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  1. coffee - how anal are you?

    Speaking as someone that owns a coffee shop with one of those astonishingly expensive Italian espresso machines with a coffee grinder that I’m pretty sure has more power than my car, I can attest that all that equipment does “sort of” make good coffee. I think it’s more about the driver than the car. I personally use the same press that I’ve had for about twenty years (though it must be on its 10th glass carafe). I think it’s less about being anal, but rather being comfortable with routine. if I stick with a roaster for awhile, as I tend to do, the coffee comes out pretty good. When I take new coffees home from the shop to try, I find it takes a couple of days to dial in the weight and steep time. I guess my long winded answer is: if one is pretty consistent, routine trumps fussiness.
  2. Happy Thanksgiving

    Wow. Thanks so much. I loved reading this thread and seeing all the photos of how people spent this beautiful day of gratitude and gluttony.
  3. Happy Thanksgiving

    Don’t have a ton of fancy cigar pics, but I would like to extend a happy thanksgiving to all. This is a great opportunity for me to reflect on how thankful I am for getting to spend all my days surrounded by friends and family. I happen to love baking and though I’m in my wife’s cousins kitchen and thus less familiar with their tools, here’s Pie to the World.
  4. This is beautiful. A great testament to patience. And why we stay in the game.
  5. Codes seem to have switched starting July. I believe UAO IS El Laguito. I saw Esplendidos with that code.
  6. Nsxcigar, in the time that I smoked the cigar, I looked it up to see what others had said. I believe I agree with you - it is an interesting flavor. Also possible the blend wasn’t necessarily consistent as others found flavors that I didn’t observe. Mine certainly didn’t have the allones dna.
  7. Wow. Thank you so much. Heaps of gratitude to our host!
  8. Great point, Fatshodbud. I thought a fruitcake-y drink would be a good match. Coffee would have been a great combo as I love it with Montecristos and this cigar reminded me more of a Monte than an Allones. There was definitely a lot of flavor in a 43 Gauge. I have a sneaking suspicion that yours was much better than mine. Oh well, all part of the handmade cigar game. Keep your band!
  9. So very excited to sit down and write this review. Not only because Ramon Allones is one of my favorite brands but because it lit a fire under me to pull out a cigar that I haven't sampled for a few years. Sadly I don't have a date code for the box because my brother and I split the box years ago. On to the review!!! Prelight: Normally I'd spend most of the time talking about aroma and construction. Aroma was pretty subdued. More cocoa notes than typical RASS at cold. Fill was consistent. Wrapper was dark and even. However, since cigar smoking is an aesthetic experience, I'm going to spend most of this space and talk about the band. This band is incredible from a design stance. It bears the traditional Allones crest that is utilized on a multitude of their sticks, BUT the stark simple embossed white next to olive green is so unbelievably modern. Distilled rococo abutting a sans serif Helvetica-esque font recalled something out of A Clockwork Orange. I love it. (Please excuse the bad 90 degree rotation of the photograph. I thought I tried everything and yet there seemed to be no way to edit the rotation after the fact. Apologies in advance for the inevitable vertigo. Hopefully the quality of the review makes up for it?) First Third. The wrapper is sweet. Not cloyingly so but surprisingly so. The draw is good and has a good balanced resistance. For this cigar, I chose to make a Boulevardier. It's basically a Negroni with bourbon (or rye) subbed out or the gin. Proportions are slightly different but, hey, it's a cigar website not a craft cocktail website. I thought it would be a good match because when aged, RA cigars demonstrate a beloved fruitcake flavor. I love it and thought this drink would be a good match. Alas, I was wrong. No fruitcake. Some lemon/lime peel flavors but none of the stone fruit. Second Third. The fruitiness began to disclose itself somewhat. Some stone fruit, not rum raisin. It's a more refined and delicate cigar than I was expecting it to be. As a thought experiment, I kept asking what cigar I would have thought this to be if I smoked it blind and without a band. Wrapper and delicacy made me think Montecristo. But it was less creamy and less chocolate-y. Nevertheless, it's a good question to ask as I'm sure I saddled this cigar with unnecessary burden imagining what it "ought to be" instead of appreciating what it was. Final Third. Grass and hay. All the way. Fruit is gone. Some toasted marshmallow on the back. My friend detected a slight "egginess" to the smoke coming off. Perhaps some sulphur/sulphide residue. Final thoughts: Did I like the cigar? Yes. Did I love it? Not by a country mile. Upon reflection, the fact that it didn't taste like other Ramon Allones sticks isn't that consequential. After all, I smoke many other brands of cigars that I like. If this cigar were "great" I believe I could enjoy it for it's own merits. The positives were excellent draw and construction. I like mild and refined cigars. Diplomaticos for example, when aged, are mild with extreme depth. This was mild but there was no "there there." I don't believe that more aging will necessarily evoke more flavors but who knows - I've certainly been wrong in the past. But that band. Oh how I love that band. . .
  10. Wow. Thanks so much to our hosts! I'm so delighted to be a member of this board. A lot of great and knowledgeable folks here. I'm learning more from you every day (something that I hope to be able to say every day actually).
  11. This cigar was a lot of fun in that it really took a ride and disclosed a lot of flavors. Perfectly typified why we do this. There are always surprises ahead. The fact that construction and draw were spot on only added to the adventure.
  12. Long time lurker, first time writer. Wonderful review idea because I was planning on smoking this Fundadores anyway. I recently purchased a 24 box of the ARS Fundis, but a friend gave me a lovely one with a couple years age. Sat down with the cigar and a nice Manhattan. Pre light had wonderful peach/nectarine aromatics. My hunch is some benzaldehyde because I also smelled it from the smoke over the course of time. First quarter was light and orchard like. A lot of fruit. Interestingly wasn’t grassy at all which is a flavor I have come to expect from excellent medium bodied Cuban Cigars. Extremely refined though. Perfect draw. Second quarter, many of the flavors faded. I call it the “indostinct earthy funk.” Lasted about an inch worth. Given that the flavor was pretty light and fruity, we decided to make a martini (4:1 Beefeater to Noilly Prat) to see if the flavors would match up better than the oaky and berry forward Manhattan. It was a good match. The third quarter saw the start of chocolate and brown rice flavors, which were both subtle. Again, I believe the martini may have coaxed this better than the Manhattan. The last quarter was an incredible finale. Like a symphony resolving, many of the first fruity notes reappeared with an added greenness that reminded me of fig leaves and olives. An incredible end. Also, I don’t put olives in a martini (just a twist) so it was doubly fun to have that flavor appear. A wonderful cigar. (Sad my pictures appear to be rotated 90 degrees...) thanks for the chance to do my first review!
  13. I have enjoyed PLPC and Diplomatico 2. The most enjoyable examples have been TOS.

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