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  1. Nice! Who doesn't like a tower of Diplomaticos
  2. Have any of you guys heard of this rum before? Ron Vacilón. Their website says that the rum was first created in the 50's then ceased production in the 60's and has recently been revived. The international distributor is in Germany and it seems the whole thing has been revived for the German (European) market. The lineup consists of a 3, 5, 7, 15, 18 and 25 year old aged rums. Seems a lot for a brand that just started out again. The ronera is located in Remedios in the heart of Cuba.
  3. FORMULA 1

    Most people aren't too impressed by the Sauber livery. I actually like it pretty good. But I've also loved the recent Williams livery, which is really similar. I wish Renault would have kept more yellow in there. Red Bull made a splash yesterday, but before it's over with, they will be back to their standard colors. Now with the Aston Martin logo on the rear wing...
  4. when you were young...

    I wanted to be an astronaut. Now I know people working at NASA. Close enough

    Happy Birthday!
  6. Nice! Thanks for the update. Now I just need to plan a trip. If that ever happens...
  7. FORMULA 1

    Great news! I can't wait for the race.
  8. After using your desktop humidors for a couple month now, how are you liking them? Are you happy about how they hold humidity? Anything you'd do different if you were to build another one? I'm nearing completion on my project, just figured I'd check in with you
  9. Thanks for posting the review! Maybe one day I'll get the chance to go...
  10. Diplomaticos #1 Because I wish I could have tried them, before they got discontinued...
  11. pets - your ideal pet

    Two whippets, one Siamese and one Sphynx cat.
  12. Nice list, @Ryan My favorite Havana Club is the Seleccion de Maestros and favorite cuban overall would be the Ron Santiago 20 anos. That's for sipping of course. Being in the US, I just get the easily available non cubans for Mixers.
  13. It made it all the way up here to Virginia now. But for the price it''s not worth picking it up. Even the 3 year aged one.
  14. I've said it in a previous thread, the comparison is useless. Just a marketing gimmick. The version from Puerto Rico is nowhere close to 7 years old. So how could it compete with the 7 year old from Cuba? Only reason Bacardi make this Havana Club is so they can hold on to the brand name for the US market. That's it.
  15. Don't worry about de-banding them. Like mentioned above, you'll be fine as long it's believable that you just bring back sticks for personal consumption.

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