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  1. I’ll admit it ... I watched the wedding. My mother-in-law and my wife watched a recording of it in our living room last night. I told the true story about how I peed underneath St. George’s Chapel back in 2008 on a trip to Windsor. I had heard It was where Prince Charles and Camilla got married, so I couldn’t pass up a chance to relieve myself in an old restroom in the basement beneath the altar. I then repeated the story no less than a dozen times during the ceremony. ”I bet where Megan is right now, is where I peed.” ”I peed there, you know. Do you think if I farted they would have been able to hear me?” ”I bet you can hear the choir sing from the basement pisser.” Basically any time the mood got romantic, I would crash it with a reference to my having peed mere steps from where they were getting married. I don’t understand the love affair with the monarchy. Good people died to get away from that. And here we are, some 250 years later, obsessed with every detail of a multi-million dollar royal wedding. Nuts. Speaking of nuts, did I mention I peed underneath St. George’s Chapel?
  2. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Still going through the PIF from @Nekhyludov! Of course, another beauty. Hands down best La Flor de Cano I’ve ever had.
  3. Let's talk Steak

    You lift, bruh? Don’t skip leg day!
  4. Let's talk Steak

    Favourite Black Angus Ribeye. Best marbled cut of beef ... delicate and juicy with every bite. How do you like it Medium Rare to Medium Any secrets to your prep. Olive oil, Kosher salt, coarse ground black better. Heat one side of the grill to about 400 degrees (+/- 50 degrees). Sear each side directly over the coals for 3-4 minutes each side. Then, transfer to the other side of the grill until the internal temperature is 135 degrees to 140 degrees. After you remove the steaks, they’ll heat up another 5 degrees while resting, so the goal is to get the steaks between 140 and 145 degrees internal. Short rest, then serve. My steaks are the reason why my in-laws gave me their blessing to marry their daughter. Without them, I had no chance.
  5. I NEVER smoke a cigar ROTT. I’m very particular about resting new boxes for 30-90 days. Today, I broke my own rule. These RA Superiores were incredible ... I couldn’t resist. I just finished one, and I don’t regret it in the slightest. It was beautiful ... proof that a young CC smoked ROTT can be a wonderful smoke.
  6. I would just smoke them and make sure I note the “hint of beetle” in my tasting notes!
  7. Smoking good now ...

    The only cigar I won’t even consider smoking unless aged 5 years is Por Laranaga Picadores. I smoked a Picadores young one time and it was the worst CC I’ve ever had ... or the best a NC I’ve ever had depending on how you look at it. But seriously, a Habanos can be smoked and enjoyed even when young. I just don’t subscribe to this notion that age is a requirement to enjoying a CC. I think of it as a factor that bears more or less weight depending on other factors like marca, vitola, quality of year in general, look, smell, etc. YRMV, but I have really enjoyed young JL2, Party E2, Dip 2, HU 2, HU RR, Party Lucy.
  8. Thanks for the responses! Believe it or not, this actually helps. I’ve been doing Half Coronas, Short Partagas, Petit Coronas in the morning with coffee, a larger size like a Double Robusto, Churchill, or Lancero in the afternoon after lunch, and occasionally a Robusto or Corona Gorda in the evening after dinner. Looks like the general consensus is one a day is not out of the ordinary and under the best circumstances could even have a second. After that, and I agree, I enjoy each a little less than I would otherwise.
  9. Many years ago I smoked only one cigar a week on Sundays Then it was a cigar every other day. After my first trip to Havana last year, it was one cigar a day. Since joining FOH six months ago ... I smoke 2-3 a day now. I’ve never crossed over to 4 a day, but it’s only a matter of time. How many do you smoke a day? What’s “too many?”
  10. My First Order

    You remember when you started into cigars and that friend who knew everything about cigars ... they could look through a Humidor and pick out the perfect cigar? They’d tell what it is was that made it so good at this very moment and why you should smoke it? That’s Rob. And 24:24? That’s the perfect cigar. You’re not in good hands ... you’re in great hands.
  11. Cigars are Chick Bait.

    This reads like an essay paper I wrote in high school. “The Tale of Two Cities is a story, some might call it a tale, about two places that were referred to as cities in their time.”
  12. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    It’s very frustrating that the best H. Upmann I’ve ever smoked comes from a very expensive six-pack travel humidor. It drives me nuts how good it is and I’ve only got three left! p.s. Thank you @jerrybrowne for the trade!
  13. It’s completely irrational but I only smoke HdM Epi 2’s from 2104. I don’t know why, but I’ve never had as good an experience with younger ones. I’m down to about two dozen now so I smoke them very sparingly!
  14. He’s in Richardson and open to visitors! I figured, what kind of person would I be if I had the world-renown humidor craftsman right here in my backyard and didn’t buy one from him.
  15. Are you insinuating I might be a European passing themselves off as a Texan? I realise how you might think that. Is it the colour of my hat?

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