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  1. right here is the best advice Jeff is a great trainer
  2. Another great option for inexpensive home training... TRX style suspension and or elastic band. I have a TRX version made for Decathlon cost something like 640 nt (20 usd), you can find a lot of training styles on youtube.
  3. Weight loss happens in the kitchen with a healthy diet. The gym is for conditioning and adding strength. at 54 I'm 6' 2 172 lbs at 18% body fat - this is solely based on diet. Due to a variety of reasons, the primary being expat in Taiwan (more sedentary lifestyle than my home in the states) I've started a gym routine 4 to 5 days a week for strength training. Before gym I drink a protein powder/shake from Costco, after I make a smoothie of mixed frozen berries, frozen banana, Greek yogurt, protein powder and water in the vitamix - all processed sugar/syrup free - the two give me about 80 grams of protein and almost 0 fat. Oh and I get my 3 k and pre k kids ready for school too. For a routine it is weight lifting only, Monday chest, variety of bench, cable and dumb bell work. Tuesday shoulders, cable work and dumb bells, Wednesday, legs and biceps. Thursday back, variety of rows, pull downs and pull ups. Friday triceps and revisit chest or shoulders. All designed for gaining muscle mass.
  4. Montecristo Especial and Trinidad Fundadores would be a happy thing... Been wanting a box RyJ Cazadores for about 18 years, might grab the next 24:24 for these.
  5. Naug

    Daily Cup O' Joe

    Morning cup of joe looks like a ristretto (21 grams to pull 2 oz) cappuccino. Roasted by me in the Behmor and prepared with these. An investment for sure, but nothing beats the La Spaziale for steam power I buy my beans about 22 kg at a time for transport to Taiwan.
  6. Espresso toys for the decade! I only use a grinder for espresso, for that I have this - the Eureka Atom. It grinds 20 grams in around 9 seconds and is dead quiet, really really quiet. When you're serious about espresso - La Spaziale Lucca and Eureka Atom - cappuccino nirvana!
  7. Currently my most reliable Fonseca#1, my lemon Punch Punch SOM MAR 17 halfway through the box and have only had two that I didn't chuck.
  8. Well the title pretty much says it all, Dips gone or OOS?
  9. Thanks all, I had a nacient idea that it was legal to hand carry CCs. When we go through customs will have as many as 20 peices of luggage plus carry on. Not overly concerned that they bother mom and dad with 3 preschool aged kids.
  10. Our stay in Taiwan appears to be coming to an end earlier than expected. Our moving costs are all covered by our employer. Looking for advice on how to get the CC's back to the states. We will have a container for the bulk of our belongings which will be at sea for about 4 weeks. We also have an air freight box that will be out of sight for about a week and then of course there is carry on and checked baggage. Probably ~ 450 cigars. Ideas? TIA Toby
  11. Naug

    Let's talk Steak

    For the grill I prefer prime dry aged New York or Rib Eye seasoned liberally with rock salt and fresh ground black pepper, temp - rare to medium rare. With grass fed I prefer to sous vide to about 120 F and finish on the grill for about a minute per side - like butter! Fine dining I'll have filet rare, either au poiver or red wine reduction
  12. Naug


    Currently Taiwan, Portland home is in the west hills near the zoo.
  13. These lovelies arrived today!
  14. Not in any particular order H Upmann #2 Partagas Series D 4 Dip #2 Monte 1 Monte Tubos RASS HUP PC
  15. Definitely shoot me a PM when you're on your way!

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