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  1. Just walked through the door.
  2. I'd probably guess 250. It was managed pretty decently and we were split into three groups (F-S-G) for the different learning stations. Only thing that could have used some work was the placement of two of the food lines. There were three food lines but two were right on top of each other and created some confusion in crowding among the cattle.
  3. No Habanos smoked today but a fine day. Very cool day at the Florida Sun Grown/Drew Estate Barn Smoker event in Clermont, FL. Drove up with two buddies from Tampa. The farm was pretty soggy from all of the ran we've been getting over the last week. It was amusing to try and watch a Mercedes sedan drive through an obvious mud trap. I guess they said Damn that mud! The mud won. After watching that you go check in. The give you a tupperware/travel humidor full of swag and then you give them $10 and they in turn gave you over $150 in cigars -Liga Privada A, Liga Privada Velvet Rat, Kentucky Fire Cured Just a Friend, Pappy Van Winkle Barrel Fermented Limitada, Larutan NDB, FSG Box Press Ltd, FSG Toro, FSG Robusto, FSG Belicoso, FSG Sixty, Undercrown Maduro Coronet Tin, and Undercrown Shade Coronet Tin. The education behind the process was pretty cool. Getting to ask questions directly to John Drew, Jeff Borysiewicz (owner of Corona Cigar Bars, Davidoff in Tampa, and FSG), Master Blender Willy Herrera, and Pedro was also a very nice aspect of this. Everyone got to plant their own tobacco seedling in the field. The catered bbq lunch was very good and of course several libations to sample as well. They were doing various Drew Estate and FSG raffle items on behalf of Cigars for Warriors. I picked up 10 tickets for $20. As usual they were going through the items and I had nada. Down to the very last item we go. We start gathering or items when they start calling out the last ticket. Holy shit! I just won the mega FSG standing ash trays. Pretty cool. Practical? Probably not, but who cares. It's pretty cool and a good memory with friends. I'll put it on my pool deck in my covered smoking area. A very solid event and well worth the $90. Thanks to Drew Estate and Jeff Borysiewicz. Now we're thinking about doing a guys trip to the Cigar Safari down in Nicaragua.
  4. These oily guys just came in.
  5. What Say You? Monte 2 and Siglo VI - Real/Fake?

    Uneven gold hologram trim on the Cohibas. The top one in the pic also has some white showing beneath the yellow.
  6. I'd like to be in for round 2 please.
  7. These beauts just came through the door right now.
  8. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Feral Flying Pig at Tampa Bay Brewing Company Brew Fest last night.
  9. Those Connie As look fantastic.
  10. Is changing!

    Is there a discount available for FOH members on the Humidity Bead system products?
  11. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    I also enjoyed one of these last night. I managed to pick up a box of the No. 9 pigs and a box of the Feral pigs locally this week.
  12. SBC had a sale on Ligas over the weekend so stocked up on No. 9 toros and picked up some Papas Fritas to try out for quick smokes.

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