never had a problem with them...
  7. Horribly bitter cigars

    I am not sure if the Punch is genuine, the H Upmann definitely is. A couple a days ago I wanted to smoke it but I cut over the cap and it unravelled, so I was able to open the cigar and see what is inside and it was all long filler and it smelled amazing, like honey. And the Por Larranaga was genuine as well. The cigar shop I buy them from is a "Casa del Habano" which appears on the Habanos S.A website... So I doubt even the Punch was fake. Yet it could have been new, as they were out of Punch two weeks ago and only now they had them again...
  8. I was out on a date and had brought with me a cigar I had never smoked before, a Punch Double Corona. I admit I used a punch cutter. I toasted the foot, I lit the cigar up, let it rest a minute for it to cool and then took a draw, it was absolutely disgusting, horribly bitter like nothing I had smoked before, after letting it rest I gave my date a puff, and she tasted the same bitterness. The only other flavour was that of burned peanuts. I smoked an inch and couldn't take it anymore so I took a guillotine cutter and cut the cigar to half. I lit it, and it tasted just as bad. i cut another inch, and it tasted even worse. I decided to stop smoking it and left it there, completely horrified. After some drinks, I went to the cigar shop and bought a H Upmann Sir Winston. I went back to the cafe, lit it and it tasted much better yet still bitter. I thought I might have burned my palate from the last cigar. I smoked it all. It wasn't bad but still bitter and off. In my bag I found another cigar, a Por Larranaga Montecarlo, which had also been cut with a punch. It was bought from the same place. I lit it up and it tasted amazing. No bitterness, a great smoke throughout. Now I am confused, what could have caused the bitter taste from first puff. I don't mean do be a snob, but how could a 5.95 $ cigar taste so much better than a 21 $ cigar and a 26 $ cigar, respectively. I was left very disappointed especially since both cigars had such high praise. The cigars were lit with matches(I let the tip burn out), I took 2 shallow draws and 1 deep draw every minute. So I don't know what I did wrong. I wish to know the cause whether it is my fault or not in order to avoid it in the future... Also the ash of the Punch was very dark, greyish, and did not fall only after 40 minutes of smoking. The H Upmann had a bit of a tight draw.
  9. I have been smoking cigars for the past 6 months, not daily, but 2-3 times a week. I really enjoy smoking medium bodied cigars such as: the Hoyo de Monterrey Double Corona, the Montecristo Churchill Anejados, and the Cohiba Behike 52 and 54. I wish to put down some boxes for aging, around 5000 dollars worth, and just let them age for around 10 years. As for flavour, I am looking (most importantly)for sweetness: molasses, honey, caramel, brown sugar etc; coffee, cocoa, chocolate, tea, even frutiness, cream, chewy smoke( for e.g. I smoked a RyJ Churchill, and I really didn't enjoy the flavour, but I loved the consistency of the smoke.) I apologize if I demand too much... I live in Romania, and I can find a lot of cigars that are no longer on the cigar market, including : VR Don Alejandro, Bolivar Corona Gigantes etc. So any cigars from the last 10 years will make due.
  10. New member from Romania

    Greetings and salutations to all, I am a 24 year old Universal and Compared Literature; Philosophy graduate, an up-and-coming writer from Romania, who has been smoking Cuban cigars for the past 6 months. Although I did smoke my first cigar alone, I used to smoke them during social interactions with other individuals, but then I discovered that I enjoy smoking most of all while writing(I find it gives me an edge, both of angst and creativity, which are thoroughly needed during writing). I smoke 2-3 times a week, which although not much, for me is plenty... Thank you for allowing me the honour if enlisting in this Forum. P.S Some of you might know me from a topic I posted a month or so ago. Back then I had no idea I had to post a "Newbie Introduction"; thusly I apologise for breaking a rule... I hope I am forgiven.
  11. Dear friends, I thank you for all the kind welcome and great recommendations that you have given me. I have decided to buy 2 boxes(50) of cigars. One of them will be the Hoyo De Monterrey Double Corona(my favorite cigar). As for the other box I have the following choices: - Bolivar Corona Gigante - H Upmann Sir Winston - Montecristo Churchill Anejados - or another box of Hdm DC I have tried all of these except for the H Upmann, which has been recommended by many, but I couldn't find singles. Keep in mind that I do not enjoy cigars that deliver a kick. Thank you for everything.
  12. Well, the Bolivar Corona Gigante was absolutely delicious, a very very pleasant smoke, but afterwards I was so sick I thought I was dying, from nicotine sickness... Too strong for me, but great flavour
  13. I also liked the flavour of the Cohiba Piramides extra, but I found it to harsh for me, too much kick
  14. I would first need a sampler before investing in a whole box
  15. Actually the thing is that I could get a lot of these, but only in boxes, which so far I see no point in buying as I have never smoked any of these recommendations yet

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