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  1. I've see a few codes for this particular Cohiba. Ones rolled at UAO are from the Laguito house.
  2. New Partagas factory I believe. The new ETP if you will.
  3. Factory codes

    BRE is, I believe, the new Upmann Factory. UAO is El Laguito. LGR seems to correspond to La Corona.
  4. For some reason I recall it being 2007 as listed on 24.
  5. I’m so with you. Often I overly fetishize items just by virtue that I can’t get them anymore but wow, this is really one of the greats. I have a feeling it will be one of those things like the HUPC where there’s a lot available until one day there aren’t. And then my regret sets in....
  6. So excited that talk about this cigar. It’s not the sexiest. Nor the fanciest. I had a wonderful Partagas 898 this weekend that I had initially intended to write about but the photos didn’t come out. My buddy bought a vintage cab of 98 regios so I wanted to smoke a Serie A out of solidarity. i have always and constantly loved this cigar space perhaps I am biased. It flavorful And herbaceous. So I was curious how this one smoked next to a vintage 98 Regio. My first thought was that construction was excellent. Prelight was subdued. First third was a wonderful barnyard aroma. It was green still but not vegetal. Smoke production was superb and draw was excellent. second third saw great development of flavors. Construction remained superb and a slightly fruity note peeled through. Some candied orange and lemon peel. Didn’t last but interesting. Last third was phenomenal. All the fruit and cedar-y notes tied well together. I felt that magical moment of hitting a cigar at exactly the right time. Too young and it’s free and too old and it’s over the hill. This cigar is nigh on perfect right now. Worth a seek.
  7. This was a great batch of reviews!!! Thanks to all that participated.
  8. This was such a great posting topic. Loved seeing the pics of everyone's holiday!
  9. Great observation! I think you are right! There is a box of PL Picadores with similar construction. They are more rounded but still somewhat squared off. Never made the connection. Smart observation.
  10. The funniest part of reading your comment, senorperfecto, was that I said to myself “wow. I’ve had puntas that were underfilled but never a fuerza.” Then I reread. Spot on. Puntas remind me of a SLIGHTLY more delicate Diplo 2. They do seem to be cut from the same cloth.
  11. Well the holidays were fun this year. They sped by so quickly, I rarely had a moment to pause and reflect. This is my first cigar in about two weeks and fortunately, it was lovely and mellow. Funny to say but prelight was one of the most enjoyable aspects. I got this candied orange peel aroma that stayed for about the first third. Draw was impeccable and construction was top notch. Fuerzas have this great shape that I find so pleasant. I call it the “rounded square.” Halfway between cylinder and box press. Very comfortable. Surprisingly weighty. I’ve always noted that this is one of the most wrongly named cigars. Nothing “fuerza” at all about it. First third was candied orange. Middle third reminded me of a yeasty champagne. It was at this point that it paired up quite well with the gin martini. Two light clean flavors. The final third finally disclosed the molasses/pancakes flavor that people speak so highly about. It wasn’t “sweet” but that yeasty/sourdough quality gave way to toasted wheat bread. All in all I love this cigar. It’s mellow. It’s easy and construction is superb. It definitely needs more time to disclose even more of what’s buried within. I recommend this cigar highly.
  12. For many years, my wife and I sat there are two types of people in relationships: robots and volcanoes. I, apparently, am a robot. So memorialized by an ornament she made me...
  13. On the slightly more reasonable end, it’s the PLPC. If I’m willing to splurge and pay a tad more, the mag 50 could be my favorite cigar. Each cigar of course has caveats: I’ve had many a totally plugged PLPC. And mag 50 flavor seems to be inconsistent. Not in a bad way - but somehow some mag 50’s taste wildly different from others.
  14. I also have been listening a bit to the new High Flying Birds album. Really great stuff. It compelled me to visit one of my favorite songwriters of the last decade, Sondre Lerche. That guy has never made a sub-awesome album.
  15. coffee - how anal are you?

    Speaking as someone that owns a coffee shop with one of those astonishingly expensive Italian espresso machines with a coffee grinder that I’m pretty sure has more power than my car, I can attest that all that equipment does “sort of” make good coffee. I think it’s more about the driver than the car. I personally use the same press that I’ve had for about twenty years (though it must be on its 10th glass carafe). I think it’s less about being anal, but rather being comfortable with routine. if I stick with a roaster for awhile, as I tend to do, the coffee comes out pretty good. When I take new coffees home from the shop to try, I find it takes a couple of days to dial in the weight and steep time. I guess my long winded answer is: if one is pretty consistent, routine trumps fussiness.

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