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  1. Future Smoker?

    Good looking lad Mike. Congratulations mate
  2. Spring or Autumn is here. Locally the temps go up to 38 degrees C this weekend and so I put away my Partagas 898V /Magnum 46 and pull out the Fonseca 1, El Rey Del Mundo Choix Supreme, Monte 1 etal. Does your selection change much between summer and winter? Mine certainly does. Shorter "fresher/fruitier" cigars are on the menu come summer. As our local winter is so mild, that is the time for the larger, heavier cigars. So describe to us how your selection changes during seasons (if it does at all). What are your prime summer / winter cigars?
  3. I have great mates who enjoy a vape although it holds no attraction to myself. It is certainly the boom business in the "smoking industry". If you are a vaper let us know how it fits into your life. Is it a means to meet a nicotine habit or is at an avenue of enjoyment. is it both? I can't picture myself firing up the following however. If my vaping brothers have tried something similar, let me know how it panned out
  4. I miss the old days When I started in this business, tattoos were what you found on the docks as you checked your parallel imported cigars. Good days! Pick up a shipment and head to the Hamilton Hotel for an ordinary T Bone steak that overlapped your plate, a cold beer or six and fire up a cigar in the public bar because….well…everyone smoked and we didn’t think twice about it. Back to work, finish at 4:30 pm and head across the road to the cougar bar called “Cru” and catch up with Shagga, Macho and the lads. Fast forward to today and running a business is a little more complicated. From being permanently in contact to dealing with insane red tape….it is not easy. I have been taken to the “Fair Work commission” once already for making a café staff member redundant. In this country if your employee works full time for you then you have more chance of getting an apology out of ken than getting rid of the employee unscathed. It is easier to tailor your employment needs with casual workers and so Oz has seen a casualisation of the workforce as a result of employers being too scared to hire people fulltime. Truly sad. Tatoos are the other big change. Lisa, Di, Greg and I are the only “cleanskins” out of Ten employees. We have always had a “cover tatt” policy but my well inked café manager approached me for permission to wear shorts in summer. I said to give me a few days but I really had no problem with it. Café culture and the hospitality industry has more tatts than a bikie gang. I think people are use to it and so I approved. Walked in last week after a trip to the warehouse and there was my manager making a coffee. I noted her well tattoed legs . In the spirit of our previous conversation I stopped, propped and said “nice legs”. She smiled. It dawned on me as soon as I said it that such a comment breached about a dozen Fair Work Comission guidelines as well as put me before the Human Rights Commission. How times have changed indeed. I will pour a good glass of red and smoke a fine cigar this weekend in order to celebrate “the good old days”! Have a cracker weekend! Rob PLEASE NOTE *One e-mail please. * If you cancel an order, take a couple of months holiday from 24:24. 24:24 will be posted 10:30am local time Tuesday to Thursday. 8:30 pm New York 24:24 will posted 7:30 am local time on Monday and Friday (9:30 pm London/ 5:30 pm New York) * Due to Early starts on Friday and Mondays, Di may not be able to answer your e-mail until 10am. If you order late Friday or over the weekend, Di will come back to you Monday. Tranquil. *Please provide your full name in all e-mails to Diana. * When confirmed, settle up. Don't leave it until "mañana" * Aged stock has been held by ourselves or sourced from PCC. Provenance is unquestioned. Some boxes may have Health Warning Labels. *** ORDERS UNDER $100 USD $100 AUD WILL HAVE A $15 Shipping Fee Added Ramon Allones Gigantes (25) Double Corona TES OCT 16 *Mostly Hand Picked Gorgeous boxes of RAG. The pick of my RAG crop. Stewed fruit/raisins now but that specific profile will reach a crescendo in 3-5 years. I like my Ramon Allones Gigantes vibrant (in terms of fruity flavour) and so would aim to go through them in the next 24 months. Not full bodied by any means (just over medium) but the level of fruitiness + coffee makes them a great post long lunch option. If reaching for a Double Corona in the spring, autumn deck sunshine, the RAG it is. $332 USD $ 995 AUD Cohiba Maduro 5 Magicos (25 ) Magicos SOM JUN 16 TOS SEP 16 PSP HQ (Mix) Dark sexy silky sirens. Cocoa monsters. Perfect Maduro wrappers. Spot on construction. Choc malt milk shake in a cigar. This is one cigar that I do not put up too often. Perhaps it is that reason that I am asked to find them regularly for members. I generally manage to do so but high quality doesn’t generally extend beyond those boxes selected. Then again I am finicky when I chose them and they must have fine wrappers with a touch of sheen as well as great construction. There are plenty of average ones around. When I am asked for a cigar with a chocolate/cream profile. Magicos comes to the fore. $497 USD $ 998 AUD Hoyo De Monterrey Epicure Number 2 (25) ALL SOLD Robusto TOS MAY 17 * Mostly Hand Picked I meant to put these up in the $199 Robusto day. There are days. Hoyo Epicure 2’s…. When they are done right are an enticing medium bodied mix of cream, spiced cloves, cocoa and a touch of cinnamon. ….the sweet clove, leather earth and cream gets to me. Like many others you get caught up in the “sizzle” of new regionals, new releases and imaginary ones (anyone for a R&J Wide Churchill Gran Reserva 😊 ). Yet like many others once you have chased the holy grail rainbow….what do you come back to? Excellent regular production. The Epi 2 is fuller now than it once was. I certainly appreciate it more today than I did those decades ago. You can’t go wrong with these boxes. If you can avoid it, don’t purchase blind right now. $199 USD AUD $622 AUD Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro ALL SOLD BMP JUN 16* Mostly Hand Picked. Just a few of these soon to be departed. Nothing quite sells so well as a discontinued cigar. There is an excellent Video review on these. Chocolate, coffee cream, dried fruit edge, touch of leather (slight). Just a an element of class and a very enjoyable two hours for me. Rich, classy, smooth. Excellent. Put them away. $ 322 USD $1075 AUD Romeo y Julieta Exhibicion Number 4 (25) ALL SOLD Hermosos Number 4 TES AGO 16 *Mostly Hand Picked It is hard not to love them. I think it will be one for Havanathon. Dessert. Cherry choc dessert. I enjoyed picking these boxes. Lovely cherry/rosewater note combines with light milk chocolate to make it unique. There is anise, sweet spices...one of those cigars that makes you recline back and wonder at how good a regular production Hermoso 4 (48 gauge) can be. Just smoke them now. Gorge on them. $199 USD $645 AUD PUNCH SABROSOS RE (25's) ALL SOLD MLO OCT 11 Piramides Aged Cult following on this cigar. Medium bodied peanut powerhouse. It is akin to smoking a snickers bar. I haven’t seen any outside of the occasional locker sale. Has a decade left in it. $ 648 USD $ 1126 AUD Rafael Gonzalez 88 Asia Pacific Regional Release 2016 (10) Britanicas Extra (48x137) SOM DIC 16* Mostly PSP HQ (Mix). Put them away for three to five years for something special. Try one now in order to have a comparison benchmark. They are going to blossom into a Rafael Gonzalez great. Right now, nuts, light coffee, sponge cake, milk chocolate. Beautiful floral aroma. Still a little closed in its flavour expression but the flavours are all there. It will be a beautiful transformation. Enjoy a few now but keep plenty aside for the medium term. Quality wise, these will be the best you will find. $ 195 USD $ 420 AUD · E-mail Diana (sales@clubczar.com) to place your order. Do not send a PM as you may miss out *** Please provide your full name when e-mailing Diana. No name e-mails with handle only (or nothing) will be deleted. Normally (outside of the week before Christmas), the process for hand- picked stock is that each weeks orders for the prior week are brought up each Monday from the warehouse and shipped that week. If you order on a Saturday/Sunday there can be a few days extra delay (as it falls into the following weeks cycle). Similarly if you order on a Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri then they go out the following week 99% of the time. Public holidays can occasionally throw a spanner in the works. If you have multiple orders then they will be scheduled but the team will correspond with you. Do not contact Diana unless there has been a significant delay outside of the above. · This selection will be up for 24hours. First in first served as quantities are limited. Hand Picked denotes they have been selected by myself and represent a mix of high end PE, HQ and sometimes PSP. We will not cherry pick boxes on request.
  5. I found the loophole

    Is she regretting marrying you yet It could have been Bora Bora....it could have been Paris, Tuscany or Barcelona. But no......dodgy backstreet Kolkata.
  6. outright winners.....comp has always been thus
  7. A win over Oakland this week would certainly change perception of the Skins.
  8. Round 2. Bucs a good win over a woeful Chicago. Was it $18 million to Glennon? Very good back up QB. Vikings away are a step up in grade and I suspect it will be close. Bucs by 1. Updated FOHNFL table. Double click to expand it. .
  9. If you have a spare half million.

    Just planning. If I have to go....I am going out with a bang
  10. Western Med Cruise - with 3 mules

    ...that looks soooo good
  11. "The ABS acknowledges that in issuing 16 million barcodes it did not check and remove words and phrases that may be offensive," Deputy statistician Jonathan Palmer said.
  12. I didn't want anyone on FOH to miss out . Bidding started at $460,000 i now know where Habanos are getting their marketing ideas THE MACALLAN IN LALIQUE SIX PILLARS COLLECTION Between 2006 and 2016, The Macallan collaborated with French crystal house Lalique to release some of their rarest single malts in individual crystal decanters. Each of the six whiskies was aged between 50 to 65 years and together are known as the Six Pillars Collection. Individual bottles are highly sought after, so this entire set, up for auction through Bonhams, is certain to be one of the most desired whisky auctions in recent memory and is estimated to fetch over half a million dollars. BID NOW / $460,000+
  13. Cigars at their best.....post them.

    Now this is La Punta. Found it earlier this week. PTR NOV 16

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