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    Happy Birthday Lisa!
  2. H UP #2, consistent, rarely under filled and full of flavor.
  3. These arrived yesterday, they slipped through Taiwan customs with no tax, sadly the box of HUP Connoisseur A's were stopped and will require tax be paid. UEB SEP 17 - while I did not sneak down to the humi at 2 am to have a look, after making my cappuccino this morning they were quickly pulled out and had their foto's taken. Lovely little dolls!
  4. Monte 4's, 2's, Partagas Shorts and HUP Mag 46.
  5. A fellow herfer here in Taiwan has one of those table top lighters, his has been going strong for a good long while. An alternative
  6. These arrived Sunday, might have to burn one after lunch. Five boxes in transit, Lusitanias added today, Unicos, QD'O Coronas, Series D #4 and Connoisseur A's.
  7. scandi-noir tv series

    Started watching a new series - Bancroft. I've enjoyed, a little grimier than some British TV.
  8. I've always used the large rectangular Coleman (80 - 100 qt) coolers. I haven't been able to find anything like this is Taiwan. I did however find this, anyone used one as a coolerdor? It has slots for shelving, and while it isn't ideal to me, the extra depth might be ok I suppose the less obvious solution would be to simply buy fewer cigars...well this is what my wife would say.
  9. These are the most recent to arrive, have 5 boxes en route - VR Unicos, QDO Coronas, Partagas Serie D No 4, HUP Petite Corona and Connoisseur A's. Hoping that the Taiwan customs man lets a few through without tax!
  10. While I may be living in Taichung (where we have many places to smoke) my home is Portland OR. When smoking in bars was banned in 2009 part of the legislation allowed for existing Cigar Bars to remain open. One is at El Gaucho a top end steakhouse, great place for steaks but the cigar lounge is usually packed and is too small. The other that I know of is part of a motel, the lounge is The Mark, much bigger and other than at game time not to full. Both are withing a couple of miles of my US home. The cigar lounges in Taichung are much nicer, some are connected to 4 star hotels and have LCDH shops, at these you must purchase at least one overpriced cigar to smoke. I'm going to one at the Hotel Lin tomorrow with a mate who is a consultant for the hotel. Not sure on their policies. The others are cigar shops slash lounges and few are just cigar friendly bars.
  11. Nice place to smoke, went with my West Coast Posse pal Fidel ex JRBB ex Herfers Paradise.
  12. Nah humidity isn't that high... OK so maybe it is as "feels like" temps are often in the 40 - 45 range, while the actual temp is rarely over 38. I really like it, feels like you are walking through a sauna!
  13. Lot's to like about the UK, the weather is not one of those things. LoL.

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