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  1. Big no on that. "I PROMISE that they are mine and I'll take a picture of myself in Alaska and email you, whats your email address?" Once in Canada, nothing to stop you from dropping them off to someone trying to skirt the law. You could google "how to smuggle drugs". You may get some interesting ideas on ways to hide box in a gutted out car. That or you may get a knock on your door with such a google inquiry
  2. You will be importing Cuban cigars into Canada. They have a limit of 2 boxes tax free. Anything above that will be taxed around 300% (no joke) by the Canadian government. The US will only tax you if you bring cigars into the country and you were out of the country less than 48 hours (2 nights).
  3. Empire was the best during it's time. The original great plot twist. Now when I watch it, the plot twist "I am your father" is lame and Mark H. has horrible acting skills during that part (he was never good, but he was especially bad in that scene). Empire has dropped significantly in my list and is probably in the middle. I don't really have a rank order but given time, Empire will probably be second last in a few years. Right above Star wars 1/Phantom Menace.
  4. Portland OR, but off your path. You may have issues with your cigars, unless you have less than 2 boxes you may be hit with a huge fine. the funny part is once you get thru, you can bring as much as you want back into Alaska/US. If you have more than 2 boxes, you may want to ship them to your self. If you take them with you, make sure it takes you 2 or more days to drive thru Canada. Less than 48 hours in Canada will result in big fees bringing the cigars back into US soil. Best of luck!
  5. I hope you go back to reviewing everyday cigars again. I much preferred those. Cigars I may actually purchase. Nice to know who the current batch of those cigars are preforming.
  6. Plain Packaging Options.

    If plain package law is passed in Oz does that mean we will no longer get original boxes from here?
  7. WikiHow and Cigars

    Sorry, but this is the best advice I've seen in a beginner cigar guide.
  8. LCDH Grand Cayman

    There's a place called "Old Havana Cigars" that I would recommend. The owners are really nice people and you will get much better service.
  9. Rotation

    OCD people are very clean and organized. Good things for a marriage. Good things for employment. Probably won't die by 2024, however, I will at some point die with a large collection. I have a feeling many people here will be dying with a large collection. My death just comes with instructions on what to smoke for the next guy
  10. Rotation

    If only I could just walk in a pick a random cigar. Mind you, I can select randomly from any one of the 14 boxes. I probably would have a panic attack if I closed me eye, pointed and just smoked a random cigar. It goes well beyond cigar. Coke for example. It went on sale due to the holiday. I calculated how many cans a month I will drink (5) and then figure how many I will drink before the expiration date. Then I bought that many. I will make sure to stick to that schedule. The other day I got side tracked going down the stairs and I got on uneven steps. So I had to go back to the top and walk down properly. It is hell inside my head.
  11. Rotation

    I am probably the most rotational person out there. I have major OCD. I have around 110 boxes at the moment. All are loaded into excel by size and date. How much I paid, where I got it from, etc . . .I know exactly the cigar I'll be smoking all the way until 2024. I have 14 main cigars that I smoke every year with one "wild box" that changes from year to year. Every box is labeled and placed into the humidor based on the year I'll be smoking. Every January 1st I pull out the 14 boxes and move the cigars into my smoking humidor. Every tray is carefully labeled and I track my progress through out the year. OCD is a bitch. Most of my life falls under the same goofy rules.
  12. I could be wrong, but ironically, the United States is the easiest country to bring in large quantity of cubans.. Over 100 cigars per person, the tax is 4% of the value of the remaining cigars. So 20 boxes - two people = 12 boxes. At 300 bucks a box the total import tax bill would be 144 dollars. What other country allows that? You would have to sign over your house if your brought 20 boxes into Canada!
  13. But again, that is for shipping. If you ship them, they can be confiscated. If you instead just put them in your carryon luggage (I find that you can hold 14ish boxes in a carryon bag) and take them with you on the plane they will not be confiscated and you don't have to worry about it being tossed around as the cigars will be with you at all times.
  14. Why on earth would you do that? It is legal to bring back as many boxes of cuban cigars as you want (assuming the agent believes the volume falls under "personal use"). There is NO reason to unband cigars.

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