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  1. when you were young...

    I wanted to play a professional sport, but that didn't go to plan. I had no clue what I wanted to do in high school or even college. Went and got a business and a finance degree. I have been working in the financial institution industry for 9 years now ever since I got out of college. Interesting as my mom and her mom and her mom came from working in the financial institution industry. I guess I was destined.
  2. MLB Season 2018

    Does anyone want to do some cigar wagers this year for Playoff Picks and World Series picks??? Might be fun to keep people engaged.
  3. MLB Season 2018

    Lester has done just fine
  4. Have a great birthday Rob!
  5. MLB Season 2018

    Yu Darvish signed with my beloved Chicago Cubs for $126 million over 6 years. I am on the fence about this pickup. In other news Pitchers and Catchers report tomorrow
  6. I just bought a bundle of the Black Honey two weeks ago at the local cigar shop to help support them. I have had good things from Warped and my favorite is like what @Danimalia said with the Flor Del Valle. I have been smoking some NCs lately just to let my CCs age more. I have found that the Tatuaje Series P Miami is my go to budget stick that I smoke when I am on the road. I did just have a RoMa Intemperance Connecticut and it was delicious. There are good NCs out there and I try to support my local shops as much as I can.
  7. Newbie Box PASS 2017/2018

    Enjoy the Trinidad and Bolivar! I have yet to smoke one yet so I'm curious on your thoughts.
  8. Stick ball right?
  9. Newbie Box PASS 2017/2018

    GOOD CIGARS! Let me know if you need my address and you can send them right along.
  10. Newbie Box PASS 2017/2018

    Sounds great to me!
  11. Check the draw Ken!!!!
  12. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Great day to spend working in the garage today. I celebrated with some PBR and a Connie A! Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  13. If Stinkies float I'll have to pick one up for the hot tub
  14. Newbie Box PASS 2017/2018

    I didn't really have anything that was worth it's value in a NC.
  15. Newbie Box PASS 2017/2018

    I was a little late getting to the post office. @zeedubbya should get the box tomorrow or Monday.

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