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  1. Does anyone really own cigars? I figure it's really more just a rental program. I suppose it's different if you're a collector....... I collect to smoke though. So with that, I'm down to 3 coolers worth. And only 2 desktops and a 40 count travel case. Sooooo, wild guesstimate as to actual quantity? A few. .
  2. This is just general advice from what I've found over the years, not gospel by any means or the end word. YMMV. The RH will not really read correctly in a plastic container, being plastic it does not need seasoning as a cedar lined unit would. Worry about stabilizing your RH level once you get product in their for storage. FWIW- I use 1/2lb of 65% Heartfelt beads in a 70qt cooler and it maintains RH level just fine- I use 1lb of the same beads in a 100 and 150qt cooler that maintain just fine as well. Airflow is accomplished by opening the lid on any cooler once in awhile to grab a smoke to enjoy. Salt test any hygro you have, it's easy and imo the most consistent method. Any Interwebs search engine should turn up instructions. I used to run digital hygros in all my coolers, but after years they have never really changed RH level so as the batteries have worn out, I have not replaced. All my smokes come out just fine. If you don't have much stock to store, see if you can get a few empty cedar cigar boxes to store in there with the cigars you do have. This will help stabilize the humidty, as box volume maintains humidity easier than just empty space. Better yet, just buy enough boxes of smokes you like to fill up the space and you'll be ok. Final word- Buy a bigger unit than you think you need. Trust me..... you'll thank me later for that tidbit. .
  3. RA LE 2011 .
  4. You have a great list. So not so much replacements, just a few of my rotational chep'n'cheeries are... RASCC, PLPC, PLMC, SCDLH EP. .
  5. Welcome Chris. Just one more cooler or wineador is all it takes. .
  6. Welcome Robin. Enjoy! Get a bigger humidor/cooler now. You're welcome. .
  7. Cresswood Shredding Machinery. Veco is one of our competitors. .
  8. Well, I haven't figured out how to post pictures yet, technology and I don't work well together... HDM Epicure No. 1 from 2011
  9. I was wondering like Fuzz. I believe we have a couple machines down under also. Not sure of location(s), but we ship parts to them once in awhile. Although no state secret, our machines operate the same as Vecoplan, Weima etc... machines. Low rpm single shaft shredders, pretty simple technology really- it's where they're built and what materials that go in to manufacturing them that makes ours the best. .
  10. With all those torpedoes on hand, you gonna be on a submarine? Nice lineup for sure, short of CCs or not. .
  11. As I said, I'm still learning too. Best advice I got years ago from my Grandfather was: Smoke what you like and like what you smoke, be damned those who tell you other wise. I also learned never to poo poo what anyone else smokes, even if it is a real turd in your opinion. .
  12. Uniforms aren't required where I work, but if anyone wants them, they are responsible for their own uniform rental and cleaning costs. Some example videos of our machines here showing our capabilities... .
  13. Ashton, Fuentes and Padron I smoke/buy regularly. Been moving my stash/ rotation over to CCs more the last few years though. 3 coolers for storage, 1 now is 100% CC and 1 is 50/50, moving closer to 100% by the end of this year I believe.
  14. I am a Purchasing Manager at a small company that makes industrial shredders, mostly catering to the wood/pallet/flooring industries. We do make machines that will grind/shred plastics and paper also. It's a desk job, so I sit in front of a PC most of the day as my backside goes numb. No cool pictures to post of my cluttered desk and office. .
  15. Hello all. Newbie to the site. Been smoking cigars 30+ yrs now and I'm still learning as I go. My father always told me that life is a learning journey. I love my family, fishing, the outdoors, whisky, fast cars, loose women and........... cigars. Background on me: Live in USA 50yrs old, divorced but live with "her". One son, out of the house, so we're "empty nesters" now. I'm a Purchasing Manager for a small company that makes industrial shredders, mostly catering to the wood/pallet/flooring industry. I'm not a chatty Kathy, my post count will never be vey impressive- I listen/read more than I speak. Looking forward to learning more from the fine folks on the site here. Ron .

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