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  1. saw the first 10 episodes...which is the first season... I really enjoyed it UNTIL the stupid polar bear. To the point where I started telling myself it wasn't real, and that it was imagination of the sailors driven by insanity.... until I realized that it was supposed to be "real".....had a hard time finishing the season with the silly bear. But truly enjoyed the rest of the story line.
  2. Hammer Smokin'

    Cigar shops in Canada

    and $30CAD for PSD4 is cheap for a single. my local (not native/indian) B&M here in Ontario is $32 plus HST.
  3. Hammer Smokin'

    Limits after work

    Mmmm tasty!! Not many fresh water fish taste better than fresh Crappie!
  4. I'm in Canada, where it will be federally legal this year. Hope that helps clarify the reason why an employer cannot ban whatever they like. I work for a $6B CAD company where we are currently re-writing our employee guidelines preparing for the federal legalization. I'm in a financial related industry and we cannot stop someone from consuming a legal product. We can stop them from coming to work "stoned" (impaired) but not stop an employee from their choice to consume.
  5. Can't ban something that isn't illegal. You can ban smoking/using it "before" work, like alcohol, but you cannot do a drug test for marijuana (once legalized) and fire or reprimand an employee for having thc in their system. We are closely working through this now in Canada.
  6. Hammer Smokin'

    A good one this morning....

    one benefit by trolling I guess.... after releasing the fish I set my two rods back up, got back into my trolling line, (using gps systems marking trails) and sparked up the cigar... I think I was still pumped from the fish cause I took that Robustos down in approx 40 minutes...much faster than I normally smoke a robusto size cigar.
  7. Absolutely love that show. The Music Never Stopped to close the first set is huge, as is the Sugaree. The 2nd set was just madness. The Bobby voice is so powerful on the Prophet and Jerry's final solo on the Dew is one of the best ever. Truly an amazing show. Would like to catch a show at the renovated Capital Theatre these days. Phil seems to play there quite a bit.
  8. Hammer Smokin'

    A good one this morning....

    Was fortunate to land a real good'en this morning. Celebrated with a BTO OCT12 CoRo.
  9. Hammer Smokin'

    Fakes in Singapore.

    sounds like you don't need to avoid the shop, rather, be able to spot the fakes.
  10. Hammer Smokin'

    Great Lakes (Lake Ontario) Trout and Salmon

    I'm on the Canadian Side. I fish the south shore from Niagara River to Grimsby...once they move to the North Shore I fish Hamilton to Bronte. Have some friends who are captains out of Olcott - a great fishing port! Can't wait to get out again.
  11. Cohiba Siglo I or Maduro 5 Secretos Both are great short sticks. And no one will snub their noes to a real Cohiba. edit: cheaper, simple option is a monty no. 4
  12. Hammer Smokin'

    Great Lakes (Lake Ontario) Trout and Salmon

    Tis the time of the year for early morning salmon and trout action on lake ontario. I flat line (no added weight to the line), using medium action tackle and light leaders (15lbs). Tons of fun!! Here's a couple from this morning. They will only get bigger as spring continues on. 4
  13. Hammer Smokin'

    Montecristo Churchill

    absolutely love monty 1's... my favourite between 1-4
  14. Hammer Smokin'

    Cigars are Chick Bait.

    A double corona no doubt!!
  15. Hammer Smokin'

    Cigars are Chick Bait.

    Ya buddy !!

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