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  1. What To Get?

    @NSXCIGAR I would love to take a crack at some Trinidads, I've never had anything from that marca and have always been drawn by them.
  2. What To Get?

    @Islandboy thank you sir I completely forgot about that thread. Gold fish brain.
  3. Just wanted some input from some of the more seasoned CC smokers here on FOH. I should be receiving my Christmas bonus on Friday and for the first time in years I think I'm going to use part of it on something I want. That being said i was curious as to what you guys would buy if given a similar opportunity? (Probably staying around the 300 dollar range, still gotta buy the wife's gift.)
  4. @Wertman I personally would buy a variety of half boxes with a portion of my Christmas fund, nice way to get a hold of a nice variety and also allow you to try some things you might have not gotten the chance. Do you prefer a mild, medium, or full bodied smoke?
  5. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Little My Father Le Bijou for an after work treat.
  6. Hello From Arizona

    @Wertman that's great. Nice to know there's some members here in the valley. Used to live in Scottsdale myself. I loved going up to Ambassadors.
  7. Pre cut of CC

    What about something like this guy? We had one mounted to the tabletop at our store and it was fantastic.
  8. Flavor Profiles

    that Couldn't agree more. I've had two NC's this week, both the same stick. My first felt like I had been pepper sprayed (mostly due to a lack of dry boxing on my part) and the second has been just beautiful. When the mood strikes it's just nice to have something to scratch that itch.
  9. Flavor Profiles

    @Colt45 beautifully put sir.
  10. Bucket List Cigar

    She's a real beauty! My old boss had a stick taken from General Noriega's humidor. I always called him tobacco Indiana Jones.
  11. Flavor Profiles

    @Danimalia @CrankYanker very insightful input gentleman. I find Cuban tobacco to have that wonderful creamy sweetness and more dessert flavors present most of the time. If tobacco were food NC would be a nice beefy steak with a peppery crust, and Cuban would be a nice Cuban Coffee. As a cigar nut here in the states i find quite a lot of people with a pretty distasteful attitude toward Cuban cigars. I think it ends up being that people are just salty and need something to whine about. That being said for someone that prefers Cuban tobacco you're almost a bit of a pariah (at least in my experience).
  12. Hello all, Mostly due to my curious nature I wanted to pose a question to my FOH brethren. I just finished smoking a La Imperiosa from Crowned Heads, and was contemplating flavor profiles. Personally as an American that has probably gotten far less experience enjoying the best that Cuba has to offer as some of the members here I have had a bit of a conundrum. I really love Cuban cigars, and I also really enjoy NC and other cousins, but what is it that sets them apart flavor wise? I curious as to what you guys think that is. Thank you all, and interested to hear your opinions.
  13. A Cool Opportunity.

    @jmg it's pretty funny because him and I always went and grabbed food at my nearest Asian market. Vietnamese food is ridiculously good. He had mentioned that he needed to leave the country every 90 days to keep his visa, so he planned on going to Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand as well.
  14. A Cool Opportunity.

    @El Presidente that's great! At least I know they are receiving quality cigars.
  15. A Cool Opportunity.

    @Danimalia I'd love to go over there and visit him. Would be a great opportunity to save all my money for food and cigars haha. I'm definitely excited for him to be able to go live there for a few years.

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