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  1. grizzlee

    FOH NFL 2018 Registration

    In for the self loathing that will probably result.
  2. A nice little momma bear sitting in the middle of baby bear Perfecto and papa bear Double Perfecto. Not too small and not too large; say about a 49-50 ring at around 159-160mm (~6.25") length. Call it a Perfecto Grandes or Tacos Grandes.
  3. Led Zeppelin - 1975 - me and two buddies spent two winter days and nights camped out rotating shifts in line for tickets and in the car to warm up. Well worth it I might add. Better live show than Pink Floyd, The Stones, and The Who. (A luxury of being a little older than most here, that I got to see them all.)
  4. grizzlee

    email of the week.

    Rare as they are, and last resort as it may be, in all businesses there comes a time when one must fire a customer. It's time to terminate relations with this customer.
  5. Poor already has; you just don't know it yet.
  6. "Quite people have the loudest minds." S. Hawking
  7. Same.... Have a box of CoRo with no date or factory code, only a tiny M72 burned into a corner. Have only seen the M72 one other time but missing date and factory code occurs more often.
  8. Gotta love the color variation on the bands. Apart from all the other indicators, it's pretty amazing they can't even get a Pantone color match on Cohiba yellow.
  9. Box is away to @shaffer22 and should be there Monday. In a hurry to get this turned around in 6 hours, so my apologies for no eye candy shots.....Everyone will have to just use your imagination. List of puts and takes below. PUTS: El Rey de Mundo Choix Supreme BLP JUN 08 8 Points Montecristo #4 FOD OCT 04 8 POINTS Romeo y Julieta Capuleto EL TOS NOV 16 10 POINTS FREEBIE Por Larranaga Montecarlo TOS JAN 17 FREEBIE Fonseca No. 1 MEL JUN 16 FREEBIE NC Montecristo Espada Quillon (7x56) 2016 Total: 26 points TAKES: H. Upmann Sir Winston MOL JUN 17 4 POINTS La Gloria Cubano Medaille D’Or #2 OGA SEP 11 8 Points Punch Punch REG JUL 17 2 POINTs Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchill LAU DIC 16 2 POINTS FREEBIE Hella Retro Total: 16 points * Changed out the Priority Box as the original had been through a few rounds with the Post Office.
  10. For anyone thinking of a cruise in 2019 - RC is promoting Cuba specials
  11. While I am no longer with the "evil empire", I did work for MSFT for 20 years. Success rate on the Desktop Troubleshooter is and has been about as large as a demi-tasse.
  12. David Gilmour - self titled 1978 --- spent the last half of the 70's and early 80's working for an LP retailer....vinyl collection is well guarded.

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