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  1. Wait, 6x the sampler, or 6 cigars making up the sampler? or is this just a rhetorical question anyways?
  2. Cuba Plane crash

    From Austrian news site. Doesn't look good...
  3. Cigars shipping "wet"?

    Take the bovedas out and add some "dry" pieces of spanish cedar. Watch the humidity go down and once you're below the threshold put the bovedas back in.
  4. I just ordered two singles to give them a try. Now I'm even more excited to get them in!
  5. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    My first Diplomaticos #2 from LGR JUN 17 It was a little stronger than expected and the burn a little funky, but still enjoyed it a lot.
  6. Cigar Books

    Some people don't know what they got, or don't care. The earlier one on eBay looked like they were liquidating after somebody had passed. They probably just wanted the "junk" gone.
  7. Cigar Books

    The new one looks even better condition. It was ar $250 last I checked.
  8. Cigar Books

    There is another one up for sale on eBay now.
  9. Warehouse Showdown

    Glad to see this thread back on track! Keep the pics coming!
  10. That box code is still the best! I'm in the same boat, the box I got will nap for a while. Might end up getting another box to sample along the way...
  11. FORMULA 1

    Especially funny because the frog is always quick to blame anyone but himself... Being a Bottas fan, this race was terrible to watch, but that's Motorsport for you right there. Anybody want to voice their opinion on the Red Bull clash? I'd give it to Max 80:20 for moving too much under braking. But I admit, I'm a little biased. I also think that he's been over the edge defending before this incident, which makes my understand why Ricciardo was getting frustrated.
  12. New Humidor

    Thanks guys, much appreciated! The dividers were designed to hold one box of 52 ring gauge cigars 6+ inches long, or 2 boxes back to back in each compartment if they're robusto sized. So the max would be 6 boxes in the bottom for aging purposes. The top tray will hold all my singles and smoking stock. That's the plan anyways Thanks for the kind words, means a lot coming from you! I like rescue humidor, that hits the nail on the head. If this one gets to small, I'll probably just do a Tupperdor in the basement, while this one will spend it's days upstairs with me! If anybody is interested in some in-progress pictures, let me know... On a side note, anyone looking to build their own humidor, I got the mortise system for the solid brass Brusso hinges laying around. I'd let it go on the cheap, if anybody is interested shoot me a PM.
  13. Nice! Now the big question, what to use on dress boxes?
  14. I'm excited to show you guys my new humidor I've been working on with a good friend of mine. Decided a while back, after seeing some of the great humidors @BTWheezy was cranking out, that it was time for me to finish an old project of mine. It was actually my dad, that started building a humidor for me some 15 years ago. It was meant to be a surprise, but I kinda knew it was happening. Guess live got in the way, and the unfinished box has been sitting around my dad's shop for all these years. I've since moved to a different country, but as it turns out, my friend is a very talented wood worker, always looking for a challenge. He's never built a humidor before, but seeing his other work, there was no doubt in my mind, this project would turn out great as well. Just before Christmas, I received they old pieces of wood, my dad started working on all those years ago. Unfortunately time hadn't been too kind to some of the parts, and a touch decision had to be made to not use all of the original pieces. This on the other hand was an opportunity to redesign the layout and change the dimensions slightly to feed my current needs. Here is a sketch of what I came up with: I wanted something a little different, where the humidification device wasn't in the lid, but actually behind the cigars. This way I hope, the humidity will be more uniform, and not higher on the top tray. After a couple month of dedicated work on my friends part, I'm now proud to show the finished product: The inlay in the top is the main piece being reused from the original humidor and also the focus point I would say. The whole box is built from 3/8 inch Spanish Cedar and 1/2 inch of Sapele Mahogany. So hopefully retaining the humidity will not be an issue. The seal is also very tight, you almost lift the box off the table, if you're not careful trying to open it up! After taking the pictures it was time to get the inside cleaned out really well and start seasoning. I will post some more shots once it is filled! Thanks for tuning in, a very exciting day for me indeed.
  15. High tech humidors...

    @ElJavi76, @PigFish might be able to help?

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