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  1. Ive had an Encore for about 6 years. It’s great. Is there a grinder out there that doesn’t “shed” grinds when you pull out the container? I’m assuming the shedding is from static cling of the grinds to the motor. Are there ones that are better than others?
  2. Pretty much exactly what I was going to write. Admittedly, that’s not a prediction - it’s more of a wish.
  3. Factory Codes Running List

    Yup. AMO became UAO. Simple as that . EML became TOS became LGR. The other noise is not correct.
  4. Factory Codes Running List

    Incredible work and very useful.
  5. Your Standout Regional

    I’ll be totally honest - I haven’t had many. Have a couple boxes of Bushidos but never tried one. That said, last year I had a Punch Suiza that absolutely floored me. Certainly bore no resemblance to any Punch I have ever had. To any Swiss friends out there, worth seeking out.
  6. Thanks for doing these. This is like going to the farmers market and asking “what’s good today?”.
  7. Smoking good now ...

    I love this question. I don’t have a particularly astute answer (recent Partagas 898) but I am eager to hear others with far more experience chime in!
  8. Warehouse Showdown

    I love these warehouse excursions! Intrigue and discovery! It's like the Warren Commission combing through where the Ark of the Covenant ended up.
  9. First smoked brisket of 2018!

    Now I know what heaven looks like.
  10. I love this game since I have ABSOLUTELY no idea about it. No idea of rarity (natural or imposed), quality, or demand. That being said: 395/495/575.
  11. PLPC EML MAY 2014 ERC

    This is why I love this forum! I get great advice by those with more experience. I have never done the drybox thing. I plan on trying that next time I sample a PLPC. Thank you, FOHers!
  12. I love how the question was posed: review a cigar that (predictively or frequently) has a confection-esque quality. It’s a great question because it got me thinking as to what I do and don’t like about desserts. My knee jerk thought was, “I bet a lot of folks will review Montecristos.” That’s certainly the first thing that came to my mind. But it’s possible I don’t smoke many Montes for precisely this reason. For desserts, I mostly like fruit pies or cakes that aren’t too sweet. I had thought about having a Quai corona but mine are from 2015 and the last one I had just didn’t seem quite ready yet. Lets see how these PLPC from 2014 are coming along. When aged they are quite sweet but when young I find them sort of woodsy or forestry. It’s an amazing transformation. Prelight: no sweetness. Some stone fruit. Certainly not the sweet vanilla they will turn into. Then again, these are less than 4 years old. First 1/3 paired with a Manhattan. I was surprised at how well this cigar went with the Manhattan. I used Punt y Mes as the Vermouth which serendipitously brought out the stone fruit flavors of the cigar. Middle 1/3 somewhat uneventful. I was surprised at how little changed. It was at this point that it’s youth disclosed itself. These will be great in a few years I believe. Final 1/3 HERE was the transformation. It wasn’t caramel. It wasn’t vanilla. But the stone fruit left-turned into a great bittersweet chocolate. It was a great and compelling finish that got me thinking, “Maybe I should smoke more Montes....”
  13. Oh man. I had such a great day. It’s really what this whole endeavor (and probably life) is all about. A serendipitous meeting. Great walking and talking. Some great meals, beers and of course cigars. Such a memorable day. Hope the rest of your trip is fantastic!
  14. I've actually never had a problem with diminishing returns - in that exponentially higher prices correspond (if at all) to smaller advances in quality. I have sort of noticed among my friends (the worlds least scientifically selected control/focus group out there) that everyone settles in a basic framework for day to day life where quality and cost have a really comfortable intersection. Significant higher quality to cost than your "pre-existing" ratio and you end up screaming "Deal!!!" from the tops of mountains. This I believe is where the fervor on these boards for RG Perlas and PLPC come into play. If the cost is too much higher than a presumptive rate of return or even "enjoyment" factor, we might sigh a collective Harumph and move on. But if you throw terms like "rarity" and "desirability" in the mix, all bets are off . . . I work across the street from a store called "Supreme." Kids sleep on the streets in tents to buy a sweatshirt. Then they wear it to show their friends. Or they flip it. It's a 150$ sweatshirt on release (which I would call expensive) and a $500 sweatshirt two days later on eBay (which I would call NUTS). But at the end of the day, I'm sure the kids in line are enjoying a camaraderie not unlike all of us that get together over a couple of Fundies. And they are part of an elite group of folks who know the best that this market has to offer. This elite sweatshirt was never designed for the likes of me. But I'm super glad that a bunch of folks are into it. Makes this crazy world an even more interesting place.

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