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  1. Just so happens to be a lot of extra work too 😜
  2. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    2011 SLR serie A with Caity and her BCJ sans a prodigal @Lingerfing 😜
  3. Current inventory, with only the current contents of the box, not the entire historical contents
  4. Geeeeeez guys! He hasn’t even announced a pass yet, lol. Cool ya jets, cruisers!! Everybody hold off on committing to something that isn’t even announced. Besides I don’t know if @Lingerfing fully grasps the extent of the time/$ commitment involved. He very well may change his mind when I explain all of that to him, lol
  5. @Lingerfing The handicap system that @shaffer22 , @Wertman Amd I developed seems to have struck a really nice balance between making the newbies feel unintimidated, and providing a level playing field for all participants. I am confident that another, future pass utiliZing the same or similar points system, would attract a lot of participation. It seems like you have the gumption to take initiative. When this pass is coming to a close, why don’t you carry on the torch and start another one for fall or spring? I’d be more than happy to have a long detailed voice chat with you some time about all the behind-the-scenes stuff that doesn’t get mentioned in public conversation (nobody really wants to hear about all the planning), and help you get a sense for all that goes into organizing such an endeavor. This pass has been a lot of work, and I won’t have the free time through fall/winter to take on the responsibility of doing another. Maybe you could do it!!
  6. Thankfully it’s a community endeavor. Everyone’s contributions are appreciated. That’s where the whole inspiration for the handicap system came from. We have so many people in this community from so many different backgrounds. In this affair, we get to participate as equals and all contribute what we’re able. No contribution is too big or too small. @FatherOfPugs ‘s remarkable magnanimity is truly in ‘the spirit of the pass’. The best thing any newbie can do now is to enjoy those cigars!! I’m really looking forward to seeing all the ‘foh’ers daily smoke’ posts where newbies share how much they’ve been able to enjoy the wonderful smokes that vets like @FatherOfPugs graciously contribute to the community. I really am touched by all of the ‘coming together-ness’ that I’ve been fortunate enough to witness over the course of organizing this. You guys have all been super awesome!
  7. @Weaponiz'd1 is the lucky winner who gets first crack at that delightful smorgasbord of goodies, before the box makes its way to the scorched earth desert of aaaaaarizona!
  8. New family member

    Congratulations! Great dog. I’ve already decided that when my boy goes to the big car ride in the sky, I’ll be getting a breed similar to her - the Deutsche Drahthaar. After 10 years of working with a cattledog, I finally feel prepared to properly train a gundog, lol.
  9. Big news coming today. Stay tuned, cruisers...
  10. What are "Clubs"?

    Speaking of ‘clubs’... I’m fiendishly curious about the partagas serie club (the kind made of tobacco). I’m a devout fam of chicos and wonder if they’re similar
  11. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    09 pacificos thanks to @jerrybrowne while i pull for mah boy Lewandowski!
  12. As much as I appreciate the intent, I hate excel more than anything else in the world. It makes my blood boil. It may not be the most efficient possible method, but I’ve got a system in place. If i change it halfway through the process, I’m just making more stress for myself. Thanks for the thought. I don’t mean any disrespect.

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