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  1. Shanghai - cigar bars.

    Unfortunately, China has instigated a no-smoking policy since the start of the year, and most of the indoor smoking places are no more. I haven't been back since the ban started, but my local friends there tell me that the ban is indeed enforced, and places to smoke are hard to find now. Evidently outdoor smoking areas are allowed, although Shanghai in the middle of summer can be hot and humid.
  2. Another vote for the Thermapen here.
  3. I'm in the same position as PigFish above. Lots of boxes stored at OLH, and wondering how we can address the shipping issue with minimal risk of loss.
  4. The Olde Cuban is a great place to have a cigar. I haven't had any problems bringing/smoking my own cigars, as long as you're spending money on drinks/food.
  5. I remember that day well too. I saw this article today, I was not aware of this part of the story.
  6. Humidor pictures

    I'm just wondering why there is a new thread for this same topic that comes up year after year. Just post to the master thread, that Rye linked to on the 3rd post on this thread.
  7. I had my doubts about this one, but went ahead and picked up a box earlier this year. Finally got around to smoking one last week, and while the ring gauge is definitely larger than I'd like, I thought it was a pretty damn good smoke.
  8. Jarryd Hayne

    Niners fan here. Yes, that was as bad a start as he could've had, but at least it wasn't as bad as Jameis Winston's first NFL throw.
  9. take lots of pictures of that fabulous view.
  10. 2016 Cigar Dinner China

    Well, I'll definitely need to put this one on my calendar. Only problem might be that it's the 4th of July holiday weekend in the US. I remember meeting you and Lisa in Shanghai, I think back in '09, and it was at Roosevelt's as well. Here's a picture of us from that night in the cigar room at Roosevelt. That was a good evening. I just got back from Shanghai a couple of weeks ago, smoked at a bunch of different places. Constellation Bar is a good place for just drinks and smokes. For food and smokes, there's a new happening spot called the Nest. And then there's Char, with an unbelieveable view of the Bund and the skyscrapers across the river. I posted a photo I took from the patio bar where we were smoking in another thread. here's that picture of the view: July will be very hot in Shanghai by the way. Your last trip it was in November (well, the last trip that I saw you there), so the weather was perfect.
  11. I was just at the Westin Ka'anapali couple of weeks ago. Although not technically allowed, I had no problem having a smoke on the beach every night I was there. Would get a scotch from the bar, take it to the beach with my cigar, and enjoy the warm weather and ocean sounds for an hour or so. Always had other people having their cigarettes on the beach too.
  12. Just got back from Shanghai. Went to Char Bar & Restaurant my last night there. They have an outdoor patio with one of the best views of the Bund and also of the 3 skyscrapers across the river. Very smoke friendly environment. Photo taken with my iPhone right before sunset.
  13. Some of my local friends took me to The Nest in the Bund area this past Monday night. Very cigar friendly, and very packed. you'll have to call ahead for reservations if you want a table, otherwise you can try and find a seat at the bar. it's only been open about 9 months, and already has become very popular. Last night I just wanted a quiet (and COOL) place to smoke without a lot of noise and commotion. Constellation Bar was just the right spot. It's so hot here right now, that smoking outdoors just isn't an option for me. It's still 90 degrees at night.
  14. I love Yang's, that crispy pan fried exterior is the best.

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