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  1. We're still waiting for our Nordic release which should be here, right aboooouuut nooo,.. yeah, a year ago.
  2. world's top 50 restaurants

    From this years list I've been to Tickets and Disfrutar in Barcelona, from what I can see. And even though both are good, even great I have a hard time picture them as top 50 restaurants. Disfrutar, maybe. The heritage of elBulli have you set for life I believe. Both Adrià and Oriol Castro are amazing chefs though, no doubt about that. The only problem I have with both top 50 and Michelin is that they tend to go a little too much on name and location. Half of the places in Barcelona for example wouldn't get a star if you placed the same restaurant here in Sweden, or atleast a star less. But it is what it is.
  3. I would launch a 54 gauge Cohiba just for the income and a H.Upmann robusto and short/petit robusto just because I want one.
  4. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    My second best cigar of the year. I’ll try and leave these for another six months / year. I should have bought a couple of boxes more when I visited Barcelona last week.
  5. Pretty much this. And I think we'll see more of the 54+ ring gauge cigars. Much more.
  6. I'll just name 3 of the ones I've smoked and really liked: Partagas Serie D Especial 2010. Liked it and still have an unopened box. Ramon Allones - Club Allones 2015. Loved it, still have an unopened box. Wish I bought more of them cause they start to run out from what I can tell. At least for a decent price. Romeo y Julieta - Capuletos 2016. Loved it but not my size. I'll grab a couple of sticks if I'll see them again but I won't invest in a box. I just don't have time to smoke through cigars that size.
  7. RyJ Petit Royales?

    I've smoked a couple of sticks and liked it but the pricing doesn't make sence. If it were in region of a HUHC I would buy a few boxes, no problem.
  8. PLPC for both. Over the years I've went through I don't know how many boxes and can remember maybe four or five sticks that were plugged or under filled. But then we have this LEP DIC 2016 box... I can't even call them plugged, they're rock solid. Cement pillars with a cigar wrapper. I've tried ten maybe and been able to smoke through two or three.
  9. Partagas Serie D No. 4 Bands

    Ok, they're not in the Cohiba range but come on. Here in Sweden a PSD4 goes for about $15 per stick and it's the highest selling Cuban Robusto world wide. I'd say that's more that counterfeit worthy. As for the topic, I've never heard of it.
  10. scandi-noir tv series

    I would recommend Tusenbröder - and Death of a Pilgrim, a mini-series about the assassination of swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme
  11. Al Swearengen from Deadwood Marlo Stanfield from The Wire Tommy Shelby from Peaky Blinders
  12. 2018 is really slow for me, cigar wise. Both buying and smoking. But got this yesterday from a 24:24 clearence. It’s more on the Colorado side than pictured.
  13. My First Order

    I would try the Robusto and / or Belicoso Sampler from the shop.
  14. PSD4 PSD5 HUHC RASCC RASS JL#2 PLPC and single sticks. I've bought a couple each month for some years now, just so I can throw in something new every now and then.
  15. Kind of pessimistic today, so: Dumas $510 Maltes $565 Leyenda $610

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