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  1. Spin class Tuesdays and Fridays 5:30 am, Saturdays 7:15 am. Gym in between when I can get there.
  2. I have 16 Connie A and HUPC with MEG and 17 No. 2 and Mag 46 with BRE so I would say those are the Upmann codes.
  3. Looks like my stash. All Tatuaje and Habanos
  4. I prefer to put loose singles in an empty cigar box if I am going to store them in a cooler, in order to prevent them from getting smashed. Otherwise, I put singles in a desktop humidor.
  5. Cayman17

    Share your Cuban haul

    Yes, that was the box I was referring to. Thanks for the information. Amazing haul! Looks like a successful trip 👍🏻
  6. Cayman17

    Share your Cuban haul

    Are those Lusitanias with a red LCDH sticker on the corner? Is that a special run or something? Sorry if this is a stupid question.
  7. Cayman17

    Cigars in Cinema

    One of my favorite cigar scenes. Looks pretty authentic (although I’m not sure if you are allowed to smoke like that inside Naval ships). “Don’t screw around with me, Maverick.”
  8. Cayman17

    Hump day chuckle...

    I think I would have asked what it was before I touched it. 🤔 definitely would not taste it. What the hell?
  9. Cayman17

    Driving and smoking

    My neighbor smokes whike he mows his lawn, so I gave that a try (twice). I did not find it to be enjoyable at all. And I melted a little plastic switch near the steering wheel while emptying the bag out back after the cigar fell off the dashboard area where it had been perched. Not even going to attempt it in my car.
  10. Civil cigar lounge is a bit of a cab ride but I have smoked there and the service was excellent.
  11. Cayman17

    Box of the week

    PSB - premium select bandless
  12. Cayman17

    Box of the week

    I’ll take them! They do look gorgeous

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