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  1. Even with that deal, I bet my tupperdore keeps them better with less work. Not quite as handsome though...
  2. Weekend Picks

    I packed a Pardron 45, 08 Tat noella and a 14 PLPC. Love camping weekends in the Teton wilderness
  3. 21 Best bars in the USA

    Dornans in Moose,Wy...Best view and deck of any bar I’ve ever been. Of course, it’s my “Cheers” bar. I’m sure the Cheers reference dates me....
  4. HUHC JL2 CoRo (only have had 1 out of a 14 fiver, but wow) PLPC
  5. Who fishes without a beer? In lovely Teton Valley Idaho where I am, I can have a cocktail strolling down the street. No octopus however......
  6. aged cigars - thoughts?

    The oldest I have are at ten years and I only have a handful...the rest are within 5 years....I look at the 10 year olds monthly and talk myself out of smoking them so that I can say in 10 more years that they 20 years old. So jealous of those that have aged stock.
  7. Going to show my age... My most reliable is one of the ugliest cars ever made. 1976 AMC Gremlin. Inline 6 that ran forever. My lemon...Jeep Compass. Worst vehicle I’ve ever owned. A toylike 4WD system that left me in bad situations more times than I remember.
  8. Reboot and cross fingers
  9. And I was just reading about the Bolivar C.J. today..thinking about pulling the trigger.
  10. I’m so fascinated by every photo. I hope I can go someday! Incredible people and culture. Look at the fingernails on Milagros....
  11. Inside the Partagas Factory

    That was fun. Watched a couple of times from different perspectives
  12. A book for the coffee table:

    Will get a couple prints framed and hung for my basement bar. My lovely bride actually loves thus stuff!
  13. Well lately I've been reading FOH. Being new, I've read through the last 114 pages so far.....
  14. Almost every puff, at least the last quarter

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