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  1. a call for assistance

    I have an M60 if that is what you need just let me know I could drop it around to you mate.
  2. My favourite was always the KiWi anthem. Dirty deeds done to sheep. The other was. It's a long way to the shop if you want a sausage roll.
  3. It's not so much the voltage you need to take into account but the amps. If you are using one of the feeds to the garage as a sub main it needs to be big enough to handle the combined amps requirements of everything you plan to run in the garage, lights plus power points. At the sub board you then split that cable up to feed a breaker for your lights and a breaker for your power points. Of course here in Australia we only have 240v for all our domestic requirements. I'm not sure how they feed the different voltages to the load in the USA. If in doubt always best and safest to consult your local electrician.
  4. Yes ideally you should have a sub board with breakers for power and light. if the cable you have for the power circuit you now have has a high enough amp rating you could turn it into the sub main and install a sub board in the garage. Do you know where the power to the garage is fed from. Do you have just one breaker that feeds it or is there a separate breaker for power and light. If there is just one breaker have a look at what the amp rating is on it.
  5. Fish commits suicide

    From the photo it looks like he caught it in the main street.
  6. I always thought that Hi Ho was a song about a stoned prostitute.
  7. Rest in piece Heff Now you will always be a stiff. Say high to Marilyn for us.
  8. Just what every man needs. A verandah over the toy shop.
  9. And when you finish drinking the contents you could fill the bottles with tea and put them back up on the shelf.
  10. So Cool .........

    I think Sigmund Freud would have something to say about what he is sucking on. So he is a singer hey, anything like Nat King Cole
  11. Congratulations Mus.....

    Congratulations Mate. Personally I think you were just showing off with that tie knot.
  12. Yes I know what you mean. I have never been a gambler and I think if I had lost even a few thousand dollars I would be almost suicidal. On the other hand, great wealth has come from taking a chance. No guts no glory I guess.
  13. You can never get between a Chinaman and chance to place a bet.
  14. That was very entertaining. He is the same age as me but he seems to have lived twice as long.
  15. Because most of the people who see them have been smoking something and they couldn't exactly describe it as looking like a big spliff in the sky.

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