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  1. Dusky Beauties

    ....all good things com from red wine and cigars......
  2. Farewell F.O.H..

    Huge hug Guy There comes a time for all of us to take a step back. What a remarkable role model you are. No better compliment can be paid to you than to say that you made a difference to the global cigar community. You made it a better place. You epitomised how an open heart, a welcoming smile and a willingness to share with all .....just makes the world a better place. God bless hermano.
  3. CUNTINT Singles Question

    We do have local members and our store is "members only". You can't walk in off the street unless you are invited and introduced by a current member. It is located where we have Havanathon. The singles we provide on the carts are the same cigars they purchase day in and day out. if they are good enough for Artie, Stan, Nate and crew.....they are good enough for members globally

    Have a great day Mate. Take the rest of the day off Thank you for all you do
  5. What The Swiss...

    Lobster, Mud Crabs, Sand Crabs, Moreton Bay Bugs.... 1/2 hour in the freezer before putting in the pot. If out camping then we cover them in ice for the same period of time. I can't throw them into the pot without knocking them out.
  6. The phone buzzes. Inbound ballistic missile. Crap. Now to be honest a cigar probably isn't high on your priorities. However for some reason or another, you find you have an hour to kill. From what you have in your humidor........what would you pick right now to be your likely last cigar
  7. We were in Trinidad and bought a few singles from a local (+ a half dozen mojitos). None of us could find a cutter and so our friendly local stepped forward, showcased his machete, held the first cigar out at full length and then proceeded to swipe the machete downwards. It was perfect. He repeated it flawlessly on the other cigars. Now I love the below product. However I am pretty sure it is not TSA approved
  8. CUNTINT Singles Question

    Singles come out of our walk in humidor. Boxes for our walk in humidor are there to serve our walk in members. Quality is generally very good to excellent.
  9. Johnny O Talisman Review

    I have never heard a complaint about JO. Close mates of mine who know Cuban cigars backwards enjoy JO cigars. If there is an axe to grind, take it to pm. Running a public pinata campaign is not necessary.
  10. Casa Particulares Registry.

    www.havaning.com run by Ray and Laura are the best Cuba accommodation organisers in the business. Picture a Cuban world where emails are responded to within 24 hours every single time. Where even the smallest request is taken care of. It exists with Ray and Laura.
  11. This really just happened...

    Holy Hell. This is where people lose their jobs. An apology doesn't cut it.
  12. Feel free to put up your own contender! Love the pricing here for a weekend sports cruiser! Vanderhall Edison 3-Wheeled Sports Car Vanderhall's Edison electric three-wheeler debuted at the 2018 CES with a full spec sheet. The performance-oriented two-seater is driven by two AC motors driving the front wheels, making for a 4-second sprint to 60 MPH and a range of around 200 miles. The aluminum frame is wrapped in an attractive ABS composite body with recessed headlights and a very Aston Martin-esque grill shape. The Edison is available for order now, with deliveries scheduled to begin in the second quarter of 2018. Priced at $34,950.00 STANDARD FEATURES DRIVE: Front, Twin Electric FRAME: Aluminum mono BODY: ABS Composite SUSPENSION: Pushrod front coil over, rear single-sided swing arm coil over POWER: 180 HP E equivalent TORQUE: 240 E equivalent PERFORMANCE: 0-60 4.0 Seconds BRAKING: 60-0 Less than 100 feet STEERING: Electric Power Steering BATTERY: 30 kilowatt lithium CURB WEIGHT: 1400lbs / 635kg RANGE: 200 miles est.
  13. Buena Vista Curry Club calle Tejadillo, #24 , e/Cuba y san Ignacio Hindi, Cuban 12-12 Daily +53 78627379 Located in old Havana, this place was a revelation. "Toby....why in hell are we going to an Indian Restaurant in Havana?". "Rob...wait and taste it mate....it is just bonkers brilliant" The Indian food was sensational. better than anything I have tasted in Australia (not hard) and up there with the best I have had in Mumbai or Singapore. We met the Indian owner/chef who is delightful. Live music 3-4 evenings a week. Put it on your radar.
  14. or maybe pop in and pick some up. 25 max per person. Easy I doubt in Havana they will be rushing to the computer, logging onto the forum and checking the members post count

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