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  1. You’d think so! But this thing is deceptively (maybe not surprisingly) large. It’s like a black hole that eats cigar boxes. There’s only one way to solve that “problem.” More boxes
  2. For me it tends to be the mild-to-medium, more refined (relatively speaking) Nicaraguans. Several of the Tatuaje Brown Label vitolas or various Illusione (like the eccj 15 or the original Documents Series). The Cabaiguan from Pete Johnson/Tatuaje has also been described as Cuban-esqe. I’d also look at some of the boutique offerings from Warped or Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust. Personally I can always identify Dominican tobacco, so it doesn’t say Cuban to me, even though it can often be more refined than Nicaraguan tobacco.

    Needed some RASCC. Should’ve looked sooner!

    Happy birthday!!! Enjoy it.
  5. The edge goes to HUPC, but they’re different enough that I say have both!
  6. Partagas Mille Fleur is also one of my go-to cheep-and-cheerfuls
  7. I love that we all have a different choice. So interesting!
  8. Beautiful work. Let me know if you ever start accepting commissions.
  9. That said, RASCC is a beauty. And I agree with you on smaller being tied to dependability. Must have something to do with less-demanding tobacco needs for the blend.
  10. So interesting that Monte 4 is my dependable mate and your bummer! That’s the funny thing about cigars: One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.
  11. Nearly always: - RASS - Monte 1 - PLMC - HdM Epi No 2 -BRC Depends on their strength preference and whether they’re fine smoking a long and skinny. Usually served with a rum, rye, or brandy, depending how how sweet they want it.
  12. Holy moly that box has grown since I saw it last! Can’t wait to see it again someday. This thing is amazing.
  13. REs and LEs and Añejados and Gran Reservas and all the rest may come and go. But my great friend the Monte 4 never lets me down. It knows what it wants to be and is always there when I need it. Like a great pair of jeans or boots or an old friend. It’s my go to. I love my robustos (RASS, BRC, etc.). But Monte 4 gets out of the way and (for me) just performs What’s yours?
  14. Yep all is great! Just been quite busy at work. Thank god for cigars!

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