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    A good shave

    Pretty much the same here. Went to a DE safety a few years ago and never looked back. Used to get very bad razor burn after every shave, boo matter what. That is a thing if the past. Don't get irritation anymore at all. For my creams I switch between Cremo orange scent and ToOBS sandalwood or coconut. Will probably try a straight razor at some point. Would love to find me an old one, not necessarily antique but one like our grandfather's used to use.
  2. midnightfreak

    Auction in Canada today for Pappy

    I am a big fan of ER10. Not so much of the Stagg Jr. I do like the higher proofs, but this one does not stand out for me. Any type of Weller is impossible to find around here, so cannot comment much on that as i have only had it at a couple bars before.
  3. midnightfreak

    Good morning from Chicago

    Lurked here for a while, first post. I am fairly new to cigars, or at least getting to know more than just your casual smoker. I have had a humidor for a few years, but only really ever had 5-20 sticks in it at a time as i did not smoke all that often. This summer though have started to get into things more, and now have 2 packed humidors, probably ~100 sticks total. Since since this is obviously not sufficient, i read up on here and elsewhere about more storage, so purchased a wine cooler off CR. I am almost done swapping out the metal shelves for Spanish Cedar. Should be done this week, then i can start to fill her up. This forum is such a great resource. I find myself looking something up and next thing i know i am reading about a topic completely unrelated to what i started with, always absorbing as much as possible. Looking forward to starting to stock my wineador and developing my cigar palate.

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