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  1. SLBs, cabs, and dressboxes for sure because you can make a table out of them eventually.
  2. My First Order

    Buy with confidence from here. I'd buy any cigar blind from Rob and know it'll be good.
  3. I agree. Quad-bands seems much better.
  4. Ordered a 10 box of Party Lusi from NOV 17 from a 24:24 a few weeks back. Got the package this past weekend and found it to be a box from JUN 15. Not the box code I bought from 24:24, but definitely not complaining hehe. Cigars looks great and saves me time from aging. Did I win a lottery?
  5. I can't help it. I was born with my thumb looking this way. Personally, I think it looks great though.
  6. If someone asks me 'cocoa' flavor profile in Cuban cigars, my instant answer would be Montecristo. So what better way to start a morning than with a delicious short smoke like a Monte #5? Cut with my V-cutter, the draw was perfect. 1st Third Combination of cocoa, coffee, cream, and a touch of soft spice on the back of my palate. 2nd Third Not much change from the 1st third, but the intensity kicked up a notch. Final Third Intense dark coffee and chocolate. Thoughts The Monte #5 seems to be ignored a lot compared to the other size in the Montecristo portfolio. They don't have much changes, but that's completely fine with me given the size. Happy Easter everyone!
  7. Yeah lol. It was the good kind of weird though.
  8. Smoked a rather interesting one tonight and was thoroughly surprised. Cigar: La Diabla Manufacturer: Traficante Cigars Purchased for $9.50 Size: 4x52 Wrapper: Brazilian Cubra maduro (Cuban Seed) Binder: Equadorian Filler: Dominican from Santiago Construction Not the prettiest looking thing. A weird lumpy rustic looking pentagonal shape. Medium brown wrapper with a nice oil sheen to it. Evenly packed with a good draw. Cool metal band/tag that came with the cigar. Prelight Wrapper smells like licorice and the cold draw also tastes of licorice. I'm pretty sure this was transferred over from another cigar that was shipped with the La Diabla. Shouldn't be an issue once I ignite. First Third As I suspected, the licorice was a foreign scent from another cigar. No licorice to be found in the tasting notes. Excellent smoke output and a smooth retrohale. Tasting notes are milk coffee, chocolate, shortbread, and a hint of baking spices. Body is medium. Very nice. Second Third Body picks up to medium-full. The flavors from the first third have become richer with hints of graham cracker coming through. Hopefully it becomes more prominent as it smokes through. I love graham cracker in my cigars. Burn is razor sharp. Halfway through the second third, the graham cracker develops further. The milk coffee has switched to dark coffee. Final Third Body stays at medium-full. No strength. Some nice honey sweetness comes in. Combines well with the dark coffee, chocolate, and shortbread flavors. As I get towards the half inch nub, the flavors become much simpler and finish out as dark chocolate and dark coffee. Thoughts For a 4x52 size cigar, $9.50 is not cheap in my opinion. However, this was an excellent cigar. I usually don't like the taste of Dominican cigars, but this was pretty damn delicious. Honestly, if someone gave this to me with no band and said "This is a Upmann Maduro No .1", I'd probably believe them. So much of the flavor profile just screamed Upmann to me. In short, this cigar was like smoking the last third of a Connie 1 or A with lots of chocolate laden into the flavor profile. La Diabla? No, this is chocolate Upmann. I would recommend you folks to try this if it sounds interesting to you. Anyone else try Traficante cigars before? I don't know if they ship outside of the US. I'll give this a 91/100. Very enjoyable.
  9. That wrapper experiment was very interesting to read. It seems that wrappers are used as sort of a "backbone" of sorts to support the blend in the filler. Someone earlier also mentioned that he couldn't taste the difference when he removed the wrapper from a JLS2, which seems to indicate the impact that wrappers make to the flavor profile does not hold equal weight between different marcas and vitolas. In the end, it all comes down to the blend and blenders. I think we can conclude that making blanket statements like "wrappers consist of x% of the flavor" is simply wrong. When wrappers do contribute significantly to the flavor profile, it's simply a part of the symphony.
  10. I occasionally buy 5ers of NCs just to see if there's anything I would enjoy to the point of wanting to buy a box. So far I haven't found any. There have definitely been singles I thought were pretty good like the Crowned Heads La Imperiosa, but I didn't feel compelled to buy a box. So far, I'd say I've loved more than 90% of the CC boxes I've bought, while the 5ers of NCs have been more like 50/50. Not like the NC stuff is cheaper either. Most of the time they seem to be more expensive, it's just people always compare to the premium prices of stuff like Cohiba.
  11. Sounds like a fun experiment. Maybe I'll do that with the next cigar I smoke. Maybe try with both lighter and darker shade wrappers to compare the differences, if any,
  12. Important? Very important. But at the same time, it's hopeless I think. We're the product, not the customers.
  13. I don't know about his remark on saying Atabey tastes like a Cuban since I've yet to try one. But I wonder what he means by Cuban. It would be interesting to know if he means a specific marca like Cohiba or something. Anyone here try an Atabey? Would love to hear your experience and opinion(s) on them since I don't want to spend the coin on one lol. As for the wrapper thing... 70%? I personally don't agree with that comment at all, but I know this is a topic with very split opinions. But seriously, 70%???
  14. Got a little something out of the norm. FQ Cigars Phenom No.3 To sum it up, tasted like earth, spice, sweetness throughout the entire smoke. Not really a transitional one. In my opinion, basically a DE Liga 9, but significantly cheaper. If that's your jam, go for it I guess lol. Not really my thing so I'll probably hand them out or smoke them when I feel like it.
  15. Just got a 5er of Punch DC I purchased from a fellow BOTL. Year is from OCT 14. They're not the prettiest looking cigars with some watermarks here and there, but this is the first time I've been hit in the face with a fruity sweetness aroma from cigars. Really looking forward to these. With the recent Party Lusi purchase from a 24:24, I think I'm turning into a DC ****... Why are SLR DCs so hard to find

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