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  1. Good to hear you are alright Ray. As a guy in the wildfire business I have see the tragic consequences of fire over the years. Stay safe.
  2. What’s good now in Cuba

    I picked up a box last week at the same LCDH. That was the price.
  3. I just came across them on another site for $262USD. Like the size but not the price. Was in Cuba and didn't see them but wasn't looking either.
  4. A Cool Opportunity.

    Since Vietnam is in PCC distribution area will get the same RE's at Rob gets.
  5. Your Cigar of November

    Pretty sure Rob is referring to the LFC Grandiosos
  6. Favorite AC/DC songs?

    I also grew up on AC/DC. Sad to see these old bands coming to an end. 1. Highway to Hell 2. Back in Black 3. Shoot to thrill Hard to pick 3
  7. Hello... New Guy from Calgary...

    Welcome to FOH eh!
  8. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    A vintage weekend - Glad it was that cold this weekend even if I had to hide in the garage. Bolivar Gold Medal LSO MAY 08 Finished the box, love the size H Upmann 48 LRE JUL 09 RA Allones Extra RUE AGO11 Best of the weekend, dark wrapper and very taste First ever Dip #2 TOS NOV 16 Need more age on these
  9. Hello from Newmarket!

    Welcome to FOH, eh!
  10. No plans, too rich for me.
  11. Partagas Serie D4 Giant Tubo

    Can get the tubo without cigars at various different places.
  12. Fish commits suicide

    Fraser Island?
  13. Good Cuban Food

    Thanks for posting Nino. Very interesting article.
  14. Good Cuban Food

    Unfortunately the link is to a site you have to pay for.

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