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    Loose women, whisky, trucks, fishing, shooting..... oh yeah, cigars!

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  1. 5ver of COH Sig. VI from a fellow BOTL.
  2. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    The last few days... AF SSM- 2012 AF HSM- 2011 AF HSSG- 2011 AF BTL- 2013
  3. Box of AF DC No. 3 A couple 5ver of each: AF SSM and BTL.
  4. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Yesterday was a HUHC circa 2011 and a VR Classico circa 2007. Today so far: A PLPC and a SCDLH La Punta both circa 2008. Will be putting fire to an HDM DC circa 2011 this evening. .
  5. Yes indeed. Good old school metal. Now: Black Sabbath- Black Sabbath
  6. Box each of Cohiba Exquisitos & PL Picadores. .
  7. Judas Priest- Hell bent For Leather
  8. Last purchase was a lowly box of Casa Cuba Doble Tres. I really really like these.
  9. So what's your number cap for this? I'm in if you have room and would have me, or my cigars. Been in numerous passes offsite. Given the amount of participants, it might be better to split and have two passes... of all the passes I've been in previously, once you get start getting over 10-12 passers it always seemed to have more potential to get lost/delayd etc... Not implying anything about anyone, just personal experiences is all. .
  10. A bit of a guide to Newbie members....

    Aww chit, there goes the neighborhood. How ya doing Carl? .
  11. I don't have a change, I can smoke in the He Man Woman Haters club room in my house, so cigar size is a non issue. And although I can and do smoke inside, I find smoking outside more enjoyable... because I'm outside. .
  12. Greetings from Greece

    Welcome Stelios!
  13. Hello from Louisiana

    Welcome Jon. Post a picture of that Stabael once you get it. I've never had the pleasure of seeing one in person, but hear nothing but great reviews of them.
  14. New Member from Stockholm/Sweden

    Welcome George.

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