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  1. There are numerous scare tactics going on within the market, both crypto and household stocks as well. Manipulation is real. Those that hold the most or can afford to will do what is within their power to lower the price in order to make bulk purchases and capitalize on the rebound. The one thing they can’t manipulate is the development and innovation! This should’t be about a money grab, but more about changing business, government and the way we transact and interact with tech.
  2. FUD from banks. Go figure. Meanwhile Arizona announces they’ll allow tax payments using multiple forms of crypto and pretty much all countries rumored to kill crypto have come out and categorically denied it. The US regulatory committee just came out last week stating crypto is here to stay. Large companies like Microsoft, Starbucks, IBM and Overstock are jumping on the Blockchain. Is crypto volatile, yes. Are some coins scams or just won’t make it in the long run, yes. Should there be stronger regulations...perhaps. But to deny the technology, the demand for a decentralized form of currency or the benefits to society and businesses is ridiculous. To those interested in jumping into crypto - do your due diligence before buying. Study the coin/leadership/project. Invest in tech you believe in. Find the trends in the market and buy lows and hold.
  3. Bourbon is the only beverage that crossed my mind here...
  4. I've had the 2016 batch and will say it's one of the best whiskeys I've ever had without a doubt. I have the black prince as well but at $500 a bottle I'm holding it for a truly special occasion.
  5. Really excited to be a part of the box pass. Well done, Wertman and thank you!
  6. sporting rivalries

    In the southern US, college football rules all of sports. I’d say the biggest rivalry is in the state of Alabama between the University of Alabama and Auburn University. Both schools stopped play between from 1908-1940 that started over a $34 (~ $840 today) funding disagreement. Around 6 years ago a fan poisoned the other teams sacred trees that they’ve had for decades and used in celebration. Many stories and many great games and the rivalry has kept both schools very competitive over the years.
  7. Your Cigar of November

    I had a Mag 50 ROTT last night that blew me away. Hard to believe it can get better with some rest...
  8. The Fonseca #1’s lately haven’t let me down yet!
  9. Here’s my desktop. Love it! https://www.prestigeimportgroup.com/salvador-desktop-humidors.htm
  10. FOHrensics

    How about a study on the break point at which beetles start to develop? Maybe a small stock of never frozen cheap sticks under different conditions to see what triggers an infestation?
  11. Great idea, Wertman! I’m in if there’s still room and if you’ll have me.
  12. Have you tried the Fonseca #1’s? Highly recommended if not. I picked up a box on 24:24 a few weeks ago (2015) and they are outstanding.
  13. Let\'s talk about watches:

    I can’t believe I haven’t seen this thread until now!!! Some beautiful timepieces in this thread. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. My contributions below from most to least worn...

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