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  1. Cigar News: Cuban and Non Cuban

    Thanks everyone for their input
  2. Christmas Party

    We have a dinner the night before a farm show for our Christmas Party. Last year my boss was yelled at for being to loud by a patron in the restaurant. I'm helping pick out the place for this year's event.
  3. Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to me right
  4. Happy Thanksgiving

    I woke up at 6:45 this morning to the smell cookies in the bedroom. My wife has been baking for the past two weeks now with family gatherings. We will head out to my nana's today which is a tradition to always be there by noon to eat. Then we head to my dad's. Tomorrow I am heading to the cigar shop for a Black Friday Event and then we are off to Fremont OH on Sat and Sun for the wife's family. First year being married but both sides of our families have moved events to accommodate us. Happy Thanksgiving you all. Thankful for a great family! Quality Control at your service:
  5. Johnny O Talisman Review

    I do plan on smoking all the Talisman this round "fresh" and no years of aging to see what I can pick out of them. Next round will go in the humidor for a couple of years.
  6. Alright I know a lot of people have been talking about the Johnny O stuff lately and I did finally receive my shipment in from him. [mention=4]El Presidente[/mention] if you think this needs to go in the reviews feel free, but I know this side of the forum gets more traffic. I ordered in 5 Siglo VI and 5 Talisman. I decided to go work on the car last night and smoke a Talisman. The construction on this cigar was beautiful. It has a pigtail end and the wrapper has zero flaws. I cut just a bit of the pigtail off. Did a cold draw and there was plenty of flow going through the cigar. Didn't pick up much flavor at all. First draw on the cigar I did get a huge hay taste right in my mouth. This was delicious and it reminded me of a Cohiba. The ash on it was looking great. Some white with some black in it. The first third was all hay. Second third it switched up to some bread/graham cracker taste. It was great and a good transformation from the hay taste. The last third it switched to a creamy/milkiness type flavor. It was very very mild. Towards the end I did get some citrus notes as well. I will smoke a Siglo VI on Friday with some of my buddies at the cigar shop. My overall thoughts is that it is a Cuban cigar. It has really nice flavors and I am not sure what the initial thoughts on the Cohiba Talisman is but I would buy these again. I smoked this about 8 days after I received it from Johnny. It was in the dry box for multiple days at 62% RH.
  7. I just saw on FB that there are some really good fakes out there with some weird factory codes and non scannable bar codes. These are next level fakes from what I have seen.
  8. I have searched a little bit on this thread, but I run into a lot of people in the area who know way more about cigars than I do. Blends, the story behind the cigars, etc. Where else is there a place to go besides Cigar Aficionado and Half Wheel? I am just trying to learn more and be well rounded in this realm. Thanks!
  9. Favorite AC/DC songs?

    Thunderstruck is my anthem. Used it to get pumped up for football by listening to it. It's also a decent drinking game.
  10. I need to get more of a following. Congrats to the winners!
  11. Johnny O's

    What is your fave?
  12. We are down to the last nice days here in NW Ohio before the cold hits. Luckily yesterday it was in the mid 30s and sunny. I spent the day smoking a lot of meat which included brisket, pork butt, chickens and baby back ribs. While grilling I decided to grab a Trinidad Reyes from my tupperdor because my Fundis are not ready. Enjoy the review and some other pictures from our 1st Annual Brew-B-Q. Time: 13:15 35 degrees with sun For the cold draw all I could taste was toasted tobacco. I really need to get better at this palete tasting from a cold draw. First taste when I light up the cigar is some cake, espresso and a hint of toasted tobacco. On the first retrohale it has a very sweet taste, lots of toasted tobacco. Slighr cake taste through 1st third but you can tell this one is young. Some cedar notes through the nose. Time through the first third: 13:33 In the second third the cake intensifies, still a slight toasted tobacco. No more young taste.....which it could've been my lighting technique. I hate sunny days because I can't see the lighter flame. Time through the second third: 13:59 This last third was very enjoyable. I thought I was celebrating my birthday again. There is a lot birthday cakey taste to the end with a slight hint of espresso. Toasted tobacco at the very very end. Time at the end was 14:19. I need to dry box at a higher rh%. I've been dry boxing at 58% so I'm going to bump up to 62% or 65%. Hope you enjoyed. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  13. Johnny O's

    Ordered 2 5ers from John today. Will update when I get them

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