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  1. Having said that... I’m a regular rock climber. I’d climb every day if my body could take it, but the finger joints won’t. So it’s three times a week, with stretching and strength work. I cycle around and run once or twice a week too.
  2. This is the key. There is no magic workout or form of exercise. But if you do anything with sufficient regularity and effort you will see and feel the benefits. Also quite right that diet is as important or more important for managing weight. But exercise is a great incentive to eat healthily: they go well together.
  3. Interesting review. I’m very new to RA, and just smoked my first the other week: a Specially Selected. I loved the rich fruity profile. Do folks here think the fruitiness in RA fades with age?
  4. RDB

    A Guide to 24:24 & 24:72

    Still helpful years later, thank you @Smoker!
  5. I just tried ginger, lemon and honey tea. Very nice! Bit of bite, bit of palate cleansing acidity, and some sweetness. Good combination with smoke.
  6. RDB

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Reward smoke in Entebbe, after a good hard week. CORO going nicely with ginger, lemon and honey tea. Mild and grassy, soft and smooth. Nice burn.
  7. RDB

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Bit of a dodgy burn on this Siglo III but a pleasant smoke all the same. Lovely format for me.
  8. I started with a bang about 20 years ago, when my big sister gave me a box of Cohiba Esplendidos. Amazing thing was she bought them in Cuba, not from a reputable source, and I’m pretty sure they were real (and they were certainly delicious). Took me a while to smoke them, then it was a very slow progression until much more recently. A box of Trinidad Robusto Extras around 2009 was another encouragement. Kept the last one until this year, and it was delicious.
  9. RDB

    A bit of a guide to Newbie members....

    Hi, new guy here. I'm a long term member of a nice, civilised wine bulletin board, and the rules here seem very sensible. Looking forward to taking part.
  10. Hi, I'm Richard from London. I've been enjoying the occasional CC for about 20 years, but getting much more into it now. Love the many variations of flavour across different marques and vitolas, and the transitions through a cigar. I'm still learning what I like. Have really enjoyed my first RASS and BBF recently, and also love an RJ Churchill if I have time. Have always liked the Cohoba Siglo line, and it was a wonderful gift box of (real) Esplendidos from my sister that got me started, back in about 1998. Don't get on so well with Partagas and Monte it seems, but I'm sure there will be exceptions and never say never. Two small kids at home, so no smoking indoors there for me. I do a lot of travel to developing countries for work, so I'm often smoking abroad in Africa. Lovely mild CORO on a rooftop in Kigali last night!

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