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  1. So I found an old cigar box while packing up to move and then rediscovered it while unpacking. I must have had some seriously boring nights when I wasn’t out patrolling because I colored it in. Not a bad piece of cigar art if I do say so myself. The box is Punch Royal Coronations box code OVU EU00 which CubanCigarWebsite says is July 99. Some of the stamp got saved. All the tape is because I turned the box into a time capsule of sorts where stored most of my Medals and other Marine Corps memorabilia.
  2. So as some of you know I just bought my first home, have moved in, and been given instructions as to which rooms my “crap” can live in. I get the “family room” which I will transform into a man cave. I was also allotted some space in the basement where I can build a cigar room (of course the specs have to be approved by the boss) but I’ve been told I need a high speed exhaust system and when I Sheetrock the walls there is some plastic material designed to keep the smoke and “bad stuff” from leeching into and through the walls and ceiling that must be included in the construction. I realize I must get moving as any delay will be akin to forfeiting these rooms. And so it has begun. Man Cave with some of my “crap” in place. The Cigar Room space with humidors being used as a place holder. @El Presidente is there an FOH flag I can plant as a declaration of ownership?
  3. I don’t think this was a paid competition. Yes we bought in with a small entry fee, $86 US I believe, but I’m also sure it was mentioned several times this was about having fun and expanding our pallets. So far we’ve smoked ~$25.50 in cigars. The next two seem to be a robusto and a pyramid so say they’re $10 each, that’s 45.50 in cigars. Plus what it cost to have the official bands removed and replaced with 1-5 bands on over 500 cigars. Plus the cigars that got trashed in the process because some guy putting bands on went crazy with the glue. Then they had to package and ship the cigars all over the world. I think blood, sweat, and tears went into this out of pure love for a hobby. So did we spend some money, yes but it was nowhere near what was put into making this competition happen. Should Pres send 100 people free cigars? Or should we all carry some of the weight?
  4. @ElJavi76 You’ve convinced me, throw it out. Perfect is perfect, it’s pretty damn hard to be wrong all the time just ask my wife. Pretty much takes all the effort I can muster to never be right.
  5. I propose that everyone mans up and take their lickings. I'm pretty sure one of the forum rules is don't be a wanker. We are talking about Cuba here right? The cigar being on the deleted list means that maybe it will be discontinued, maybe it won't. The competition started in January not June - HUPC was available everywhere "in spades" as the Aussies say. For everybody whining about being cheated, grow up; do we seriously think the FOH staff is cheating us? If so go join a Facebook group and see what it's like outside of this forum. How about using a bit of logic: for everyone that gets a selection right they spend minimum $125 US to use the credit so the reality is Rob lost money having only 4 winners. Not that I believe the competition is about FOH making a profit but cheating = affecting the bottom line. Finally there are much better ways to cheat then this e.g., just select some random cigar that nobody guessed. If you believe Rob made a mistake including the HUPC then he made a mistake. Holy shit El Pres is human... OMG the world is ending... Oh wait it actually isn't, this competition is about having some fun and expanding our pallets. Lets just chalk this up to stuff happens and move on with our lives. There are really much more important things for us to waste our time on than this.
  6. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    The pups and I smoking a Dantes.
  7. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Siglo VI to celebrate my new house.
  8. (a) The speech at issue is "commercial speech" entitled to First Amendment protection. Commercial speech that is not false or deceptive and does not concern unlawful activities may be restricted only in the service of a substantial governmental interest, and only through means that directly advance that interest. Pp. 471 U. S. 637-638. This is what the supreme said about it. Since there’s nothing specific I suppose the government can claim whatever it wants as an interest Since this case involves deceptive advertising tactics by tobacco I’d assume the Governents interest is in informing the citizenship of those deceptions and of the health risks involved. Problem with assumptions is they make an ass out of you and me, doubly so when dealing with the govt.
  9. Sinatra

    I remember going to the Jersey shore, point pleasant, and a radio executive owned a home right on the beach. He had a huge sound system and would play nothing but Sinatra songs all day every day. I was told he had some connection to Sinatra but I don’t know for sure. Also he was my grandmothers favorite singer of all time. She lived to be 100 and before she passed last year she wanted to hear him, but only her favorite song. She got “I’ve got the world on a string” played on repeat for 3 days straight.
  10. Cigars shipping "wet"?

    Another thing you can do is leave the boveda packs out in the open for a couple days. This will dry them out a bit and they will be able to absorb moisture once you put them pack into the tuppedore. As for the beads make sure they are all dry when you put them in. You may have to use a blow dryer set to low and cool to dry them out. If they absorb moisture and get filled up dry them out again. You should also open the tuppedore once a day fan it out and then close it back up. Take dry Spanish cedar and put it in the box as that will help as well. Finally in regards to shipping “wet”, if the boxes are from late 17 or early 18 the cigars were just rolled so the tobacco is fresh and wet. Another thing to consider is that although the FOH team does an awesome job at packing things up the post office doesn’t really care about our packages. They get dropped, kicked, thrown, etc... not to mention the rapid changes in humidity while traveling. So if they were shipping 62 RH cigars, they’d probably expand and crack when the temp and humidity rises during shipping. Not to mention a cigar kept at 62 RH is pretty fragile, whilst a cigar kept at 69/70 RH is pretty pliable and can take a squeeze, drop, whatever much better than a dryer stick. I personally prefer the cigars show up “wet” for the above reasons. Final tip: If you’re dying to smoke a cigar rott just pull one out of the box and dry box it for a couple days. It’ll smoke just fine. Hell, I’ve read some post where EL Pres has dry boxed sticks for a week or longer. P.S. make sure whatever beads and/or packs you use are all the same RH level. If they aren’t all that will happen is they’ll work against each other never actually affecting the humidity in a meaningful way.
  11. There’s a breathing technique called resonance frequency breathing it uses some biofeedback but there are several smartphone apps which use the camera and your finger to measure heart rate and show you when to inhale and exhale. Basic jist is around 6 breaths per minute. It lowers heart rate, elevates mood and focus, helps with energy, and can bring me from stark raving lunatic to just plain crazy in one 10 minute session. You can start with 5 minutes once or twice a day. There’s lots of scientific research on the topic and one interesting thing they’ve found is the best athletes actually do it naturally. I’ve been meditating for years and the suggestion about headspace is a very good one. It’s a bit gimmicky with the cartoons but I learned to meditate by going through the take series. After a bit of time with that app I think you’ll have a decent idea of what works and what doesn’t for you. Then you can branch out and dig in. It starts with 5 minutes a day which is perfect for most people. Just remember meditation doesn’t actually quiet the mind. What it does is allow the stream of thoughts to flow by without me getting caught up in them and drifting away into the past or the future. So basically it keeps me grounded and helps me focus on the present. Theres also an app called insight timer. It has guided meditations of all sorts and lengths as well as a system that allows you to set your own time. There’s also a bit of a social component to it which you can use or leave.
  12. your favourite/best TV character

    Buffy was so hot.
  13. you accidently break a glass...

    Here’s what I’m thinking. The father-in-law is a genius. He’s enjoying retirement last thing he wants is to be stuck watching a screaming baby for the next few years. Obviously his wife cant wait to have a new baby around all the time. So he goes on the offensive, charges the daighter-in-law for breaking a glass. End result is they will never ask him to babysit if they think a bill is coming for everything the kid breaks. The old man gets to enjoy peace and quiet, well not from his wife, but no screaming babies. I say well played Sir: Well played. Somebody send this man some very fine wine.
  14. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Thank you @ElJavi76. He gifted me my first Sir Winnie, we had one hell of a great smoke and better conversation. Best part is our wives get along great so we weren't even interrupted once.
  15. North Jersey Herf...

    I’m in but I’m not wearing the Batman costume. I may be pursuaded to rock the cape if @ElJavi76 steps up his cigar sharing game. 🤣😂🤣

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