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  1. I much prefer the artistry of dress boxes, no practical difference.
  2. This, right here, should save 70%+ of any frustration
  3. I must say that I have noticed a significant uptick in construction issues with my CCs in 2018 from previous years. It is very frustrating. But, I am stuck because every NC I taste has that "stale, cigar ash" taste to me. Even a bad CC still has some of that aroma and "Ahh, Cuba" palate goodness. No NC delivers that for me. I'd rather not smoke at this stage then have a NC.
  4. After acclimatizing a box of cigars to your humidor, I have never understood the concept of letting them rest and not trying at least one cigar? What if they are outstanding? What if the cigars right here and now are the best they are ever going to be? How could you possibly know unless you try one? Now if you buy 5 boxes of the exact same box code then OK I sorta kinda get that. What really gets my temperature up is when I hear someone say something like, “Wow, I tried X type of cigars after 90 days rest in my humi, and it was an outstanding smoke, they are too good to smoke now, I am gonna lay them down awhile” WTF!? I would smoke the shit outta that box and buy another one, rinse and repeat until hell freezes over.
  5. Cigars and Divorce

    I am going through this now, my longtime girlfriend (13 years) and I broke up two days ago. We are not married thank god. But she would never go after anything thats clearly mine (cigars) and neither would I to her (jewelry). There are a coup,e of things that we will fight over but I’m optimistic we can work it out. This sucks.
  6. Cigars and Divorce

    Target somethng that she wants...shoes, purses, watches, furniture, cars, etc. and demand half of that. This is all about leverage and pressure. Also a good attorney would help.
  7. Goodbye, my Buddy Boy

    Hanging with Bruno and we’re thinking bout you and Murph!
  8. Newcomer (Newbie) Q&A

    Buy a 46 quart plastic container of Amazon for around $20 and two 320 gram 65 rH Boveda mega packs for $20 each. For $60 you’ll have yourself a fantastic humidor that will store around 15-20 boxes of cigars.
  9. Goodbye, my Buddy Boy

    Very sad Just passed the one year anniversary of putting Baxter down... was the worst day of my life.
  10. RASS JL2 Bolivar Tubos No. 1 Trinidad Reyes PL Picadores Bolivar Royal Coronas RG Perlas There’s a big drop off after these 7
  11. Newcomer (Newbie) Q&A

    You will get alot of different advice on this. Here is what I do... 1. Wrap cigars in aluminum foil 2. Directly into the freezer for 72 hours 3. Directly out of the freezer and rest at room temperature for 12 hours 4. Put into your humidor Now you will get people who swear by the slow acclimation method whereby they add a step and put the cigars in the refrigerator first and perhaps right after freezing as well. I’ve read enough opinions to suggest that this method actually helps the beetles adapt to lower temps, so I never do it. And I have never had a beetle issue.
  12. Very nice, but too high society for me! I go with the Ghetto-style 46 qt. Tupperdor myself, has room for one more box but have 5 on the way. Time for an addition to the family, HERE’S COMES TUPPY #2!
  13. Huh? RASS = 50 rg PSD4 = 50 rg Connie A = 52 rg MC Petit Ed = 50 rg CoRo = 50 rg Did you mean to say “shorter” vitolas?
  14. Prince Definitely the most underrated as well, he gets no respect for his guitar playing mastery. That was Prince's “problem”, maybe. He was too damn good at everything. In an interview, Eric Clapton was once tritely asked, “What's it like to be the best guitar player alive?” Clapton simply responded, “I don't know, ask Prince.”

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