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  1. LOL I much prefer the coloniales to the reyes, but the reyes is definitely a staple in my cabinet!
  2. Aroma at Cold

    I haven't noticed a difference in actual smoke quality between them, but I definitely enjoy the entire experience as a whole more when the cold aroma is fantastic. Nothing better than a strong cold aroma, followed by a great cold draw before a long relaxing smoke!
  3. I use the sensorpush from Amazon. They are not pre calibrated but you calibrate them easily through the app. I replaced most of my hygrometers with them and haven't had any issues at all. I did have issues with the wireless gateway they sell. They sent me 3 different ones and none worked with a note 4, galaxy s8+, or a nexus 6p. I did find that all of them were nearly spot on on the temp, and a +/- 1-3% on rh
  4. Hello from Georgia

    Hi everyone. I live in the Atlanta area and have used this forum as a resource for quite some time now. Figured I'd go ahead and sign up so my lurking can be a little more official! I've been smoking Cubans for about the last 9 months or so, and find myself pulling from the Cuban drawers more frequently than not as of late. I love the knowledge I've come across in here and really looking forward to learning more!

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