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  1. Just what every man needs. A verandah over the toy shop.
  2. And when you finish drinking the contents you could fill the bottles with tea and put them back up on the shelf.
  3. So Cool .........

    I think Sigmund Freud would have something to say about what he is sucking on. So he is a singer hey, anything like Nat King Cole
  4. Congratulations Mus.....

    Congratulations Mate. Personally I think you were just showing off with that tie knot.
  5. Yes I know what you mean. I have never been a gambler and I think if I had lost even a few thousand dollars I would be almost suicidal. On the other hand, great wealth has come from taking a chance. No guts no glory I guess.
  6. You can never get between a Chinaman and chance to place a bet.
  7. That was very entertaining. He is the same age as me but he seems to have lived twice as long.
  8. Because most of the people who see them have been smoking something and they couldn't exactly describe it as looking like a big spliff in the sky.
  9. Glen Campbell

    I just watched his daughter Ashley singing Remembering. Very touching. You can see that he was not only a great musician but he was also a great father and his family loved him very much. I have one of his records and I will be playing that tonight.
  10. Let\'s talk about watches:

    Lets just say that some people have a very poor idea what customer relations is all about.
  11. Let\'s talk about watches:

    I used to wear Oris exclusively but after our falling out with the brand I hardly wear them now. I always wanted an Omega Speedmaster and ended up with two of them and one in particular is my main watch now. The Broad Arrow version is a nice watch but the original Speedy is one of the most legible watches I own. A simple timeless design that still demands attention today.
  12. The problem with Universities and schools for that matter these days is that they are intent on only fostering one avenue of thinking. It must be of the left and it must toe the line. The was a teacher at one of the schools here the other day who told the girls in his class that they would never be able to have children because of climate change. He should have been sacked for but I'm sure he was encouraged to say these kind of things. The word Sceptic is used in the same tones as pedophile or murderer. If it wasn't for the sceptic we would still believe that the earth is flat and that the planets, sun, and stars revolved around us. Science should never be a case of getting an idea and proving that it is right and thereafter shutting down all discussion. True science used to be about working on an idea to prove or disprove the theory. You don't make up data and skew it to prove your theory. Some of the most vocal so called scientists have not been experts on climate. Our most vocal local expert was a clown by the name of Tim Flannery. He wrote books about Skippy the bush kangaroo and told us that even the rains that fall would never again fill our dams. He advised our government that we would need desalination plants so we built them. We have never needed them. Our dams are full and our pockets are empty because they cost billions to maintain and provide us with exactly zero benefit. So excuse me if I don't have the time or the patience for the 90% of all scientists argument. Experts agree that 90% of statistics are made up. 90 % of a focus group is exactly that. A percentage of a focus group. It's as valid as saying that I spoke to 10 people yesterday and 90% of them agreed with me therefor everyone must agree with me. Ken I was in your area yesterday, I should have dropped in to say gday.
  13. This has not been based on real science and how the hell can you sit there and suggest that any kind of objectivity has been used in this process. Facts and figures have been fabricated all along to suit the green agenda. This is fact.
  14. You clearly have no idea how steel is made. You can't just shut the plant down at night
  15. I'm not talking about the ability to power your TV and toaster. How do you keep producing Steel, aluminum and other such products on a calm dark day. Oh that's right, we can import it from India and China, they are the ones with all the power stations and jobs these days.

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