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    Happy bday Lisa.
  2. Still waiting on them but got a box of monte dantes coming a a couple of the sampler packs from the host.
  3. Minutos, Perlas and Reyes small smokes

    For me would be trinidad reyes siglo 1 monte 5 after a meal
  4. Greetings from South Carolina

    Welcome to FOH.
  5. Howdy from the Deep South, USA!!!

    Welcome Andy lots of great info and ppls.
  6. Very interesting. I need to get my hands on the Cuban version.
  7. We got a couple of B and M around town not bad but always crowded. I’m lucky enough to belong to a private cigar club with multiple location depending on where I’m at.
  8. I just enjoyed a Romeo no 2 outside it’s about 3 degree Fahrenheit. Gotta dress warm lol.
  9. I’m with you one this one I got a very good box of petit no 2.
  10. I’m flying to Cancun in March then headed to PdC for the activities. I will update everyone once I get back.
  11. HDM epicure especial was what I found to be creamiest from my short time smoking CC.
  12. A local gentleman is selling off his collection from the past 11 years. I picked up a box of grand Edmundo limitada 2010.
  13. New addiction.

    I am going to leave it be for know due to the harsh winter we are getting right now, the hygro is reading %65, i truly believe my humidor has a leak of some sort and tis the season to buy a wineador or some sort. With the fluctuation of minus 2% or plus %2 I should be ok till the winter calms down and I get into a tight sealed device. I truly appreciate all the advice I received from this.

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