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  1. That sticker on the Partagas is ridiculous.
  2. Nope. Weight didn't matter. Goes by dimensions and it'sa large box going a lengthy distance. Only money
  3. $42 priority. Lady said shipping in the SE has cheaper rates.
  4. Dropped off at USPS. Man was that costly to go from Tampa to NY. Tracking 9505515422928075228115
  5. Got the OK after some newbness on my part. Box will be going out today to Santiago in NY, NY. NC takes Fuente Anejo 55, Fuente Anejo 46, Opus X, Liga T52, La Aurora Maduro NC Puts Davidoff Aniversario #2, Rocky Patel Vintage 1992, Padron 1964, Padron 1964, Oliva V Melanio Robusto, Liga Privada #9, Drew Estate Undercrown Maduro, Drew Estate Undercrown Maduro Cuban takes Ramon Allones Gigantes 2017, Monte Dante PTR DIC 2016, Partagas Maduro 1, Upmann Connie A 2014, Upmann Mag 54, Juan Lopez #1, Monte #4 AGO 2010 Cuban Puts V.R. Don Alejandro BMP Jun 2016, San Cristobal La Punta TOS March 2017, San Cristobal La Punta TOS March 2017, Bolivar Belicoso Finos ETP May 2017, Ramon Allones CLub Allones E.L. 2015, Romeo Y Julieta Exhibicion No4 unknown date from 24/24, Partagas D4 2012, V.R. Famosos SLE 2016, V.R. Famosos SLE 2016, Partagas Petite Corona 2014, Upmann Connie #1 DIC 2016, Monte P.E. UGE Jan 2017, Monte Media Corona SEP 2015, Monte Media Media Corona SEP 2015
  6. Message sent to Wertman to approve my takes and puts.
  7. Been awhile since I received one of those. I used to have a 75 gallon salt until the auto doser went ape shit on the Mg and Ca. I miss the fish but not the $$$ into it.
  8. I received the box today. This thing looks to be bomb proof. I hope to make my selections tonight and check in with @Wertman.
  9. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Back up in Jax Beach for the night. They have one of my favorites on nitro, JDubs milk chocolate porter. Pair that with a 2016 psp Edmundo and it's a delicious chocolate fest.
  10. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Packing for fishing trip weekend. I get a break from playing captain this weekend so booze and cigars will be had.
  11. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    A 2014 St Luis Rey on the jobsite this morning. Acquired this from a gent as part of a trade for a box of HUPC that I wasn't too fond of.
  12. ron swanson-isms

    Such a great character.
  13. That's pretty cool to see.
  14. SPEARFISHING - Greatest Hits, show us yours.

    Nice! I saw this pic and went looking for a couple good ones I had. Turns out they are on my last phone with a blacked out screen. They were from a trip to the Elbow off our coast. Had a stringer of 18-20# ones. Still have yet to get one over 20#.

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