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  1. In the interests of Science, and because it’s only 1am local time in Espana, I decided to light up another Trinidad Reyes from 2008. Sad to say that early returns on this stick don’t quite match my first from a mere 90 minutes ago. That inspiration was a 98-99 and, although only just lit, this baby seems like 100. Truly living the life!
  2. Nightcapper Trinidad Reyes MAR 08. I can remember MAYBE 2 or 3 ORGASMIC AHHHHHH CUBA smokes this year...a custom Cuban Corona Gorda puro rolled in Munich, a RASS, and this GORGEOUS BEAUTY overlooking the nocturnal Waves of the Bay of Biscay. WOW
  3. The worst Cubans I’ve ever smoked were a box of SLR Regios from ABR 15....This stick does NOT taste like that...initial impression is YUM YUM YUM! Heavy Cedar for me, nice mild-medium. Shit, I’m gonna have to get at least two more boxes. Mellowing out a bit but very godd nuanced flavor. Probably the Silver Medalist to thw Trinidad Vigia in competiton for best “LESS THAN MEDIUM” smoke.
  4. That price was fair on the 898s just didnt want to blow my budget-on first day here. I’ll be in France for some Q’s d’Orsay on the weekend
  5. THANK GOD THE LADY NEEDED A NAP! ME TIME! On the Malecon overlooking the Bay of Biscay and Beach before it in San Sebastian, Spain only about 8 miles from France. Vino Tinto from Ribera del Duero accompanied by a 2003 Bolivar No. 1 not even on the truck yet much less ROTT. Saludos de Espana!
  6. Chile when it's chilly

    For me, BEANS = NOT CHILI I am a Texas Chili aficionado. Don’t put corn or beans or other contaminants in my Chili brother! I like Medium-Spicy. But OP’s Chile looks fine, I’d down a bowl or two.
  7. 31 de Agosto Estanco (Tabacco Shop) in the Old Town of the City... Purchases... 18% Currency Exchange from USD to EURO hurts bad, but I think I still got some decent prices and two boxes of aged sticks. They had 2006 box of Party 898’s but was 350 EURO and I just couldn’t pull the trigger at that price point. Certainly a reasonable cost though. Buck I have no idea how to rotate my pics, they were straight up on my tablet...sorry. Trinidad Reyes MAR 08 SLR Tesoros RE OCT 16 BOLIVAR Tubos No. 1 MAR 03 (was fired up about this one) Got some recent Rafael Gonzalez Perlas and Panatelas Extras too.
  8. Not Sure

    This is a FANTASTIC article from about a decade ago, still applicable today, on fake Cuban cigars...the author is an expert on Cuban fakes and the owner of LCDH Puerto Vallarta. http://archive.smokemag.com/1208/feature.htm
  9. Not Sure

    Make sure to take a look at this fake Behike Leather case string... http://www.friendsofhabanos.com/forum/topic/129155-interesting-fake-behike-56-leather-humidor/ My personal rule of thumb is that I conisder ALL Cohibas as fakes unless I am dealing with a vendor that I trust 100% and there are exactly two of those in the entire world for me. YMMV. Good Luck!
  10. Just get a big bowl of DISTILLED water and put it in the bottom of the humi for 72 hours. I am not a fan of wiping down the wood with water.
  11. Chicago Gangsters

  12. Wonderful Canadian hospitality at Smokin Cigar, what a fabulous place. Much fun talking with you Lisa.
  13. I’d highly recommend the Tripa Corta, Totalmente a Mano La Flor de Cano Selectos. A fine Cristales cigar for under 4 USD per stick. You need to lay these down 60 days first.
  14. I thought you were joking! WTF? Wow, I feel terrible for the BOTL in Toronto. I think I’ll just hit some good restaurants and maybe a hockey game instead of killing myself for a smoke. I thought Chicago was bad.

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