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  1. Newcomer (Newbie) Q&A

    I recently let the rh in one of my humidor creep past 70% for about 2 months just to see what would happen. The Trinidad Vigias (robustos) smoked beautifully to midway then started tunneling. 5+ attempts to relight the outer edge failed to get the burn to even out. Of course this made it not so much hot as harsh(gassy). Is this a sure sign of overhumidified cigars? The others I had in this humidor were smaller ring gauges and it didn't happen to those at all.
  2. Hard for me to be upset at the cigar when the vast majority of the time it is one of 2 things. Mostly the condition of the cigar is not quite right because of travel, temperature, humidity etc or sometimes its where I'm at , or not feeling good ( i.e. seasonal allergies )even something i ate can throw things off. If I'm not happy after the first third, l let if go out and get something I know is smoking good. Insta happy. Prob Happens once in a hundred smokes(somethings gotta be mega wrong)..... also a cigar fight is not always a bad thing cuz the beer and scotch remedies issues.
  3. Nice job Scott, I'm on my way to SD soon. I'm staying close to one of those spots, I'll check it out.

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