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  1. Wooden Desktop Humidors

    I have two of these wooden desktop humidors and they are on sale right now. They work perfectly! https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B0055QM9W6/ref=yo_ii_img?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  2. I do not advocate Cigars as a safer landing spot for cigarette addicts. That is very dangerous. Generally speaking, the motivations of Cigar vs. Cigarette smokers differ greatly. If the primary goal is to quit smoking cigarettes, I would try all other options first (vape, patch, gum, pills, etc.).
  3. SLR Regios

    That's exactly what I did, I put 3-4 other cigars in there in the 69rh, 72rH and dry box with the SLR REGIOS as controls.
  4. SLR Regios

    I have an exact same box of SLR REGIOS - ORG SEP 15. I got them about 2 weeks ago and they are in the humidor at 65rH. Temps have been between 68F and 76F here. Tried two of them and without a doubt the most bland, flavorless CC I've smoked - and at 2 years aged, that fact is absolutely terrifying! I went ahead and put a couple at 69rH; a couple at 72rH and a couple more dry boxes for smoking in the next few days. Burn and draw were solid so I am weary that the problem is not humidity but just shit tabacco.
  5. I recently got a March 2016 (GOA) box of the La Flor de Cano Selectos. These are an incredibly frustrating smoke. It's a Handmade Tripa Corta (Short Filler). I've smoked maybe 6 of them in the the last 5 weeks or so most recently last night. The taste of these babies is outstanding and I'd put the smoke flavor emanating from the foot of the cigar up against any CC I've tasted this year. However, some major issues.... 1. Draw started out immensely tight, then fluctuated between loose, medium and tight the rest of the way. 2. Burn was terrible, canoeing and a few too many "space holes" in the ash. 3. About 7 purges and touch-ups. This cigar is so frustrating, if LFDC could get the damned burn and draw issues settled this would be amongst the best cigars I've smoked. Of course if I had $100 Million USD I'd be rich too. I'm wondering if those issues are typical of the short filler cigars? Since the tabacco they stuffed in there is clearly outstanding both in taste and nose aroma, couldn't they just use sheets of the same tabacco instead, jack up the price a couple bucks a stick and make one of the best CCs on the market? Frustrating as hell.
  6. Hello FOH, I hail from the People's Republic of Chicago, Illinois, USA - one of the most restrictive, anti-smoking cities in the world. I've smoked cigars off and on for almost 25 years. I remember my first CC was from a box of Bolivar Torpedos (maybe Belicosos?) purchased in Toledo, Spain in 1997. I got back into regulary smoking cigars about 5 years ago and only in the last 1.5 years have I re-focused my energies almost exclusively on CCs. I am trying to expand my CC knowledge through the Regular issue CCs to provide me a base to jump off into the more limited issue styles. Buck
  7. New Friends, For my virgin post, I would like to elicit some advice on potential cubano purchases on my upcoming trips in November. I will be in Toronto, Canada; San Sebastian, Spain; Madrid, Spain and Bordeaux, France. Could I ask FOH help on B&M establishments in each city that might have some good RE or otherwise special cubanos not readily available elsewhere? Thanks Buck

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