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  1. LCDH Grand Cayman

    I am in Grand Cayman right now and I’m heading to Old Havana Cigars tomorrow to visit Juan and Karla, the owners you mentioned. I never even made it to the LCDH last trip because Juan took care of me so well. I tried to go to the LCDH last time but every cab takes you to Old Havana by default, just FYI. The shop is very visible and well known in Georgetown. However, you cannot smoke inside Old Havana, unlike the LCDH (I am told you can smoke at the LCDH, anyway).
  2. Cigars shipping "wet"?

    Tom, I have the exact same issue right now. I have a large cooler that was previously kept at a constant 70 percent humidity while storing Nicaraguan cigars in my basement. I switched out the 70 percent beads with 65 percent beads a few weeks ago because I started using this cooler for Cuban cigars, but the humidity level has been stuck at 69 percent ever since the new beads were installed. I suspect the issue is that the majority of cigars inside the cooler (a lot of Nicaraguan tatuajes are still in there) were at 70 percent for a long time (five years) and the new beads are unable to drop the humidity level significantly in a short amount of time. I just keep opening the lid every few nights to see if letting in some air might gradually reduce the humidity level. Right now, though, I am stuck at 69 percent. I’m not that worried anymore, just sort of annoyed.
  3. Second Half 2017 Box Codes.

    I have UBM Rass (cab) from JUN 17 am curious about that factory as well. A recent batch of Cohiba Medio Siglo offered on 24:24 was UBM as well. MEG was definitely the old Upmann factory, as I have Connie A and HUPC with the same code.
  4. Second Half 2017 Box Codes.

    I just acquired a box of Esplendidos with code TRU FEB 18. I have not seen them in person yet, but the wrappers look gorgeous on photos I received.
  5. What to pick up in Ireland?

    It’s available in Pennsylvania, but the price is $800 per bottle (plus tax) here (750ml).
  6. For some reason I am delighted when I detect wine/cherries in a cigar. Same goes for a distinct chocolate/cocoa flavor.
  7. Let's talk Steak

    I used to buy 30-day dry aged but my wife prefers grass fed filets so that’s what we have been doing lately. I’m not complaining. Dry the filet with paper towel, apply coat of vegetable oil, then cover lightly with sea salt and black pepper. Sear each side 2 minutes in iron pan then place a pat of butter on top and throw it in the oven at 400 for 6 minutes. Dome them for 5 minutes then eat. I prefer Cabernet (usually California, something like Merus or Sequoia Grove) as my drink of choice. Done and done.
  8. New member from PA

    Hello everyone, I have enjoyed browsing the forum with its wealth of information about Habanos and wanted to formally join up. I have enjoyed Nicaraguan cigars for the past six years and now am shifting more towards Cubans, as I travel more abroad and they are more available to me. Looking forward to participating in the forum.

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