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  1. A book for the coffee table:

    Will get a couple prints framed and hung for my basement bar. My lovely bride actually loves thus stuff!
  2. Well lately I've been reading FOH. Being new, I've read through the last 114 pages so far.....
  3. Almost every puff, at least the last quarter
  4. Muscle strain Miracle Cream

    “Maybe it was the way he applied it” I’m a newbie here, but that was hilarious.
  5. Thank you one and all for your insights. I'll try not to be in a hurry and just enjoy the ride. I've been smoking NCs for several years but plan on changing that as soon as I build up some CC stock. Love the retrohale, but as many have said before as I read old posts, it's hard to do too often with Nicaraguan smokes.
  6. One of the new guys here. Did my intro a few weeks ago. How did you all develop your palate? Did it just come naturally over time? I know when I like a cigar but can't seem to pick up the wonderful nuances so many can describe. I'd be hard pressed to pick out individual flavors. I read reviews and look at all the different flavors people pick up and am jealous. Is there a system any of you used to train your palate? Any advice? Thank you!
  7. pets - your ideal pet

    My two dogs. George and Mimi. Yellow lab and basset. My lovely wife wanted Mimi, just a handful. Bassets follow their nose. George is my boy. My ideal pet???.....George if he promised to outlive me. I can’t even think of the day he passes.......
  8. Since my cc stock is currently nonexistent... Tat noellas and Colter's run bourbon
  9. Greetings from Sunny Florida!

    Welcome from another newbie.
  10. Hello from western Wyoming

    Yeah, I saw those. Not ready to pull a purchase yet and think I'll probably start with a sampler to get my feet wet when the time comes
  11. So happy to have found this site. I've been smoking cigars for years but am just starting my education in Habanos. A friend of mine recently gave me my first cuban smoke (PSD 4) and I was blown away. Wanting to learn all I can before purchasing. Looking forward to the road ahead.

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