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  1. You do it well mate! Can't wait to get there come Christmas.
  2. Wait until you find the new Mods section.
  3. Apologies to all. With Cyclone debbie dropping half a metre of rain on our fair city currently I have had to send my team home before all roads are flooded this afternoon. The CBD has been sent home, all schools evacuated...you get the drift. The worst should be over by tonight and 24:72 Weekend will be up as per normal tomorrow. We will catch up over Friday and Monday on shipping. To our local brethren....stay safe and stay dry To ken.....turn those plastic water bottles on the deck into a raft
  4. Hard to believe that the first quarter of 2017 is over It has been a helter skelter start to the year for us here and showing no signs of slowing down. Again, I am blessed by a fantastic team who have not only stepped up to the plate in terms of their own workload but are putting their ideas forward and executing them. The one big cloud on the horizon is wrapper quality and underfilling of mid to late 16 stock that we are seeing in 2017 to date. Three points. 1. Take a deep breath. Not all is bad. Far from it. There are some exceptional cigars coming through. I am not running a Chicken Little Line. 2. First quarter 2017 is the worst quality wrapper I have seen on average since 1999/00. 3. Underfilling is becoming a noticeable problem again on some cigars. A picture says a thousand words. I love the beautiful red hue wrappers of great Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchills. Done right they are bliss to smoke and even though they are nowhere near my preferred gauge I appreciate what they bring to the table. I went through a mastercase of Wides yesterday which were to be honest.....appalling. Check the wrapper on the below. More importantly, look at the level of underfilling. Quality control my hairy arse. La Corona factory, not some provincial factory. It wasn't a single mastercase by any means. You wonder why I don't put up many Trinidad reyes on 24:24? Havana....we have a problem. Now the above are exceptions. They are just far more common in 2017 that they were in 2016. They were rare in 2015/14. One of the reasons I have brought in Greg to help me in the warehouse selection is that it is taking me far longer to find FOH quality stock for 24:24. We do and will continue to do so. However unless things improve dramatically in the last three quarters of 2017 (and I can see no catalyst for such a change), then we are all in for a tough year. Be careful when purchasing 2016 stock blind this year. Work with vendors who will work with you. If buying blind and you have a choice of 15 or 16 stock then go 15.
  5. Locker stock just goes up. It is part of our arrangement with locker sellers. When it comes to waiting lists, if you haven't heard back within 3 months, drop me a reminder (by e-mail), no harm done. Re waiting lists, the most common would be PSP Sir Winston, PSP SLR DC, PSP Cohiba Esplendido...you get the drift. Now if HQ's come through, you won't be contacted, as you were specific in your requirements. Then again it may be missed as it is a manual system which includes me In a few weeks we will have our new shopping carts up which include a "wish list". I will go through that with you when they are here and I have had a play around with it. The new carts are Greg's baby
  6. During good growing seasons, the planting of a second crop is not new on some fincas. They need a ready water supply to pull it off be it underground or a stream running close by that they can access.
  7. http://www.reviewjournal.com/news/columns/paul-harasim/99-year-old-says-scotch-cigars-and-sex-are-the-secret-long-life I like this quote: “I always try to find something positive after something sad happens, so emotions don’t eat me up.” God bless her
  8. WHAT A SETUP!!! Lamb done, music on, cigar in hand and just working out whether to indulge in the Shiraz or the Pinot (first) tap tap tap on the door. it's 8pm at night? they will go away. tap tap tap on the door again. Bugger it. Cigar down but they can face me in my tshirt and undies (yes Colt...I like to dress up on these nights). Open the door. Di's mum ......Rena. In comes Rena. Having a few phone problems at home and wanted to see if I can call her technician who fixed her landline Wednesday. Rena doesn't have a mobile. "No problem Rena. make yourself comfortable". She did. There is no chance a phone tech would answer his mobile on Friday night. I tried anyway. No pick up. i sent him a text. he text me back. I played an hour of Text tennis. Bottom line is he wasn't going anywhere until Monday. Rena wasn't going anywhere either It was only when I led her to the door later in the evening that I realised I was still in my undies.
  9. Cheers Colt! Congratulations is due to all the contributing members, mods (past and present), admin and tech Bring on the next 12
  10. Di is out tonight. I will miss her You have 8 hours to kill. 4pm to midnight. No wife, girlfriend, partner, kids. Put together your 8 hour lads masterpiece. The drinks The food The music The Movie The Sports The Hookers The Cigars (order). The Dress Code All or none of the above. _________________________________________________________________ Tshirt and undies. Rack of lamb ready to go In the mood for a little Neil Young Partagas 898 V 2008, Ramon Allones Celestiales Finos. Rockford Basket Press Shiraz. Zacappa "slap shot" (movie) ready to play Broncos V Canberra Live Rugby League to watch Have a great weekend!!!
  11. No problems. Ask and get an answer via PM. and by the way....I often get asked where is the best place to buy cuban Cigars. I always reply with 5 names + mine.
  12. The October 2010 Chicago cigar massacre showcased what can happen when the stars align. 100,000 cigars seized over two weeks. Online operators went out of business. Refunds weren't made. It was ugly. Interestingly, one of the operators is mentioned in the comments posted on canaysis . That same operator was hit hard in the October massacre but refunded every single client and there were hundreds. So back to the point you raised. Seizures, Duties, Taxes are fears that buyers have (to different levels) in different parts of the world. There is no upside to "touting" a retailer loud and proud. The more popular they become, the higher the risk (albeit maybe only incrementally). it is the reason why I wince when I see a "my first box from FOH" thread complete with package marking photo and member location. .....I know it was with the best of intentions...but no good can come of it.
  13. They will let anyone in .......
  14. I missed this ....a year ago I can get up to 50% off first and business to Europe.Sometimes that to the US. The more carriers going into a sector the more fares available to be dumped. it is one of the reasons that there are regular cracker 1st and Bus deals to Europe from Oz. Still, the big NY based 1st and business class specialists are the way to go. Downside is you cannot cancel on some fares.

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