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  1. Not in Cuba they don't. After almost 15 years of travelling there I have come to realize that all the changes so far have been negative for the economy. How conditions can change for the worse year after year I don't get, I just have given up hope it will change for the better in the near future.
  2. John is a great guy and the jewellery is top notch. Happy to be there for a drink and a cigar as it is at my favourite Havana spot, Espacios, just a stroll from my Casa.
  3. You forgot to mention that inside the Hotel Capri is ... Salon Rojo Now if any of those people spent time inside that place I can believe their claims to hearing ( and moral ) damage ...
  4. Besides, being a Hotel Nacional de Cuba ashtray it's ... hot weather only ....
  5. Cigsor

    Nope, The KISS principle is not hard rock - it's : Keep It Simple Stupid ... See :
  6. Good old Southern Speed-fried Rock :
  7. It's not Pesos as in CUP or MN ( Moneda Nacional ) - it's "freely convertible money" or CUC or ... as I call them Cookies So it makes sense. 3 million $.
  8. Cigsor

    Not for me. I follow the KISS principle...
  9. Sure ... specially at night
  10. I Weep For Our Youth...

    Touche .... those were my weekly 5 minutes of diet and liver cleansing ... Cheers !
  11. I Weep For Our Youth...

    No worries, it's not a bad phase if you know how to manage it - I am old, grumpy and retired and it gets me to Havana a few times a year ...
  12. @Fugu Yes, you are right on the capital side of the joint venture. Thank you for the update ! As for the information on Yoani, bear in mind that was 9 years ago. An no, she was not "unbothered" by the Cuban state but was harrassed, kidnapped and physically attacked by it. See :ánchez
  13. Off Topic and Pleasure again @NSXCIGAR Here is a post on Ms Yoani Sanchez in my blog from 2009 FYI : On a return flight from Korea a few months ago I came across an article in Time magazine about a blog by a young Cuban, Ms Yoani Sanchez, who has recently been awarded a literary prize in Spain and was denied permission by Cuban authorities to leave the island to pick it up. I have become an ardent follower of her blog and consider it to be excellent, her writing elegant and funny, in getting an idea of everyday life, problems and changes in Cuban society and how the young perceive it. The blog also has German and English translations, which makes it even more interesting. From Time : “Yoani Sanchez is 32, trained as a philologist but denied a career as her dissertation was deemed too critical. She makes a living working in Havana’s tourist industry. She posts her pieces from Internet cafes posing as a tourist. Her subjects have included the shortage of lemons, the turgid proceedings of the Cuban parliament and the slowness of meaningful reforms by the new leader.”
  14. Pleasure @Fugu Habanos SA is a Cuban-Spanish joint venture, 51%-49% ....
  15. Remittances from Cubans living abroad, tourism and nickel production ... plus the "lease" of Cuban doctors and medical personnel.

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