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  1. I second the 31 de Agosto shop, here’s my review from November 2017... http://www.friendsofhabanos.com/forum/topic/133016-san-sebastian-spain-trip-report/?tab=comments#comment-817765
  2. You can’t beat an invite from an owner of UpDown and it is very close to your location! If you have a little time and like some variety I’d hop in an Uber and take it up to Big Mike’s in Skokie, IL which is just North of Chicago. Might be 25-35 minutes from your hotel so maybe not worth the time. That’s my local place, I live in the Lincoln Square neighborhood in Chicago about as far North Central in the City you can get. I’ll probably be there tonight, if you end up going PM me and I’ll definitely go. Big Mike’s is 100% inside. It is a nice place, not fancy like Biggs but not rustic either. Neighborhood place. There’s probably 40 nice moderately sized leather-ish chairs in the main area with maybe 8 flat screen TVs. There’s about 4-5 tables on the side for cards or hanging out in you dont want to be near the tv area with about an additional 20 chairs. Theres a long table for eating area with maybe 8 chairs. And a pool table area with gaming and video game machines. And a baby grand piano. You can bring in food and it’s BYOB (you can bring in your own booze). Casual but caters to all people. I wear a Tshirt, sandles and shorts in the Summer. But there are guys in suits and biz casual too. I have a locker up there with a couple bottles of Bourbon🤟or three. https://g.co/kgs/Yfi1pq http://www.bigmikescigars.com/
  3. Buck14

    Perfect Draw

    Darwin Award Finalist?
  4. Super generous offer man! I have two still in the package sitting right here and don’t need one. But thanks. When I posted I was at a cigar bar four bourbons deep and a few of us were discussing these travel cigar lighters but no one had a good picture of one.
  5. Can someone please post a picture of one of these for me?
  6. Buck14

    top bourbons recommended

    Here’s my top picks and price paid... $32 Russells 10 Year Old Bourbon (best value on the market) $37 Rowan’s Creek $40 Knob Creek 120 $47 Willett Pot Still $50 Noah’s Mill $60 Russells Barrel Reserve
  7. Buck14

    Bourbon query

    I might be willing to have a mixed drink, Old Fashioned or Manhattan, made with Woodford but thats about it. I dislike their flavor profile as it tastes very “wheaty” to me.
  8. 1. SLR Regios - an absolutely horrible cigar, there s no taste at all, there is no aroma 2. H Upmann Connie A - a whole lot of nothing, very light, worst value on the market 3. RnJ Churchill - massive construction issues and tight draw 4. Bolivar Belicosos - underfilled, bad draw, very underwhelming
  9. You might just have to work a little harder getting your big stick into that small whorehole!
  10. UPDATE.. This pewter 7x7 ashtray is awesome! The perfect ashtray for 4 Seasons in a harsh climate like Chicago. I LOVE IT! https://www.cigarsinternational.com/mobile/p/square-grid-ashtray-ashtrays/1514810/
  11. Buck14

    So, what are your recent acquisitions?

    That Russell’s 10 is the best value bourbon on the market today!
  12. Empire Strikes Back is one of the five best movies of all time! (end of list)
  13. me too cept the “good” part of the booze, thought a $50 quickie behind a dumpster in East Las Vegas and a $10 bottle of Malort at the Mini Mart. What the f*ck is Malort?: https://munchies.vice.com/en_us/article/78djmd/malicious-maligned-malort-is-chicagos-most-beloved-and-disgusting-liqueur
  14. RG Petit Coronas & Perlas are absolutely outstanding. Get no respect at all and that’s the way i like it - more for me! The Panetelas Extra are even pretty damned solid.
  15. Just got a 10x10 shipment of Cohiba Shorts, excited to try one or two or three later. Was wondering if these cigars have a FACTORY / MONTH / YEAR stamp on them or not?

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