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  1. I got your back jack. Us Portlandian's stick together!
  2. Agreed! Return to reviewing the classics
  3. Member LLC found that they do freeze all cigars, not just exports. He wrote more about it in a different post. Don't have that link
  4. Cool, I didn't dream that post!
  5. Monterey

    First trip to Cuba

    According to the waayback machine (Internet archive) Prices haven't changed in the past 5 years. It is far back as they have archived for yul. Cool website, you can use the site to see web pages from many years ago Prices December 2012
  6. Monterey

    Visiting Cuba solo?

    I'll be there for the Friday right after new years for a week. Ditching the family for a day of cigar shopping. I usually go to every LCDH. Welcome to join if you are there during that period.
  7. Why? Some cigars like the Conny A, Royal Robusto, Trinidad are half the price outside of cuba. I got nothing but quality cigars. You only need to freeze customs. Though it doesn't hurt to do it. As for hotel naccional, those ladies are straight up rude. I eventually just walked in. Others followed me. The ladies were annoyed, but I got to go thru the stock. Mind you this was a year ago, but there was nothing special in their humidor. I found nothing worth buying. If you are cheap like me, the double decker tour bus drives by all of the LCDH with minimal walking, except Club Havana. 10 bucks for the day.
  8. Wasn't it discovered here that the freezing only for export thing not accurate? Only customs/farm rolls are not frozen. Would take me forever to find that post, but someone in the know educated this to us recently.
  9. Sorry, stuck in work mode. ASC is short for Ambulatory Surgery Center. Or just Surgery Center. Surgery done in a facility that is not the hospital where the members stay is under 24 hours. To cut costs, more and more services are being done in ASC or outpatient centers. Much cheaper. All about insurance companies, not the members. Total Knee/Hip replacemetn (my world) is moving to these places Probably more of a thing in the US than Australia. And sigmund, spell check made the wrong word in my other statement.
  10. Safe travels! Keep posting, I love long road trips. None for me this year, so I have to live thru you
  11. Eating 2 subs and not being fully is likely due to hypothyroidism. Part of the problem of bariatric surgery is that is not done in a hospital, but an ASC. ASC's are not safe alternatives to hospitals (disclaimer, I work in a hospital). Given what little I know of your situation, sounds like you did the right thing. In time, your stomach will grow back. Though it will take many years. Good luck in your journey, I wish you the best.
  12. I am happy for your success and wish you nothing but the best. I work in the medical field and winced a little when you recommended surgery. It really should be your last resort. Insurance companies won't cover it unless your BMI is over 40 (35 with complications). But I have a feeling in time, those numbers will come down. I hope it all works out for you, good luck, and I hope you don't keep pushing elective surgery onto to many people.
  13. Internet search. Copy/paste. Not my cigar. Some backwood homemade cigar I'm sure
  14. Monterey

    How did you get started?

    Walked into a cigar store on my 18th birthday. Skipped school that day. Went to a strip joint afterwards. Not sure which is the more expensive hobby, but I stuck with the cigars and only went back to a strip joint once. The day after officer boot camp. 13 weeks of showering with men, I just had to wash my brain.

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