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  1. Newbie Box PASS 2017/2018

    Looking like it's moving along well. Good stuff in there. Are there enough 5 finger bags? I sent the other half of what Tyler sent me back to him. .
  2. HDM DOUBLE CORONA 50'S HQ from a recent 24:24
  3. Don't know which you're referring to in "where from"? Me in IL 75 miles West of Chicago. The Fuente's I bought were from another another cigar site. Just ordered a couple boxes of Butera Mira Bellas today. .
  4. And if you're an IL resident, the tobacco taxes in certain counties suck donkey balls. When I make purchases from CDM, I shop online and have shipped to an out of state address to avoid the ridiculous taxes. And yes, having them shipped back to me from another state I come out ahead vs. purchasing in store. Example- I went in to purchase a $125 box of cigars and it was $55.xx in tax being an IL resident. I purchase the same box online at $125, add $5 shipping to an out of state addy and another $9 to ship back to me = Win. To the point of the thread- I purchased an aged lot of 75 or so of various Fuentes/Padrons from 2011/2012 era recently. .
  5. Newbie Box PASS 2017/2018

    Shipped today to projectal (although that's backward according to the list) that's what Wertman told me... blame him if that's wrong (J/K!), should be delivered tomorrow. 9505 5135 9883 8008 2543 34 There's a package of 100, 5 finger bags now in the box for future pass players. Everyone should thank CrankYanker for those. .
  6. Newbie Box PASS 2017/2018

  7. Newbie Box PASS 2017/2018

    All PMs responded too. I have the box, sorted through and sent Wertman my proposed Takes/Puts. Just waiting on his blessing before sending off to the next in line. .
  8. VR Classico, Dip. 1, and probably a few others, but I'm getting old and don't remember so well that far back any more. So I don't know if they'd count, since I don't remember them anyway? . .
  9. Newbie Box PASS 2017/2018

    Ooooo! Ooooo! Pick me! Pick me! Dang the luck, I don't get the pass right after Zepp. Some good looking stuff in there so far. Looking forward to getting to dig through everything once it gets here. .
  10. AC/DC- Let There Be Rock Current track: Bad Boy Boogie .
  11. Box of Casa Cuba Doble Tres and couple 5 pks of Diviine Inspiration. .
  12. 5ver of COH Sig. VI from a fellow BOTL.
  13. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    The last few days... AF SSM- 2012 AF HSM- 2011 AF HSSG- 2011 AF BTL- 2013
  14. Box of AF DC No. 3 A couple 5ver of each: AF SSM and BTL.
  15. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Yesterday was a HUHC circa 2011 and a VR Classico circa 2007. Today so far: A PLPC and a SCDLH La Punta both circa 2008. Will be putting fire to an HDM DC circa 2011 this evening. .

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