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  1. Hope there is no hills that need mowing on that acreage
  2. rckymtn22

    So, what are your recent acquisitions?

    Glenlivet 21 - $266 Signet - $235
  3. Was wondering about it fitting in your sports car and thinking a uhaul truck would have been better. If it had fit into your car, pictures would have been a necessary! Nice find.
  4. Still didn't work for me. red x Invalid login or password.
  5. Or put back on the shelf to be sold to someone that doesn't check boxes.
  6. rckymtn22

    Greeting from Ottawa, Canada

    Welcome to FOH eh!
  7. rckymtn22


    Right up the millennials alley!
  8. rckymtn22

    Hello From Canada

    Welcome to FOH eh!
  9. rckymtn22

    Hello from Canada

    Welcome to FOH eh!
  10. rckymtn22

    Cigars and Divorce

    Get yourself a mean female lawyer that will go after her blood since your soon-to- be ex wife is the one pulling the plug.
  11. I remember a ways back he used to sign boxes so might be his signature.
  12. rckymtn22


    Old school!
  13. rckymtn22

    Cuba November 2018

    Great way to increase the Cigar budget.

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