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  1. cmbarton

    for fans of hemingway

    Is there anything better than a Hemingway novel, a rum drink, and a Cuban?
  2. one cigar - HU Connie A one bottle of spirits (and no, you cannot fudge with magnums or larger) - The Dalmore Cigar Malt one bottle of wine - Blue Ostrich Tempranillo one book - 11/22/63 by Stephen King one DVD movie - Star Wars IV: A New Hope one DVD TV series - Game of Thrones
  3. cmbarton

    Share your Cuban haul

    This thread ... is killing me. I just picked up my Aristocrat this week and already I’m wanting to order an M Plus and take a flight back to Cuba so I can take home a haul like these.
  4. I was so disappointed with myself for not buying an ashtray when I was there a year ago! I stood and stare at them for a few minutes debating it, but something inside me told me to spend the money on more boxes. Of course, had I known I was going to join FOH and very easily buy cigars whenever I want, I would have spent all my money on Havana Club, a Nacional ashtray, and art. Oh well, there’s always next time!
  5. I won’t touch spaghetti. Ever. When I was child, my aunt lived in Italy and married an Italian man, Elio, with incredible cooking abilities. When they moved to the U.S., Elio kept watch over me while my parents worked during the day. Two things he did every day that I dutifully helped him with: helping the priest and nuns at the local Catholic Church and cooking dinner, often times spaghetti and meatballs. Now as an adult, I feel I have gotten a lifetime’s worth of spaghetti and have committed to never eat it again. Same goes for Catholic Church.
  6. Man, that’s a relief! There’s no way spiders could lay eggs in a Habanos leaf given Cuba’s stringent quality standards ... is what I am convincing myself. Don’t tell me otherwise. ((Sticks fingers in ears)) ((Unfollows post))
  7. The best clip of the Ryan-Ventura brawl is about 5 minutes into the broadcast when the announcers show an angle the camera got of Nolan Ryan laying his punches right on top of Ventura’s head. There’s no doubt that young man was feeling those hits the next day!
  8. Every kid growing up in Dallas at the time knew and could vividly retell the series of events leading up to and following “the punch.” Sometimes the retelling would get more detailed and grandiose, until the internet came around. That’s what the internet has taken from every generation for now on ... the tall tales and mythological legends that kids make up and embellish about their sports heroes. The internet is the bullshitter’s worst enemy.
  9. cmbarton

    How did you get started?

    I’m certain any “Cuban” I smoked before I traveled to Havana last Summer was a fake. That was one reason why, as a NC smoker of about 18 years, I never understood what made CCs any better. Then, in the LCDH at 16 y 5 av in Havana, I bought a RyJ. Maybe it was a Exhibition No. 4, who knows, but I loved it. I bought a Monte No. 4, and loved it. Before the trip was over, I bought two boxes of HURR, one box SLR Cuba RE, three boxes Monte 2’s, one box Petit Monte 2’s, one box RyJ WC, one box RyJ SC, and maybe others but I can’t remember. When I got home, I could not wait to get rid of all my NCs. All I wanted from then on was the Cuban twang.
  10. cmbarton

    How did you get started?

    Few will ever understand what you went through, myself included, but I’m nonetheless in awe and appreciation for your dedication to service. I have no doubt the men and women whose lives you saved from IEDs are also grateful, as are their families, friends, and communities. Here’s to you, sir!
  11. cmbarton

    HSA's Top Markets?

    Imperial Tobacco/Altadis owns much of the NC versions of Havana’s marcas (H. Upmann, Monte, RyJ). When you consider that Altadis has a 50% ownership stake in Habanos, it’s easy to imagine a time when both NC and CC versions of the same marca are sold side-by-side in the U.S. Where it gets sticky is for NC versions of CC marcas sold in the U.S. by companies like General that don’t have any ownership stake in Habanos (Cohiba, RA, Party, Bolivar, HdM). Those will be litigated for years and years, I imagine.
  12. cmbarton

    Aristocrat THC MXT 26.5

    What I love most about this picture is the organization. Don’t think I didn’t notice the stacks are facing the same direction ... I did, and my OCD is pleased.
  13. He thanked me for coming to pick up the humidor and I replied, “Are you kidding? The pleasure was all mine; I got to meet THE Bob Staebell and his world-famous Aristocrat workshop!” He just shook head and smiled. I think he just loves what he does and if it makes other people happy, that’s a plus for him. Fun fact I learned: Bob doesn’t smoke cigars. I got the impression his background was in aerospace engineering or some similar field before he started making humidors. My two daughters came with me to pick up the humidor and as I’m loading it into the back seat of my truck, one daughter is sitting on the ground drinking water while the other daughter is helping me lift up the bench seat. I looked at Bob, nodding to the daughter sitting down and relaxing while we work, and said, “She’s union.” Bob laughed, and then he said something about maybe she’ll be an aerospace engineer ... the world needs more of them. Who knows but we had a good laugh!
  14. Aw, man ... I can be British! In fact, keep the free cigars I just want the Queen to take us Americans back. We had a fun party while it lasted but things got really out of control there at the end. We’re sorry ... we won’t do it again.
  15. Come on ... give me a lifetime supply of Padrón 1964 Anniversary, Padrón Serie 1929 and Padrón Family Reserve, and all I need to do is never smoke another Cuban again? Done. Get tired of Padrón? Move on to every Don Pepin or Pete Johnson cigar. Done with My Father and Tatuaje? Move on to Fuente. Come on, there’s a lot of good NCs out there.

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