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  1. According to Bob, the coolers can do about 15-18 degrees Fahrenheit below ambient with glass doors. I need about half that, so I don’t expect any problems, especially since it will be out of direct sunlight.
  2. This was about $2,900 all-in. I opted for a more expensive wood and an inlayed top, which added to the price. The most expensive upgrade was the temperature control system. I hope to have this humidor for a lifetime.
  3. Not imperative by any means, depending on where you set your AC. I just prefer to age a little cooler than room temp, and this will help with that.
  4. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Lovely VR Don Alejandro from BMP JUN 16. Solid medium, some caramel, coffee, cream, milk chocolate, and a touch of white pepper.
  5. I have a small Adorini at work and really enjoy it.
  6. These are the photos from Bob. I pick it up tomorrow. I went with a more modern style but using black walnut. There’s also an inlayed top. It is just in time, too. I have a few packages from our host on the way with nowhere to put them!
  7. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Ramon Allones Club Allones. Still intense and full two years on. Black cherry, dark chocolate, earth, salt, spice. Delicious. I need to hunt a few more boxes.
  8. Video Review - Hamlet 25th Anniversary

    At least you’re not a Browns fan like me!
  9. Yeah, that’s all true. I just think any of them would work for a wineador. These shelves are more aesthetic than anything else. When you use Spanish cedar in those quantities, you’re not getting much of the benefits. And with active humidification and box storage, there isn’t a major need for those properties anyway.
  10. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    C&C time with a Party Mille Fleurs (PMU NOV 14). Such a great smoke for the price. Bread, spice, slight black pepper, dried fruit.
  11. Spanish cedar is in the mahogany family. So is sapele. Anything along those lines would be nice.

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