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  1. Alaskan Airlines certainly makes the list of the worst 5 airlines that I have flown. They make Cubana airlines look like Emirates. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ SEATTLE (AP) — Alaska Airlines says it will stop flying to Havana after demand dropped and the Trump administration imposed new restrictions on travel to Cuba. The Seattle-based airline said Tuesday that its last flight between Los Angeles and Havana is planned for Jan. 22. Last week, the Trump administration put into effect rules that ended an allowance for "people-to-people" or individual travel to Cuba. Alaska said 80 percent of its passengers used that allowance. Alaska began flying to Havana in January, but it says it was considering pulling out even before last week's change in travel rules.After starting slowly — the Los Angeles-Havana flights were barely half-full in January — the airline was selling about 85 percent of the seats on average by April. Demand remained strong through the summer "but from there we saw softer bookings in the fall," said airline spokeswoman Bobbie Egan. Caribbean hurricanes and the impending change in travel rules both contributed to lower bookings, she said. U.S. airlines were eager to fly to Cuba last year after the Obama administration eased longtime limits on travel between the two countries. The airlines reconnected Americans to an island that had been virtually cut off by a 55-year-old trade embargo and a formal ban on U.S. citizens visiting Cuba as tourists. But flagging demand and overblown expectations have led several carriers to end or reduce service to Cuba including American, Southwest, Spirit, Frontier and Silver Airways.
  2. Havana is reborn more beautiful than ever The capital of all Cubans celebrates its 498 years Author: Alejandra García | internet@granma.cu Author: Hugo Manuel Rivero Rosales | internet@granma.cu november 15, 2017 14:11:13 Havana is being refurbished through a program undertaken by the Historian’s Office to prepare for the city’s 500th anniversary in 2019. Photo: Juvenal Balán Havana reaches its 498th birthday more beautiful than ever, according to City Historian Dr. Eusebio Leal Spengler, speaking during a press conference held in the city’s central historic district. The city is being rejuvenated, Spengler added, as part of an intense cultural program and a “perpetual” series of construction projects, undertaken by his office, in an effort to preserve the ancient city and return its historic importance and influence. One of the works recently concluded was the remodeling of the Templete, the site where the city was refounded in 1519, and where tradition dictates that, every November 16, residents circle the kapok tree there three times, if their wishes are to come true. The 1852 Pórtico, demolished in 1929-1930 to widen the Avenida del Puerto has also been restored. The door to O’Reilly Street now has the original coat of arms of the always loyal city of Havana. The canons, on the ready to defend the villa, are in place, and at this time, artisans are finishing the ironwork, Spengler reported. Also announced in time for the anniversary was the inauguration of a new youth center in the central historic district, equipped with the most modern elements, so that Havana’s young residents can enjoy the art of filmmaking and radio broadcasting, learn to dance, and visit the library. Also set to open its doors is a new information center and San Cristóbal travel agency office within the City Historian’s headquarters, to promote the island’s patrimonial cities and cultural tourism. To be inaugurated as well are new expositions within the Castillo de la Real Fuerza, showcasing underwater treasures recovered over the years, and completely renovated museum halls within the Palacio de los Capitanes Generales, on the Plaza de Armas. These new exhibits seek to recreate colonial Havana for visitors, according to Orlando Inclán, the City Historian Office architect. “We want to make this area an important archaeological center and are projecting that the work will be completed by the 500th anniversary of the city’s founding, this coming 2019,” he said. Thus Eusebio Leal Splengler’s insistence that the city is being reborn more beautiful than ever, to which he added, “Come what may, hurricanes, winds, prohibitions, sieges, we will always be able to come through, break the wall, and move forward.”
  3. Can someone describe Mongrel?

    Mongrel Good. Cheeky. Shows glimpses or periods of brilliance and others of muddled mediocrity. Punches well above its weight. Periodically smacks you in the nose with white pepper spice and charcoal/guinness. If you laid it down with a mix of cigars it would likely mount one of them.
  4. Protecting customs in your luggage?

    zip lock bag surrounded by dirty underwear and socks. You don't want to make that part of the suitcase inviting.
  5. Not Sure

    They have never been offered by HSA
  6. Cohiba Talisman – Global Launch

    Should know in about a week or so. PCC has not finalised pricing. As for some of the other comments: 1. Collectors get taken on a regular basis. Mostly by other collectors. 2. Wrappers vary. The Dante ranges from horrendous to sublime. Cohiba Robusto Supremo the same. 3. These will be sold out within weeks of their launch in 90% of markets. Liking them has nothing to do about it. HSA has a nice little formulae going on.
  7. Favorite AC/DC songs?

    ignoramus A little like comparing Springsteen to Rick Springfield.
  8. Bow Hunters

    Happy for the thread to continue but about 1/2 of members here wish that the "trophies" had a bow or a rifle to shoot back. No trophy shots. Pretty simple. There are plenty of forums/sites out there to display the kill of the week.
  9. The new Trinidad La Trova. Should be a few weeks away.
  10. Ramon Allones, Sancho Panza , Saint Luis Rey Review Weekend I have a sampler of RA/SP and SLR to the three winners of the Ramon Allones, Sancho and Saint Luis Rey Review weekend. Simply: Complete a review of a Ramon Allones, Sancho Panza or Saint Luis Rey. Add a photo. Post it in the following format: Sancho Panza Belicoso OMG JUL 16 : RSS Weekend Review Comp. Sampler gets drawn Tuesday morning local time. One sampler to the review with most likes and two samplers from the draw (everyone gets a shot). Enjoy and have a cracker weekend! Rob
  11. The headline of our major papers on the "Yes" vote for gay marriage.
  12. This amazed me. people actually don't drink the whole bottle at once PLUM WINE PRESERVER With the ability to open, chill, pour, and preserve, the Plum wine preserver combines all wine gadgets into one sleek package. Select your bottle and insert it into the device. Inside, a camera scans the label to identify the wine and automatically begin cooling to the ideal temperature. Whether it's a cork or metal cap, a double-cored needle punctures the top. As wine is released, argon gas fills the bottle to help prevent oxidation. A single canister can preserve up to 150 bottles, keeping each one fresh for up to 90 days so when you're ready, a perfect glass of wine is always waiting to be poured. https://shop.plum.wine/products/plum?variant=27127742403

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