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  1. Just fired one up ROTT. Really nice light and ‘good green’ as i think i heard someone put it. I like this. At ~half the price of a pc, i could see these being daily rotation sticks. I sure do miss the Boli Demi Tasse though...
  2. eating weird stuff

    Sorta makes ya hungry for octopus, right?!?
  3. eating weird stuff this is what happens when you pour soy sauce on a dead octopus
  4. I won’t claim they have amazing complexity, but I’ve been enjoying a tin of SLE DIC 15 vegueros tapados. Every single one has had the *perfect* draw (for my tastes). If every cigar i smoked, drew like those tapados, I would be ecstatic.
  5. eating weird stuff

    Each of an octopus’ arms has an independent central nerve cluster (effectively 8 extra brains). Those nerves will continue to fire for a while after ‘brain death’.
  6. eating weird stuff

    Are you a LITERAL corgi? 😂 I love this
  7. Just get it from their website directly. It’s cheaper and he ships quickly
  8. Right?!? How can you gripe about spending $25-30 on a tool, which will save countless cigars, yet not bat an eye at spending $300-400 on boxes of cigars, left and right?!?
  9. Aaahahahaaaa!!! When I lived in norcal/Washington, I was the same way - recycler friends. They would go ‘dumpster diving’ in ‘colin’s w**d dumpster’. I kept only the finest flowers, and all the rest went into a communal box, from which all my friends were MORE than happy to indulge.
  10. Yeah dude... You asked for public opinion. It was presented to you in overwhelming consensus. You rebuffed it. Makes me question whether you’re really interested in objective input, or if you just expect us to confirm the conclusions you’ve already jumped to. If you’ve been doing this so long, I’m all the more surprised you’ve yet to develop a ‘c’est la vie’ attitude about the inconsistency of habanos. It may be time for you to consider a serious question. Which sentiment is overwhelming in your experience - the joy of smoking the good cigars, or the frustration of dealing with the bad ones? If the frustration is a more powerful emotion, than you should probably stop smoking [atleast cuban] cigars. Run the cost:benefit analysis, man. For me, personally, the cost of a few bad cigars is innumerably outweighed by the benefit of all the good ones. I take the good with the bad and just accept it for what it is.
  11. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Yup. It is. What about the canoeing cigar? S**t happens. Your expectations are unreasonable. It’s that simple. You’re asking the sun to stop shining in your eyes, when the rest of us are donning our shades and enjoying a beautiful day. Simply put - get over it.
  12. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    get a perfecdraw.
  13. eating weird stuff

    I had fried cicadas in 2004. They were delicious. As much as i loved my pet octopus, I’m not sentimental toward cephalods on the whole. I love eating octopus and squid. I had, for the first time, octopus ceviche a couple years ago. It was sublime. I’m a sucker for some ceviche, though.
  14. The american criminal justice system?
  15. TANSTAAFL If the price of enjoying 22 diamonds is 3 duds, I just call that the angels’ share. Nothin comes for nothin.

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