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  1. I basically separate by box date so I can get at the oldest ones first. My thinking may be wrong but I generally feel i should be smoking the oldest ones first while the newer ones age.
  2. Nascar, oh god, too many. No stage racing, no playoffs, no penalties for over the wall too soon, etc, etc.
  3. I am struck with how much of this we have in the USA also. The food industry is regulated quite heavily by the Health Department and USDA . Daycare businesses are regulated and have strict requirements. We also have to report our source of revenue, ever heard of the IRS? I am not making light of the plight the Cuban people are in, just pointing out that if we are not careful the US government will continue to encroach on our liberties as well. Sent from my SM-T700 using Tapatalk
  4. Thig

    Tapatalk issues?

    Tapatalk is back and I didn't do anything. They corrected the problem.
  5. No pics but an early 60's beige Buick LeSabre.
  6. I have Googled this before and scrolled through the images. A lot of interesting ones there.
  7. My apologies, one of the reasons it is hard to have this kind of discussion over the internet. Without living in someone else's shoes you really don't know where they are coming from. Just seems like here in the US there is a tendency for the younger generation to blame the older for their lack of success.
  8. I am 61 living in the US just to give you perspective. This thread strikes me as someone trying to blame the older generation because they are not successful. I try to tell young people learn a marketable skill, stay away from drugs and stay on the right side of the law and you will be successful. Too many kids in college that should be in a trade school. Getting a college degree in a major that will not support you financially is useless. I could relate my personal challenges but this argument reminds me of the "white privilege" argument going on in the US today which I call bullshit on.
  9. Yes and made a stop in Georgia, been pumping water from the basement for days now.
  10. Thig

    Store password reset

    It's called crash and burn but I am sure they will get it sorted out.
  11. Thig


    Wow, just wow. I am pretty anal about knowing what I have, where I got it, what I paid, etc. But beyond that it's just smoke whatever I feel like.
  12. Thig


    Does anyone actually do that? I think of having a rotation as a supply that you always have on hand while others come and go.
  13. Just a little protein with the nicotine.
  14. Thig

    Cigar Apps

    I can second My Humidor. Never had a problem with it.

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