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  1. Thanks all, I had a nacient idea that it was legal to hand carry CCs. When we go through customs will have as many as 20 peices of luggage plus carry on. Not overly concerned that they bother mom and dad with 3 preschool aged kids.
  2. Our stay in Taiwan appears to be coming to an end earlier than expected. Our moving costs are all covered by our employer. Looking for advice on how to get the CC's back to the states. We will have a container for the bulk of our belongings which will be at sea for about 4 weeks. We also have an air freight box that will be out of sight for about a week and then of course there is carry on and checked baggage. Probably ~ 450 cigars. Ideas? TIA Toby
  3. Let's talk Steak

    For the grill I prefer prime dry aged New York or Rib Eye seasoned liberally with rock salt and fresh ground black pepper, temp - rare to medium rare. With grass fed I prefer to sous vide to about 120 F and finish on the grill for about a minute per side - like butter! Fine dining I'll have filet rare, either au poiver or red wine reduction
  4. Oregonians?

    Currently Taiwan, Portland home is in the west hills near the zoo.
  5. These lovelies arrived today!
  6. Not in any particular order H Upmann #2 Partagas Series D 4 Dip #2 Monte 1 Monte Tubos RASS HUP PC
  7. Definitely shoot me a PM when you're on your way!
  8. I'll start this off with the cigar lounge on the 25th floor at the Lin Hotel in Taichung, Taiwan. It is about 2 blocks from my home, has no minimums for using it and the wait staff are really great, they know me by name and take very good care of my friends and me. Most lounges in Taiwan require you to purchase at least one from them, while you can often find some well aged stock you're looking at $1800 NT ($60 USD) for a Lusitania or $800 NT ($24 USD) for a Monte 4. So the fact that they do not require a purchase is pretty cool. Cocktails are pretty affordable and it doesn't suck that you're smoking at the finest hotel in Taichung. If you are in Taiwan head south to Taichung and let's burn a few
  9. Smoke them and purchase new cigars once you get to Singapore, this is what I did before moving to Taiwan.
  10. These arrived this morning (love Sunday delivery in Taiwan!) Never thought much of Fonseca until Rob posted these, WOW! Will let them set a week and burn one! These arrive next week!
  11. scandi-noir tv series

    Ken Came across a new Scandi-Noir from Netflix today - Borderliner . I have not had the opportunity to watch it yet, but the review is promising.
  12. My wife travels back to the States about every 3 months and I take advantage of this by having a pile of conspicuous consumption shipped to family or hotel for pickup. Most recently it was a 2018 Dell XPS 13 with a ton of accessories and a ST Dupont Defi Extreme. Oh and about 16 boxes from FOH! 2018 XPS 13
  13. Well these lovely Connossieur A's arrived last night along with these two - which I did not order... About half of my orders get stopped by Taiwan customs, I'll get a custom slip asking for the invoice, quantity and weight. Now I have a couple of boxes that are lost at sea and Logistics is fixing this for me. When I got the card saying I had two packages I assumed one of the lost at sea boxes had been found - hurrah! First box opened the HUP, the second box had two boxes - WTF??? Thinking who bombed me with this??? I recall that a cigar buddy told me he had ordered a second box of 2's and a box of A's, I pick up the shipping box which has his address, although it is in Taichung our address are very different in Chinese or English. I'm guessing I may be one of the few people from Taiwan that order from FOH or CUNTINT so custom didn't even bother looking at the address and just shipped these to me. I sent photos to my pal asking if he was expecting - we had a good chuckle over it Taiwan customs freaking eejits! My A's are lovely PSP/HQ, but take a look at the quality of the 2's and E's - they are not 24:24 just straight purchase from the store
  14. More random, I'll be in Hanoi and Ha Long bay end of March early April. Thanks for the correction! Glad to hear about Sigar for next visit to HCMC.
  15. Love Vietnam! 2 1/2 hour flight from Taiwan. I have yet to come across a cigar shop that I would buy from though.Your best bet will be the upper tier Hotels this is where I have found cigars in SE Asia. That said I always bring my own when I travel here (SE Asia) as prices are freaking ridiculous - $60 USD for a Lusitania, 50 for Epi 2's - bring your own, you'll be glad you did.

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