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  1. I've smoked my share of Upmanns, and this didn't taste like an Upmann to me. It was a tasty cigar though, so I would consider picking a few up. The variability is interesting.
  2. Wrapper: darker chocolate colorado, chocolate aroma. sweet, fermented hay after snip Beginning: earthy. spice begins, hint of sour, transforming into a cedar spice. Aroma has a sweetness. Middle: body became a fermented wood flavor, raisins, stone fruit? Still some spice on the nose. Maybe honey. End: spice picks up, white pepper now, bigger cedar. Near perfect burn the whole way through. Finished with a toasty, nuttiness Overall: very good cigar, interesting and some complexity. Last third had that fullness to it that I feel in my gut.
  3. initial: Rough colorado wrapper, firm, wood and hot chocolate aroma, sweet hay when snipped. Beginning: hint or pepper, cedar, slight sour note on retrohale, good draw Middle: Toasted wood, Much the same, cedar spice picking up[, tocuh of citrus maybe, medium bodied End: Flavors continued much the same, citrus and spice picking up with wood backbone Overall: An enjoyable cigar. Not too complex, but nice cigar.
  4. I knew my guess was wrong after I made it, but I didn't want to start randomly guessing. thought for sure it was a Boli. My only consolation is I just picked up a box of these. Looking forward to the next one.
  5. Prelight: Chocolate, sweet hay, barnyard, rich earth, slight box press, Colorado wrapper Beginning: Woodiness, maybe slight graham cracker. Cedar, slightest of spice, a hint of citrus. Has a fermented essence. Good tight burn and draw is right on. Middle: Dropped the grey, mottled ash. Flavors much the same. Medium plus body. A little more spice, it is a woody spice though. As it progresses the flavors become a mushroom/earth with the slight spice moving to the background to balance. End: The woody spice is back with citrus dancing on the fringe. The mushroom is the backbone now. Very satisfying, rich, earthy. Overall: Solid, delicious cigar. Nothing too complex, but I wonder what age would do for this. Maybe bring out some nuances. Very enjoyable. Rating: 9.1
  6. Passing of a member

    RIP Terrence
  7. Love the comparative reviews. thanks!
  8. Tubos-to cap or not to cap?

    I personally leave the caps on.
  9. Picked the closest answer. I will try to draw poker, and I will suffer a bit. If it doesn't get fixed, it gets pitched. Life is too short to smoke a plugged cigar.
  10. An Especial Esplendidos

    Very cool tribute.
  11. Sorry late to post my weight. I'm at 102 kg, but I am sure that is going up after the poor eating I did last week and over the weekend. Too much wine and food. Oh well. I am still slowly plugging along.
  12. I am sorry for your loss. Prayers sent for you and his family.
  13. Plain Packaging legislation Update

    Raising my glass to you Pres!

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