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  1. Ashes all over my car today because of these fires. I wouldn't smoke outside either.
  2. Trinidad Fundadores ARS NOV 17 Smoking a single now from a separate purchase. Fantastic smoke.
  3. db13

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Fundadores from a box dated Nov ‘17 Very enjoyable medium-bodied smoke, notes of spice, honey, coffee. Smoke is rich with mild clove sweetness. No draw problems. and smoking great young.
  4. This is exciting news! Not much to speak of with regards to smoking places near the LAX hotels. However a quick 2 minute jump from there onto the 405 fwy and you can get to most of the places @SenorPerfecto recommended within 10-15 minutes if traffic is light. I vote for Lone Wolf Cigar Lounge. For food Cha Cha Chicken is excellent Caribbean food right on the Santa Monica Beach, you can walk to the SM Pier from there. The Ropas Vieja w/ plantains and dirty rice is the best I've ever had. My wife is from South America and she agrees. Also it's BYOB so you can drink as much as you bring. 20 minutes from LAX.
  5. I’ve tried the Diplomatico and it was insanely good.
  6. @Elpresidente I bought a box of RASS from the store in July and received GOS FEB 18. Is the quality/consistency the same as those MSU ABR 18? I’d like to wait it out a year before I smoke one. How are they smoking now? Still young? Wrappers look great.
  7. That's so generous of you, thank you! I would like to take you up on that. I've met the proprietor David (if he is still the owner) years ago at the SM location and couldn't speak highly enough about him. Please PM your number and I will get in contact with you this week. I also have some Anejo Havana Club Rum to share!
  8. Lone Wolf cigars on Wilshire Blvd is a great smoking lounge. Unfortunately because of strict smoking laws in California it has become more and more difficult to find a good place to smoke and have a drink. Next to impossible.
  9. db13

    Montecristo A

    Nevermind, I just read that it was only discontinued in boxes of 25. So that boxes of 5 coffins are still in production. Who here has smoked one? Thoughts? I haven't had one since '97 I remember it being very good and taking very long to smoke.
  10. db13

    Montecristo A

    Glad to see these make an appearance again in the 24:24 today. I read an article that these were being discontinued end of '17? Apparently not.
  11. People that reply ‘have a blessed day’ and ‘god bless you’ always kind of seem passive agressive. It’s basically almost like saying ‘go f- yourself.’ Case in point here.

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