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  1. Dynamo320

    24:24 TUESDAY

    I find the page takes a minute or so to load most days during those first few minutes when all of us psychos are all refreshing continually starting at about :27 after the hour 😜
  2. Dynamo320

    24:24 TUESDAY

    Excited to have scored some 898’s!
  3. Dynamo320

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Small cigar night. 16 Principe and PSP RUO 16 Monte 5 that I shouldn’t be touching yet with only 3 weeks down but smoking great.
  4. Had a guy sitting next to me on a flight last winter peep to my iPad and noticed as I was browsing a 2424. Started talking cigars and he gifted me one of these. Put it in the humidor and pretty much forgot about it. Going to give it a try for sure.
  5. Dynamo320

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    MAR 17 Edmundo
  6. Very minor haul as I just grabbed a few overpriced packs on the way home from vacation at airport duty free. Just had to show off the wrappers of these DE’s. Wow, and no trick photography either. These can be so hit or miss but I’m pretty sure these are a hit.
  7. Dynamo320

    Is this a shark?

    On vacation now in the Turks & Caicos. Went out snorkeling yesterday at a shoreline reef that I’ve been to many times. Was ready to wrap it up after the typical same old same old. Saw an outline of something out of the ordinary right below me maybe 15 feet away. Yep, black tipped reef shark the same size as me or bigger and I’m 6’3”. Utterly terrifying yet exhilarating at the same time
  8. Taking my 14 year old son to see Metallica in October, talk about the circle of life. I was his age when Master of Puppets dropped. Can’t wait!
  9. Dynamo320

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Very nice
  10. Dynamo320

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    From a 2424 quarter box deal. Haven’t been seeing that option too much lately. As someone newer to the game, it is such an awesome way to experiment around.
  11. Dynamo320

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    PSP BBF from my first 24:24 purchase ever back in February. Finally trying one out.
  12. Dynamo320

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Sig II Tubo. Been holding off on these for about 8 months. First timer and I’m beyond impressed.
  13. Hmm, I would think that since it’s NC a more ideal storage would be 70/70.
  14. Dynamo320

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    I recognize those snow makers. 7 Springs?

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