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  1. Totally agree with you. Embargo - what Embargo ....??
  2. Enjoy with a good cigar that day @Corylax18 & @Ethernut .... :-)
  3. Exactly @Corylax18 - Diaz-Canel will be a figure head while Raul controls the strings.
  4. Great story, thanks for sharing. Had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard ... :-)
  5. Latest of knifings in Germany - this morning a guy knifed to death his kid and wife in public in downtown Hamburg Better use the 3 monkeys above again ....
  6. Exactly - same in Germany now with knives for the last few years ....
  7. la Puntilla update

    If you are on FB look for : Alejandro Glez
  8. la Puntilla update

    Had my third Puntilla since February today - one was too plugged, one was OK but plugged after midway and the third today started well enough but did not draw at all after midway - nutthing, nada, nix, not even after working on it with a tool. Obviously not just too fresh and wet. Can only recommend to have it rest for at least some months. But this one baffled me, it was so good and then Woom - nothing after midway.... Will speak to Alex in 10 days about this. Taste is good - draw is impossible.
  9. You are right @Corylax18 the delays are just so terrible that Cubana de Aviacion, the Cuban airline, announced last week it will scrap ALL internal flights. No aircraft available ... I truly admire you for travelling to Santiago de Cuba by bus and air ... I would not do it.
  10. Let them go to Iceland. Next stop Bhutan or the Falklands. Just saying
  11. Rings true - I had the chance to "design" his cap on one of his flights with us ...
  12. Oliver ..... so how was the food ??
  13. Can confirm it has been closed for at least a few months now. Was already closed last November. I thought it would be renovating, then saw that it was dead. Pity really and a shame. The best "state run" restaurant in Havana - had some really memorable meals and cigars there. Will be missed if it doesn't re-open and it doesn't look like it will, sadly. It's Cuba ....
  14. @luckme10 I am sure that Cochinillo asado in Philly is good - but this the real thing and this is how it is cut, with a plate to show how tender it is. This the way it is done in central Spain where it was "invented" and where I am from. Had it many times in Segovia at the most popular place there, Meson Don Candido ...
  15. Nope, you will only get that in the West and then only in the Pfalz area around Ludwigshafen, Mannheim, Mainz .... :-)

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