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  1. Newcomer (Newbie) Q&A

    From everything that I've read here and elsewhere, storage temperature is not a huge deal as long as it is consistent (within reason of course).
  2. la Puntilla update

    Will do! My first AirBnB is less than 100m from Melia Cohiba, so I will be hitting all those LCDH in that area in the first day or two.
  3. la Puntilla update

    I'll head to the Comodoro in the next couple weeks and pick up a bundle or two, if available, and let em sit sit for a year or two then.
  4. la Puntilla update

    Looks amazing! Does it compare to anything, I wonder? Or is it pretty much incomparable? Just curious
  5. FOH: A Week In Pictures.

    My OCD kicks in when I see 250 tabs open on the browser. Good lord man lol
  6. It's still expensive, but I think it's worth it. I absolutely love how it looks. Has a marble top that was added later to it that looks killer
  7. The one I'm looking at is 10 years old and they want about 50% of the original price. I think that is more than fair. But we'll see how it goes when I go look at it
  8. Yes. 2 boxes. Cost $1mil each, and they come frozen so no more worrying about beetles
  9. They're getting smarter! The RE whores will be out in droves to collect. Does this mean they are still cutting from regular production lines for this? As in, cutting regular vitolas like they have been for the last couple years
  10. Nah they'll be all right. If you don't want anything, I'll gladly take it off your hands lol
  11. You sound like me. I bought 2 wineadors, and now about to pick up a used Aristocrat. Just this month, I bought 33 boxes. And headed to Cuba in less than 2 weeks, so I've got to figure something out soon.
  12. Ok these are going to be around for quite some time then...
  13. Where did you hear that? And 50k-60k is pretty normal for a regional release. Seems like most fall under this, with some releases reaching 100k.
  14. Thanks for your input. I'll go into it with an open mind. They were cheap enough where it won't hurt my feelings if they have to rest awhile. I'll def smoke one ROTT though and we shall see
  15. The Audio Files

    I use Focal 3-way system in my GT-R with the stock head unit, JL 8" sub, JL Class D amp, and an Audison Bit One. Great setup and can handle any range of music I throw at it.

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