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  1. Who here vapes?

    I started vaping in 2013. Definitely just a means to get nicotine without (near as much of) the harmful effects of cigarettes. I smoked for 15 yrs and the moment I got my first vape pen I put the ciggy's down. I spent the first year or so trying to find a cigarette replacement. Something that had that burning tobacco taste, but there is no such thing. Little did I know the best replacement was in cigar form I would be willing to bet the Cuban vape tastes nothing like the real thing and more than likely a waste of money. I'll stick to my blueberry donut juice!
  2. cigar - Epicure 2 music - Metallica reading/TV/cinema - Game of thrones beverage - bourbon hobby - golf, watches, guns, cigars, bourbon, knives great question!
  3. In Norh Georgia and had about 95%'ish totality. It was quite a sight. It got quite dark and cooled things off a bit. Very neat experience.
  4. Newbie here...

    Thanks guys! Best, Ryan
  5. Newbie here...

    Hello all, New to the forum, but I've been lurking the last few weeks. There is a wealth of knowledge on the board and I'm happy to be a part of the community! I've been smoking cigars for just over a year now and have grown to enjoy cubans more than any other. My favorites so far are BBF's, Upmann Mag 50 and Montecristo #2. I also have some RASS and Connie A's coming with the plan to stock a cuban only wineador for 3-5 years while rotating new stock each year. Thanks to all for the contributions to the forum and happy to be officially be a part of it now! Ryan

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