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  1. I still have access to them, but getting them to Canada would prove challenging and costly.
  2. The demise of HDM

    I have 3 cabs of OCT15 to enjoy. So I'll just ride out this slump with my stock
  3. How about both at the same time (best and worst valentine) It even made the news. I only know them through a work colleague. Just happened a few days ago. Loser husband didn't get valentines day and bought his wife a 10 dollar lottery scratch it. She was pissed. Eventually she scratched it off and she won 100 thousand!!! She quickly forgave him and the worst valentines turned to the best valentines in a matter of seconds!!! Lucky bastard. He claimed he knew it was a winner and that it was all planned. Yeah right!
  4. The worst was N E T A G I D O C U. Represented boxes sold in 1999 (thru 2001 I believe). So much garbage!
  5. Those old box codes. Takes me back!
  6. So in Cuba, the price difference is 25 dollars. But outside of Cuba, that variance jumps to around 150. It is the same here and every website. Same for the Winnies and royal Robusto. What is the reason for such a variance? Can't just be simply supply/demand. The Conny A is an amazing cigar, but it is not one of Cuba's most famous cigar. So confused on that. Does every website just think Cuba is very wrong pricing those cigars?
  7. Assuming we are still talking known fakes here. So. One cigar is fine. Then all the others must be fine? I'm sure there is a strict cleanliness protocol for bathroom breaks at places that makes fakes. I need to move on here. Enjoy fakes my friends. Yum yum.
  8. I speak only of those that select to smoke fakes or encourage others to smoke fakes. Just insanity. Especially family members. Nothing like saying love by encourage them to smoke filth. If the question is over it being fake or not, nothing I have said here applies. Course I personally wouldn't risk it.
  9. Not sure your point here. A fake is a fake.
  10. Fake Cubans are made in substandard condition. People have seen hair and other disgusting things in fakes. God knows what other conditions exist where fakes are made. Google fake cuban disections, you will see for yourself. Total insanity. I wouldn't wish onto my worse enemy to smoke a fake Cuban. The things people do. Smh. I can't believe anyone would encourage someone to smoke such filth. It could be dangerous to your health..
  11. Horrible advice! You never know what is in a fake. Not worth the risk.
  12. They are 33 dollar cigars, not 65. But we will only see those prices in Cuba.
  13. New addiction.

    I keep my house at 75 when I'm at home and 80 when I'm not during the summer. If I was to keep my house (which is a larger home) at 72, my monthly electrical bill wound hit well over 200 per month.
  14. New addiction.

    I never understood the tupperdor thing. In the long run, it is much more expensive. I run my house temp 10 degrees cooler when I'm not at home. My insulated unit hardly even notices. A tupperdor quickly adjusts to the current temp. Then in the summer, you have to crank up the a/c all summer long. It doesn't take long for those electric bills to wipe out the cost of a nice unit like the cc-300. I guess if you have a basement you can hide them down there. But for me, I want my cigars out and displayed. But that may just be me! I guess to me, if you can't afford to spend the equivalent of a box of cigars on a unit to protect your "investment" then you are in the wrong hobby! To each their own.

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