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  1. I favour 40ishRG anyway. And there's nothing wrong with a PC, when you can grab and spark up another! [emoji16]
  2. Are minimum wages not scaled or staggered by age or with localised weightings? They are in the UK https://www.gov.uk/national-minimum-wage-rates And how does state benefit fit into the economics? Surely one should not be better off on benefits for example. Sounds like a more complicated formula. B.
  3. Hopefully this is a good sign they are up and running in some form?
  4. KENTRAYS Limited Edition.

    Nah. No good. One accidental knock. Ash all over the shop. Wife shouting. Dog bounding over to have a look. Kids rush over to see what the kerfuffle is. Wife insisting on clearing up right now vacuum cleaner in tow. Evicted from smoking seat. Session over. Oh lord. Stick with the big chunky ones [emoji16]
  5. Same Code

    On the whole, undoubtedly. But also the wrapper is very thin compared to the filler and binder. So surely the impact of the wrapper is minimal - even though it's in contact with the mouth. And the time the cigar is wrapped and the smells and tastes mix. Even a claro wrapper will absorb some from its filling. So, blind smell, touch and taste test !
  6. Same Code

    I call for a blind taste test! Surely. Surely the darker wrappers because they look tastier would have a big impact on our other senses. But perhaps they give us a higher expectation too. I've certainly never seen the variance from one box code like this before [emoji106]
  7. Lol. Your welcome to come swap with the UK for now! [emoji23]🤣
  8. Good communities. That is all.
  9. la Puntilla update

    6x40 is a nice vitola! .. but I'm nowhere near Havana any time soon [emoji174][emoji177][emoji24]
  10. I fancy a box just from that description!
  11. Ok. That's that question answered. So then ask the supplier I guess. Do let us know. Always good to learn something new. Cheers!
  12. Have you checked with your supplier? Have you checked the bar code number against the habanos verification site? Box labels all look good? That stamp does seem contrary to http://www.habanos.com/en/noticias/h-upmann-robustos-anejados/ "On the bottom of the box the date when the Habanos were made can be verified. “Revisado” (Checked) is also stamped on the bottom of the box, since 100% of the " Perhaps they are intended to be aged and someone half inched them from the factory?
  13. I Weep For Our Youth...

    ... my wife would find most of those games absolutely hilarious ...
  14. Perhaps something else was going through people's heads too!? Sent from my ONEPLUS A5010 using Tapatalk
  15. The Mystery of Cohiba.....by Punch Joe

    Was just watching a vid from DrJoe. The same Joe? Most interesting and entertaining

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