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  1. Best young CC

    Cohiba Medio Siglo and Boli Tubos No. 1 are top notch.
  2. If you know the source, by all means, go for it. I know we'll agree to disagree but really, it's like saying "I've played Russian roulette and look at me, I'm still standing." We are literally inhaling the fumes from these things. If taste is all that matters to you then light em up! Happy smoking!
  3. As El Pres always says, they're just cigars. Don't light those up. They'll most likely taste like dog shit AND they could literally have shit in them.
  4. hello

    If you like a P2 then I'd say try an H. Upmann No. 2. Never had one I didn't like.
  5. hello

    Greetings from another noob. Montecristo and H. Upmann should suit your tastes.
  6. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    I thought I recognized that reflection... Sup, Mike!
  7. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    HabanosSA with the grade A+ construction. SLR Regios with my pal Colt.
  8. Howdy from the States

    Hey FOH! I've been snooping around for about six months and after bugging Di a few times and feeling the urge to post and participate I felt it was time to pop in and give a formal intro before I start contributing to the forums. My name is Nathan and I'm in the beautiful city of Charlotte, North Carolina. I started smoking cigars about eight years ago while I lived next to the local cigar bar and found them to be a tasty pairing with the bourbon I regularly enjoy. I began with NCs and leaned towards 48+ ring guage with darker wrappers but my tastes are more well rounded now as I've had the opportunity to try CCs, skinnies, and some lighter shaded sticks. My humidor at the moment consists of a wide variety of CC marcas and a select few tried and true NC marcas - Padron, Fuente, LFD, and Liga. Thanks for taking the time to read my intro. See you around! Nathan
  9. If you are looking to hire a driver in Havana

    The email looks to have a number one in it. Possibly dann1telecom@gmail
  10. Johnny O's

    First post but...holy mother of zombe threads... BTW thanks, I have ten 1966 hanging out in my coolidor. Good news!

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