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  1. A good shave

    Thought of making the move to a straight razor, but never have. I have Merkur and Muhle safety razors with Feather Blades.
  2. Either HdM Especial or Punch Punch My 15 year old Colibri lighter needs to be replaced. It broke when I knocked it off the counter onto the tile floor.
  3. Your first ever box buy?

    HdM Epi 2 about 12 years ago. I was gifted a single at a golfing event, and was the best CC's I had ever had ( very little experience at the time). When I decided to buy a box of cigars instead of singles, the first site I checked had the Epi 2's on sale. I HAD to make them my first box purchase.
  4. Monte #4 Bolivar PLPC The reason I chose Monte over Bolivar for #1, is that the Monte has been more consistent for me as far as construction. I have had a higher percentage of Bolivars that were fairly tight and had burn issues.
  5. Your Ideal Flavor Profile

    Cocoa/ espresso - Monte #2 (after the first 1/3 usually) Roasted nuts- PSD4 with a few years on them
  6. Cigar: Sampling and trying to grow my collection. Music: Jack White, Black Angels, Stooges TV: My daughter loves Big Brother, so, I was "stuck" watching it. Turns out, I now enjoy watching with her because she thinks my wise a## comments about the houseguests are funny. Beverage: Mostly local brews. Recently started sampling the Knob Creek collection Hobby: Now that its beginning to cool down...I will be ramping up my running mileage. Starting back playing golf. I had completely "lost" my swing as I was trying to work on a fade for when I need it. My natural swing was a draw. I got frustrated and decided to take a few months break from the game.
  7. I was going to post that the Bears would be just under .500 this season. Unfortunately, I think your prediction is spot on.
  8. My parents surprised my brother and I with a Queen sized waterbed also. We were high school age. "Stop hogging the bed. Stop taking the sheets. Stop making waves, I'm trying to sleep." After 3 months of midnight fistfights, my parents decided to build an extra bedroom down in the basement. I gladly gave up the waterbed!!
  9. Same as you 9,4,5,1,3. If I am satisfied with those 5 items, the rest don't really factor in to my decision.
  10. May the surgeons hand be steady and your sons recovery quick. Prayers. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Cup of coffee

    Thanks for the suggestions!!! I have a box of Trinidad Reyes on the way, but, from the reviews I have read, a dark coffee may overpower the cigar. Same with Montecristo No. 4. One of my favorites, but I feel that it would be lost with a strong coffee.
  12. Looking for some suggestions. I never have a cigar in the morning, however, my wife and I are planning a long weekend in a few weeks, to just relax bit. What are some of your favorite petite corona size cigars that go well with a bold, black coffee?
  13. Newbie from Austin

    Welcome...from another Texan newbie.
  14. Same here. I cant recall either, but I believe co creator of Seinfeld, Larry David does as well.
  15. Whats up for the weekend?

    Laying tile in our kitchen, dining area. I have most of the full tiles down, so I will be renting a wet saw next weekend. I need to mow my backyard too.

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