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  1. Angle Razor

    @Elpresidente This is the rockstar of disposable straight razors. There is a plastic handle version which is much cheaper around $100. It is much more forgiving and much less work then a regular straight razor and the disposable blades are sharper then you could ever get an actual fixed blade. As per safety concerns I taught myself to use a straight razor about 6 months ago. I thought the ritual of it would help me focus in the morning, it certainly has done that. I cut myself a bit the first couple of times I shaved but nothing serious. Its also a much more comfortable shave then any disposable I have ever used. If you decide to go this route get good shaving soap and a good shaving brush. A good lather is essential to a good wet shave.
  2. Newbie Box PASS 2017/2018

    With the extra price tag on that aged stocked I hope I acquire that problem about 10 years from now.
  3. Newbie Box PASS 2017/2018

    Thanks for all that effort you put in. It certainly seems like it will make things easier moving forward, and the puts seem great to me. 898 and Monte 4 seem to be a favorite of most so I'm sure they will be appreciated. Also again thanks for the generosity of time, thats the most important gift. Might I suggest in a show of respect and appreciation for your efforts you might be permitted to grab a cigar or two when the pass is finished and on its way back to @Wertman? Unless that was already factored into your takes, I'm a total noob especially when it comes to the value and rarity of aged cigars.
  4. I think we’ll see self driving cars before we see electric cars. In the US at least the power companies have a very firm grasp on all solar power. Be it limiting your panels if you’re attached to the grid or buying up patents for any new tech. I think everyone with a smart cell phone knows how much battteries suck. So my thought is that until we see some real movement in small flexible and efficient solar charging people aren’t giving up the convenience of filling up and driving off in under 10 minutes. Oh and we’re all vain assholes, at least Americans, so we’ve also got to wait until those imaginary small efficient flexible panels get pretty before we drive a car covered in them.
  5. I know theres a ton of deadly animals in the Outback, but I've always liked spiders. Remarkable feat of evolution they are. Especially the Jumping spiders, they can actually create a 3D map and keep it in their "brains" while areas are out of site. The jumping spider called Porsche is remarkable it can actually create a 3D map and plot a course to wherever its going and get there. Can also reevaluate if something pops up that it didn't see before. They will also try various hunting methods until they succeed. Thank god they're tiny or we wouldn't be here.

    Happy Bday Lisa!
  7. Perhaps the Govt is putting a scent in the tax stamps that the dogs can smell. It seems crazy to think that but how else could a dog tell the difference between a pack of Marlboros or a bag of loose tobacco?
  8. Cigars: HUPC RACA EL 15 Drinks: coffee San Pelegríno Prickly Pear and Orange.(one flavor) I don’t drink alcohol so I improvised.
  9. Bitcoin will never hit zero, nor eth and a few others. Goldman is dumping millions and millions into crypto development so it makes perfect sense to say BTC will be worthless but a few futures, read our futures, will have value. Most investors in Bitcoin are people on the margins. They don’t play the market, remember when your Grandparents kept gold and silver coins stashed away for a rainy day because they didn’t trust the banks? Well now the people who are holding crypto are doing it for the same reasons. Stock market falls 15% and it’s just a correction. Crypto drops and it’s the end of the world. I remember way back in 2013 when the bitcoin is dead trend started. Yet it’s still here stronger than ever. Also worth considering is the fact that most big holders in crypto have been there for a long time. So if you bought something at .08$ or even 450$ and it was now worth 20k with a bunch of idiots clamoring for it wouldn’t you sell, wait until it comes down and buy it back? How often has Goldman overvalued a stock then dump it and buy it back again. It’s the way the stock market works. Zero sum games need fresh blood. Crypto is certainly more openly vicious, but just because someone has fancier clothes, a nicer car, and can more coherently tell you you’re screwed doesn’t mean they’re any different.
  10. North Jersey Herf...

    Seems like the link to Jamie’s is broken. This one should work. I’ve never been there but looking forward to meeting some fellow FOHers and having a good time while smoking some great cigar.
  11. I'm looking forward to try some of them, they don't seem to be for sale anywhere currently. Do you know what time of year they normally get released. How about the regular Flor Del Valle? As for the original question I have had one black honey out of a bundle, It seemed a bit young to me so I'm giving them more time down before I smoke another one. ~Ted
  12. What are your favorites guys? So far I like the one with the old people, was a retirement fund company, and the Australia tourism commercial.
  13. la Puntilla update

    @El Presidente will you be posting a review on this cigar?
  14. la Puntilla update

    My wife was asking me if I wanted to go on vacation soon . How’s Havana this time of year? What should I talk about to get a women interested in going to Cuba?
  15. RUO or ROU box code

    I've smoked 7 Monte 4 so far and not one has been plugged. "Knock on wood"

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