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  1. "Fullest Bodied of the 50 and over gauge brigade" That was the question put to me in an overnight email. Full bodied does not necessarily = strongest but for the purposes of the exercise .....whatever "full bodied" it means to you will suffice. Many thanks
  2. 24:24 Change for Tuesday: Trial

    I have no doubt that it will happen
  3. Scdh El Principe.

    Both are the same factory. 50/50 You should be fine either way.
  4. The Jobs that won't be here in 2030?

    In any country this scenario is only one general election away. Democracy will bite hard in the end.
  5. Looks like a well run fantastic fun event
  6. You are looking forward to it in anticipation.......I with trepidation
  7. 24:24 Change for Tuesday: Trial

    There are plenty of things I would like to do but they just aren't feasible to cart limitations. You will need to check out. We have set a maximum of two boxes per member in any particular offering. Quantities have been plugged in and the item will show "Sold" when sold out. It may not work. It may end up being too clunky. Then again the current 24:24 system is clunky as well. We (with your help) will work out the right balance if it exists.
  8. That is the perfect attitude! if you get the chance to pick up a single on your travels, try again in order to eliminate the possibility of a poor box.
  9. You are in for a world of disappointment if you think that you will have the same experience as others. You could have two identical cigars and yet experience different tastes. Palates are unique. I would take a BBF over a BRC every single time. I have good mates who would say the opposite. There are no rights and wrongs.
  10. Calling Cigar Loving Meditators.....

    Week one and Di ha shown a remarkable ability to "tune in " and focus on "minutiae" The instructor sees this as a strength. One being in the present and in touch with their surroundings. I just call it nagging
  11. 24:24 Change for Tuesday: Trial

    On the upside (if it works as hoping), the issues of a members poor net speeds/slow fingers will be partly alleviated.
  12. 24:24 Change for Tuesday: Trial

    You can have your billing address and shipping address saved. Your CC information must be filled out at time of purchase. For sheer modern day safety, it is best not to hold CC data in order to protect against hacking.
  13. Ben feels confident enough to do a 24:24 Trial for the new carts on Tuesday. I will post a summary here tomorrow but the cigars will be only available at the carts to purchase (under 24:24). If you haven't already registered for the carts and wish to participate on 24:24, please do so before tomorrow. I will post up my summary at 10:25am local time (8.25pm New York Time) and 24;24 will appear on the carts a few minutes later. Remember: you won't be able to purchase by emailing Diana It is highly unlikely to be seamless. Somewhere between "surprisingly good and clusterf**k" is what I am looking at I will tell you where on the scale the trial lands at around 10:45 am local. Cheers for your good humour!
  14. No drama. BBF are not for everyone but flavour free they are not. It is like ken giving me a good bottle of wine and I put it in the boot of the car for a week while I drive around town. In the sun, rolling around. I finally open it and say "what is all the fuss about".
  15. Rotation

    80 /20 rule for me.

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