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  1. Mike, I got my hands on a few 22oz bottles of Noble ale works Citra Showers.  :ph34r:

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    2. SofaKing



      Arrived safe and sound. Cant wait to try them. Thank you very much for keeping in mind, very nice surprise.



    3. SofaKing


      Unfortunately not on here much these days but I belong to a smaller private forum which you may like. I will send you a link to join, a few FOH members there also.

    4. cooper669


      I'm glad I was able to return the favor. Hope you enjoy them, I haven't tried mine yet. I did receive your add to havanajacks and am a member now. Looks like a cool forum. Thanks

  2. If the bachelor turns your stomach wait, they alternate the next season with the Bachelorette. The worst god aweful crap American television producers have made. Top it off with all the rejects from both shows and a spin it to bachelor in paridise ....STD, swingfest on a tropical locale.
  3. Treehouse Juice Machine
  4. Im a slacker who always is lounging or is it those late night stoner Teen Hunger Aqua Force cartoon influences...I'm sofaking lazy to decide.
  5. Trilliums bestbest offering right there
  6. Green
  7. Alchemist Crusher
  8. Toppling Goliath Golden Nugget
  9. Yeah they are
  10. This over boozed disaster, dumped it half way through
  11. Had this earlier today
  12. Night Shift Whirlpool
  13. Smitty just booked some tickets to Hop Jam on VT Aug 20th, you should look into it

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