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  1. Ok I smoked number 5 and it's just a blind guess. I had it narrowed down to 2 but I'm sure I'm wrong again. lol
  2. Ok I've got friends that will light a cigar and just leave it. Those guys I give non Cubans. Then I've got friends who actually enjoy a great Cuban and in that case I offer the same thing I'm smoking.
  3. Absolutely. I tell guys getting married the same thing and see how miserable some of my friends are that didn't set the same ground rules. John that's the one mistake I made. I'm just lucky my wife is very very very low maintenance. I spend enough for both of us.
  4. ha ha been married over 20 years. I just didn't let my wife walk all over me when we got married. I've got a friend Mike that did and now he's wishing he never did. She treats him more like a child than her equal.
  5. Ok I don't mean to offend but I just have to get this off my chest. The lack of balls here is astounding. Anyway my list which would be my list regardless of the wife being here or not would be: Some combination of hanging out with my buddy, smoking cigars, fishing, watching football(soccer), eating a big fat juicy steak, smoking more cigars, maybe go for a nice hike, smoke more cigars, play some video games, smoke more cigars. go hiking, smoke more cigars. The last thing on my mind is if my wife will complain that I didn't do some random chore. What chores? Am I 12 years old and have chores to do?
  6. For once I have to agree with Piggy. Smoke what tastes good now once they've acclimated. Some cigars don't need aging to taste great. I have noticed however that acclimating Cubans for 60 to 90 days does wonders. You'll figure out which one's you want to age and which one's are good to smoke now. For example I find the SLR Regios are great now. No need to age them.
  7. Hmmm just curious what you store your cigars in. I've never experienced this issue.
  8. Either Kennedy friend chicken (ask for the keel meat it's not on the menu) : Or Chicken Fried Chicken with lots of gravy:
  9. fitzy


    I've had that with some aged PL Monte's. with that narrow of a ring gauge it built up to the point where I couldn't draw any smoke through. A quick clip of the tar filled head and I was back in business.
  10. fitzy


    My first tub I couldn't put it out in the sun as it was the middle of winter. Washing with soap, scrubbing with baking soda (Tub and lid) and leaving it caked in baking soda for 3 or 4 days did the trick. This one I did throw a bunch of cedar and empty boxes in it but it wasn't necessary. I was just hesitant my first time. My second one I washed and then left outside for 3 or 4 days. I have a friend that washed it and then left it sitting in his house with the lid off for a week and that worked for him. It can take a while for that to finish off gassing. I've also heard of others doing the coffee thing and I know a guy that washed it and just put a couple open containers of arm and hammer baking soda in it for several days.
  11. Yeah it's for me one of the most perfect sizes of CC's.
  12. When they remade Point Break I knew they were out of idea's. Now it's all about trying to milk as much money out of people they can. Well I don't know about Ken but I don't have teats.
  13. My understanding is it's the width of the burn line. We can speculate all we want but do we REALLY know? I don't know. I've heard plenty of times that Cuba doesn't necessarily ferment their tobacco long enough due to them having a hard time keep up with demand. I'm not saying that's accurate but maybe there's something to it but maybe their isn't. Do a bunch of awesome CC smoking guys on a forum that aren't in the business of growing/fermenting tobacco on a commercial basis really know the answer? I would say we do NOT have a definitive answer.

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