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  1. Let\'s talk about watches:

    Nice collection! Love Tudor, particularly the Black Bay models
  2. My First Order

    Welcome and ROLL TIDE!!! You’ve come to the right place and a fine first choice! It won’t be your last Best, Ryan
  3. RIP MOM

    So sorry for your loss. My condolences to you and your family.
  4. Brian, the box pass is heading your way. Scheduled for delivery Wednesday. Tracking number: 9505511763468071369529
  5. Updated inventory sheet is attached. wertmanBP.xlsx
  6. Cheers Mike! I was wondering where the inventory sheet was, I thought it may have been in the box but couldn't find it. I'll update the inventory and send it out to steelcity and Wertman. Again, great meeting you today and please do reach out if I can ever help with anything. Best, Ryan
  7. Ok - inventory, unpacking, puts/takes have been approved and all are repacked and ready to go out to steelcity tomorrow. So happy to be a part of this box pass. There are so many great sticks in this box! Everyone should be very proud! My additions are some of my favorites over the last few months, outside of the Monte A which I haven't tried yet. I hope someone enjoys these as much as I have. Wertman - thanks so much for putting this together! Well done, sir... Best, Ryan Puts: Montecristo A coffin - (Date unknown, 24:24 purchase in Oct '17) x3 Ramon Allones Small Club Coronas - POS MAR '07 (24:24) Partagas Serie C #3 - E.L. 2012 (singles purchase in Canada) Montecristo #2 - POS SEP 2011 Partagas Serie P #2 - ULA ABR '14 (24:24) CAO Fuma de C de Corda Toro Takes: Partagas 898 Varnished '08 Montecristo #4 BRU AGO '10 Romeo y Julieta Capuletos E.L 2016 Vegueros Tapados SLE DIC 15 Hamlet Tabaqueros Salamones
  8. I had the privilege of meeting up with Mike this afternoon for the hand off and a smoke. Mike - again, thank you for your generosity and the opportunity to smoke one hell of a Trinidad Robusto. You're an asset to the community sir and I enjoyed meeting you! I've submitted my puts/takes to Wertman for approval and if all goes well I'll post and ship out to steelcity tomorrow. Best, Ryan
  9. Looking forward to it, Mike!
  10. Nicely done sir! I have a feeling one of your 898’s will be one of my takes! Haven’t had one before but they’ve been on my shortlist on 24/24. Best, Ryan
  11. when you were young...

    When I was a kid (like 8) I wanted to be a garbage man. I thought there couldn’t be anything cooler than riding around on the back of a truck, throwing bags in the backend and crushing them! In high school I was a bag boy at a grocery store. Best job I ever had and will probably go back when I retire so long as robots haven’t taken the task 😜
  12. There are numerous scare tactics going on within the market, both crypto and household stocks as well. Manipulation is real. Those that hold the most or can afford to will do what is within their power to lower the price in order to make bulk purchases and capitalize on the rebound. The one thing they can’t manipulate is the development and innovation! This should’t be about a money grab, but more about changing business, government and the way we transact and interact with tech.
  13. FUD from banks. Go figure. Meanwhile Arizona announces they’ll allow tax payments using multiple forms of crypto and pretty much all countries rumored to kill crypto have come out and categorically denied it. The US regulatory committee just came out last week stating crypto is here to stay. Large companies like Microsoft, Starbucks, IBM and Overstock are jumping on the Blockchain. Is crypto volatile, yes. Are some coins scams or just won’t make it in the long run, yes. Should there be stronger regulations...perhaps. But to deny the technology, the demand for a decentralized form of currency or the benefits to society and businesses is ridiculous. To those interested in jumping into crypto - do your due diligence before buying. Study the coin/leadership/project. Invest in tech you believe in. Find the trends in the market and buy lows and hold.

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