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  1. Derboesekoenig

    24:24 TUESDAY

    Technically you don't need to be logged in to FoH right? To see the 24:24 post? You just need to have that email ready lol
  2. Derboesekoenig

    24:24 TUESDAY

    You aren't alone! Thought about it....thought about....refreshed....ahhh they are gone, darn. Never tasted PB in a cigar before
  3. Derboesekoenig

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Bolivar BF and PSD4 is what got me into cigars/CCs. Glad I snagged some BBF off 24:24. Now I need a couple boxes of PSD4 to stock up on.
  4. Derboesekoenig

    Most Loved, Most Hated Cigars

    Damn really? I've got 5 boxes of these and haven't tried any yet. I was gambling on that they would age well
  5. I can vouch for this ^ They taste much different if you slow it down and don't burn them too quick, Takes me 1 hr to 1hr 10.
  6. Derboesekoenig

    Share your Cuban haul

    The partagas store will be the first one I hit next time. I ran out of money when I walked in there last time. They had some really great boxes that I couldn't find anywhere else.
  7. Derboesekoenig

    Pappy Van Winkle prices

    Prices? Shoot, I can't even find it
  8. Derboesekoenig

    Share your Cuban haul

    I was there in July and don't remember seeing any full boxes. Couple singles I think and that's it
  9. Derboesekoenig

    Visiting Cuba solo?

    I speak enough Spanish to get around, and honestly, would prefer going alone, unless I went with someone that was into cigars like me.
  10. Derboesekoenig

    Cigars Age Better in Cuba

    I went in July so I didn't enjoy many cigars I had.
  11. Derboesekoenig

    Share your Cuban haul

    I had the same experience. I said over and over and over again and started getting loud....but those women refused to let me in. I thought I was being singled out. I didn't understand why I could not go in and I explained to them in both english and spanish. She just refused to let me
  12. Derboesekoenig

    Cigars Age Better in Cuba

    I would've walked away at the mention of this lol
  13. Derboesekoenig

    Your next box is likely to be?

    If I can find a decent price--Behike 52, 54, and 56.
  14. I've been getting into Amstel non-alcoholic beer. Pairs well 75% of the time...and non-alcoholic because I don't have any alcohol where I am in Afghanistan. I've been trying to stay away from sodas. So coffee always works, as well as tea (prefer whole leaves steeped vs ground/bags), and any kind of fruit juice.
  15. Derboesekoenig

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador? I've never seen these before. Love me some PL too!

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