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  1. KRYPT BAR Tucked below the streets of Vienna, Krypt Bar occupies a forgotten 18th-century cellar. The underground space was rediscovered during the renovations of the surrounding building after a sealed doorway uncovered a hidden lair. Accessed by a set of floating stairs, the large archways and exposed brickwork remain, creating a dramatic backdrop for the marble floors and gold finishes. Drinks are served at a 20-foot walnut bar while surrounding alcoves provide private booths. Along with the lounge, the area is also host to the city's smallest art gallery.
  2. Manta5 Hydrofoil Bike Manta5 is a hydrofoil bike that replicates the cycling experience on water, it is designed to glide across any body of water, including lakes, rivers, and the ocean. The vessel has an aluminum frame, two carbon fiber hydrofoils that provide lift, and a 400-watt motor that augments the riders pedalling power to turn the propeller. The hydrofoil has the ability to perform submerged launches, so if you fall off, the bike can be relaunched from deep water. Its modular design allows quick assembly and transportation.
  3. Villa Chameleon The jungles of Bali in Indonesia are rich with greenery and wildlife, and if you´re lucky enough, you may even find yourself at one of the islands most luxurious estates, nestled right into that jungle. Villa Chameleon is a contemporary luxury jungle residence available for rent, it is located on 3600sqm west facing land with uninterrupted river and jungle views offering complete privacy and a spectacular living experience. The 5 bedroom home features breathtaking river views from every room, a 20m lap pool, office library, wellbeing space, media room, front and back kitchen, various gardens and a workshop that doubles as a garage. The house is fully serviced with butler, cook, housekeeper, gardener, pool boy and a driver is available on request. An extraordinary place to pamper the soul, dial up your senses, connect with your family and friends, and expand your mind.
  4. CIGAR WHISKEY GLASS Some things were just made to go together, like Peanut butter and jelly, Hall & Oats, and – of course – whiskey and cigars. And now the folks at Corkcicle have made a vessel that appropriately pairs the two in a simple one-handed format. It is appropriately named the Cigar Glass. Carefully handmade, each one of these vessels can hold up to 9 ounces of your liquor of choice, as well as a full-sized cigar in the built-in ergonomic rest. That means you can hold both in one hand without having to fumble around or position your hand in an awkward manner. Not only is it more comfortable, but it also helps to reduce the risk of dropping either your smoke or your beverage, which seems like a win-win to us. Each one of these fabulous glasses retails for $20.
  5. HUBLOT PRESENTS THE LIMITED EDITION CLASSIC FUSION ASHES CHRONOGRAPH The competitive sport of cricket has welcomed the arrival of a brand new timepiece with the Hublot Classic Fusion Ashes Chronograph. The watch’s debut marks the extended partnership between Hublot and the International Cricket Council which first came together in 2015 with the former playing the role of official timekeeper. Today that partnership has once again brought Cricket Australia and the Ashes Series 2017-18 to the forefront of conversation with the help of ex-Australian cricket captain, Michael Clarke. To celebrate the sport the best way they know how, Hublot unveiled the limited edition watch which will only come as 32 examples in the world – each one representing the number of series won by each team. The watch’s appointments will see a unique design which features a grey dial that wears sport’s most significant symbols – the hands of the two chronograph counters in the shape of a bat and a triple applique at the 12 o’clock marker which mimics the stumps. The caseback meanwhile wears the Ashes series logo on the sapphire glass and is complimented with a leather strap with triple white saddle stitching to honour the style of a cricket ball. Twin oversized chronograph counters reside at the 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock markers whilst a subtle date window can be found at the 6 o’clock mark. The Hublot Classic Fusion Ashes Chronograph is now available to order via Hublot Australia for a RRP of $16,200.
  6. The First Known Interstellar Asteroid Looks Incredibly Weird Scientists know of 750,000 or so asteroids and comets - and all of them are part of this fine solar system. That is, all of them but one. And as new research shows, it's weird as hell. Today, scientists are reporting their analysis of 'Oumuamua, an interstellar object spotted last month. The oddly-shaped, fast-moving rock immediately surprised astronomers with its chemical makeup and other properties, which implied there should be far more interstellar objects floating around than previously thought. "The presence of 'Oumuamua suggests that previous estimates of the density of interstellar objects were pessimistically low," the authors write in the study published today in the journal Nature. 'Oumuamua's story begins on 19 October 2017 when the Hawaiian Pan-STARRS1 telescope system spotted it. Scientists named it A/2017 U1, but immediately realised that they were looking at something strange, since its orbit's shape was extremely hyperbolic. That means rather than orbiting the Sun, this thing came and went with enough speed to "clearly" imply it was from outside the solar system. The brief visit made the planet difficult to name - the minor planet designation scheme doesn't allow for naming something only seen once. Researchers created a new classification for these interstellar objects, and gave it a Hawaiian name that "reflects the way this object is like a scout or messenger sent from the distant past to reach out to us," according to a Minor Planet Center communication. Pronounced "Oh-moo-ah-moo-ah", it means "a messenger from afar arriving first". Observations of the wildly-varying light from 'Oumuamua showed scientists it wasn't spherical, but probably had a cigar shape measuring 800m by 80m by 80m - that's something almost as tall as the Statue of Liberty, but 800m long. It's red, and likely made from metal and carbon-rich matter like some comets. Scientists also observed that it didn't have a fuzzy, comet-like appearance, which is surprising given the fact that most observed rocks originating from the distant Oort cloud are comets. This set up a conundrum: Scientists assumed interstellar objects would behave more like comets than asteroids until 'Oumuamua came along. If they're more like asteroids, that implied to the team that there are way more of these interstellar rocks in the Solar System than originally thought, according to the paper. It also adds another factor when considering Earth impacts. "Impact from an interstellar object would be far more energetic than from a solar system object with similar mass, due to the larger impact speed," the authors write. As far as where it came from - no one knows yet. The paper suggests a nearby debris disk, or that its trajectory was changed by some planet or other comet - maybe it was set off by the undiscovered Planet Nine. All that is informed speculation, of course. Scientists will never get to see 'Oumuamua again as it speeds off - but it brief visit suggests might not be the last time scientists spot something like this.
  7. Chile when it's chilly

    Perfect youre asking this question so i shall provide you with this LINK where I asked a very similar question back in January 2016
  8. Formula 1 - 2017

    F1 Finale – Red Bull’s Max Verstappen Previews The 2017 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix The final race of the 2017 F1 season sees Max Verstappen and his Red Bull Racing team head to Abu Dhabi and the Yas Marina Circuit. And with Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton already having wrapped up the World Championship, the Dutchman will nonetheless be hoping for a strong finish to a season which has so far seen him record two race victories, in Malaysia and Mexico. Mobil 1 The Grid spoke to Verstappen at the SEMA show in Las Vegas, to find out more about the race head and why he intends to end the season on a high.
  9. Formula 1 - 2017

    Sauber set to reveal 2018 line-up amid Alfa Romeo rumours Sauber is poised to finally confirm its 2018 driver line-up at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, as rumours swirl that the team could even bring the Alfa Romeo name back to Formula 1 as part of a stronger alliance with Ferrari. With the Swiss outfit keen to forge closer ties with its Maranello-based partner, it has been clear for some time that it would hand one of its race seats to F2 champion and Ferrari protege Charles Leclerc. However, the decision on its second seat has been much tougher to nail down, with Ferrari weighing up whether or not to place its other junior driver Antonio Giovinazzi there as well. Against that background, Sauber's owners – who have close links to Marcus Ericsson – have been considering whether or not they would prefer to commit to the Swedish racer for another season. Although there have been growing indications that the team was edging closer sticking with Ericsson, a final call would be made only after sign off from Ferrari. And it has emerged that part of Ferrari president Sergio Marchionne's thinking for how to take the partnership with Sauber forwards, has included the idea of a rebranding of its customer engines as Alfa Romeo. Marchionne has long talked about his desire to bring the Alfa Romeo name back to F1, and with Sauber eager to embrace a long-term future with Ferrari, there is an opportunity to try to do something with the Swiss outfit. Late last year, Marchionne even suggested that key to a possible Alfa Romeo project was it becoming linked with Ferrari's junior drivers. "Alfa Romeo in F1 could become a fine breeding ground for young Italian drivers," he told Italian media. "The best one, Giovinazzi, is already with us, but there are others besides him, and they are struggling to find room. Alfa Romeo, more than our customer teams, could offer them that space." Whether or not such a tie-up is possible as early as 2018, or longer term, is unclear at the moment but, should Marchionne give the sign off, then it would be a huge boost to Sauber in terms of its global branding. With the iconic name and its famous four-leafed clover back in F1, there would be great opportunities to tie up fresh sponsorship interest as Sauber goes about ramping up its effort. In the end, though, for all the advantages that Sauber knows it would get from such a deal, the final say will rest on whether or not Marchionne wants to throw his weight behind the Alfa Romeo commitment – especially amid such delicate times with F1's owners Liberty Media.
  10. Formula 1 - 2017

    Williams denies reports it has signed Robert Kubica to replace Felipe Massa Williams have denied reports they have signed Robert Kubica for the next season as Felipe Massa's replacement, with the Brazilian retiring for a second time – although likely for good this time. Several reports say a contract has been signed between the British team and the Polish driver, but in a statement on Tuesday, Williams denied the news and said an announcement about its 2018 driver would be made in due course, but should not be expected this weekend. "Although conversations are ongoing with Kubica, it is still yet to be finally decided who will replace Massa," read a statement from the team. "We will make an announcement when we have something to announce but nothing is planned this weekend in Abu Dhabi." Kubica is in the running to replace Massa and has participated in a number of tests with the team recently to gauge his physical abilities following a rally accident in 2011, which caused significant injury to his right-arm. However the team are also assessing a number of other drivers including Pascal Wehrlein and Paul di Resta. It was expected the team would confirm Lance Stroll's 2018 team-mate this weekend, or possibly on Monday, with the post-season test taking place in Abu Dhabi – therefore giving the new driver a prime chance to familiarise themselves with the team and car.
  11. Formula 1 - 2017

    Getting Technical: Renault's bargeboard and diffuser tweaks Renault’s aggressive development path has focused primarily around the floor and bargeboards throughout the year, with tweaks to the front-wing to help further energise these two critical aero components. These bargeboards introduced in Austin present further refinements to the existing solution, with considerable care taken to the geometry of the footplate. Even more gill-like louvres have been added along the base to energise the air running below, shifting the flow's path as it weaves its way from the front-wing towards the car's flanks. Two tiny turning vanes have joined the complex layout, each braced to one another and to the larger boards via several metal stays. These quickly turn the air to create small vortices, which combine with the larger vortex structure shed by the primary bargeboard to protect the sidepods and floor from turbulence that would adversely affect their performance. Having already delivered a substantial change to the rear diffuser design in Hungary, significant alterations were made to its outboard areas a few races ago in Austin. This brought its design firmly in line with what the likes of Mercedes have been doing this year by using a peripheral Gurney flap arrangement to increase the vorticity of the air exiting from below. Tuft of wool duct-taped to Hulkenberg's helmet They also introduced a suspended fin into the path of this flow to further this effect. Having kept this iteration for Mexico, the team repositioned the fin to a slightly higher location [yellow arrow above] in Brazil. This subtle adjustment shows that Renault are paying much closer attention to micro-aerodynamic details, of which we will see even more of next year as their refine their concept. A number of other aerodynamic examinations were also carried out on the R.S.17 on Friday, including an old-school wool tuft experiment on Nico Hulkenburg’s helmet to assess the airflow around the cockpit.
  12. Formula 1 - 2017

    PIRELLI PREVIEW THE ABU DHABI GRAND PRIX The final round of this remarkable Formula 1 season features the three softest tyres in Pirelli’s 2017 range – soft, supersoft and ultrasoft – before a two-day test on Tuesday and Wednesday after the grand prix gives all the teams their first taste of 2018 tyres. The Yas Marina circuit is characterised by smooth asphalt, warm weather and a wide mix of corners, all of which have made it a popular venue for testing in the past. This year’s tyre nomination is unaltered compared to last season, but with higher cornering speeds thanks to the latest regulations and wider tyres, there is still a good chance that another all-time lap record will be broken this weekend. The three nominated tyres The circuit from a tyre point of view Abu Dhabi is quite a varied track in terms of speeds and corners, so teams tend to run a compromise set-up with medium downforce. As the grand prix starts in the late afternoon and ends in the evening, track temperatures fall quite notably during the race. Like Brazil, the track runs anti-clockwise. Wear and degradation is reasonably contained on the smooth surface. With plenty of acceleration and braking over the lap, traction is the main consideration. Overtaking tends to be difficult at Yas Marina, so strategy and qualifying are especially key. A two-stopper was the most popular strategy last year. Mario Isola, Head of Racing: “The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix tends to be a reasonably straightforward race held in consistent conditions, although with an unusual race format, as the start takes place in the afternoon and the finish is in the evening. This race is also important for next year as well: on Thursday, we will present the full range of 2018 Formula 1 tyres on the paddock, which the teams will then get the chance to test for the first time on Tuesday and Wednesday after the grand prix. The only exception is the intermediate and wet tyre: Abu Dhabi has never yet produced a wet race, so we’re going to have to wait until next year to see those in action”. What’s New The scheduled 2018 tyre test with McLaren at Interlagos was cancelled amid security concerns: this reduces the total number of 2018 tyre testing days to 23. Austrian rally driver Raimund Baumschlager clinched a record-breaking 14th national title, at the wheel of a Volkswagen Polo R WRC running on Pirelli tyres.
  13. Formula 1 - 2017

    RUDY VAN BUREN IS THE WORLD’S FASTEST GAMER Rudy van Buren, a 25-year-old sales manager from Lelystad in the Netherlands, has beaten more than 30,000 contestants to be crowned the World’s Fastest Gamer – the McLaren Formula 1 team’s ground-breaking esports competition that aims to find the best virtual racing driver on the planet. In the final round of the contest, an exacting four-hour assessment using McLaren’s state-of-the-art Formula 1 simulator, van Buren beat countryman Freek Schothorst, a 20-year-old science, business and innovation student from Amsterdam. Van Buren now claims the greatest job in esports – becoming one of the F1 team’s official simulator drivers for the 2018 season. Van Buren began racing karts aged eight, ultimately winning the Dutch Karting Championship in 2003. However, like many budding talents, he was forced to quit at the age of 16 due to lacking the financial backing needed to progress further. However, World’s Fastest Gamer, which identifies racing talent through esports, has given van Buren a second chance at his motorsports career. On quitting racing, van Buren said: “You search for a replacement because you’ve still got that racing feeling inside you. You want to go on but there’s no option or route available. That burn inside to win, doing a lap quicker and quicker, lap after lap, it’s a feeling that you can’t express. Every boy that starts karting dreams about F1, and at a certain point that dream just vanishes. Now by winning World’s Fastest Gamer, I can relive that dream.” On winning World’s Fastest Gamer, van Buren said: “This has been the most incredible experience and words can’t describe how I feel right now. To think that I came to the McLaren Technology Centre for the very first time last week but am leaving here today as McLaren’s newest employee is mind blowing. “I can’t thank everyone enough for giving me this amazing opportunity; just being here, meeting the team and competing with some amazing people has been an unforgettable experience. It really has been the toughest job interview I’ve ever faced, but with such an incredible reward at the end of it. Now I can’t wait to get started!” McLaren Technology Group Executive Director Zak Brown said: “First, my congratulations to Rudy – he really showed the mettle, determination and ability to succeed. This was an outstandingly tough contest, one where we went to great lengths to stretch our contestants beyond their limits, and he’ll be a real asset to the organisation as we develop and refine our 2018 car throughout the next season.” The World’s Fastest Gamer competition, which began in May 2017, saw gamers from around the world compete for a coveted position in this month’s gruelling finals. After numerous heats across a variety of different games and platforms, 12 grand finalists were invited to McLaren’s Woking headquarters to go head-to-head in one last week of testing. Finals Week included rigorous tests around some of the racetracks where McLaren has enjoyed its most legendary days of competition, including the world-famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway, home of the Indy 500; Japan’s Suzuka Circuit; Brazilian Grand Prix venue, Interlagos; and the world’s most famous 24-hour race, Le Mans, where finalists were tested over a full day-long race distance. After the 12 contestants were whittled down from six to three, and then finally two, van Buren went up against Schothorst in the ultimate test – an extensive evaluation behind the wheel of McLaren’s hyper-accurate racing simulator, the exact same kit that’s used by the actual F1 drivers to develop their cars ahead of each grand prix. To triumph, van Buren not only needed to demonstrate the speed and agility required by all top racing drivers, but also the engineering know-how and mental and physical ability required to develop, refine and engineer an F1 car for the team’s two race drivers, double world champion Fernando Alonso and Stoffel Vandoorne. World’s Fastest Gamer is a partnership between global sports and technology brand McLaren and the founder of virtual motorsport’s GT Academy, Darren Cox, in collaboration with founding partner Logitech G, a global leader in gaming gear, and two further partners – sports media platform GiveMeSport and esport racing innovator Sparco.
  14. Formula 1 - 2017

    ALONSO: WE WILL BE BACK AT THE TOP NEXT YEAR Fernando Alonso is clearly fired up for the forthcoming McLaren-Renault era, boldly confident that his days at the wrong end of the grid are over and that he will be challenging for the title next year. Speaking to Sky (Germany) Alonso was asked to rank who he believed would be the 2018 Formula 1 title contenders, “We will be up there. We are very optimistic that we’ll be back at the top next year. The year to come back to the top for us, then Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo.” “On the second step I put Sebastian Vettel, Valtteri Bottas and Kimi Raikkonen,” added the Spaniard. He was also asked to rate newly crowned four times world champion Lewis Hamilton, “He is one of the greatest. After all, he has won four titles. He has proven in recent years that Mercedes has a very dominant car that completely dominates Formula One.” “But he is one of the greatest because at McLaren he performed excellently even in difficult times. He has won races in a car that was not a winner. He deserves to succeed even when sitting in a dominant car. He has always been at the highest level,” added Alonso. However he did say recently of Hamilton’s triumph, “It was very easy this year, no opponents. Last year he had Nico [Rosberg] until the last race, fighting every single race. “This year was too easy. Mercedes four races to the end constructors’ champion, Hamilton three races before the end drivers’ champion. Hopefully, McLaren-Renault will change this easy time for them,” added Alonso.
  15. Formula 1 - 2017

    ECCLESTONE: TURNING F1 INTO A FAST-FOOD JOINT IS WRONG Bernie Ecclestone ruled Formula 1 with an iron fist for decades and likened the sport, under his leadership, to a three-star Michelin restaurant and warns new owners Liberty Media that changing it to a fast food joint is a mistake. Ecclestone has been marginalised for the past year, since the takeover of F1 by new owners Liberty Media, but this has not silenced the billionaire who still has piquant views about the direction the sport is heading since his demise. In a recent swipe at the new owners, Ecclestone said of Liberty Media in an interview with Folha de Sao Paulo, earlier this month, “They should wake up. I have nothing against them, I feel sorry for them. It’s more or less like giving a doctor the job of a dentist.” “I always tried to treat Formula 1 as if it were a three-star Michelin restaurant. I don’t think turning F1 into a fast-food joint is the right way to go, but this is the standard in America, which is much lower than what F1 is about. Everyone who is involved in F1, over the last 40 years, expects higher standards. Asked if he resents the fact that he was put out to pasture by the new owners, he replied, “These things happen in life. I sold the business, but I’m still in the company, in a ‘higher’ position. I suppose I’m an adviser. Maybe they did not know how to ask me to depart and one way to do that was to give me a ‘superior role’. Chase Carey wanted my position, so I told him: You bought the car, you drive it.” “I ran the business to produce financial results. They do not seem concerned about making profits. This year, all the contracts that were originally made by me are still valid. As far as I know, there are no new contracts.” “And they’re treating F1 like a show. Look at the race in the United States, they put girls in shorts and pompoms in front of the audience.” Asked if he would accept an offer to return to the helm of F1, “After more than 40 years in charge, I would not want to go back having owners telling me what to do. It’s like being a gunslinger. You’re hired to kill someone but you have to ask permission to do what you need to do.” Amid criticism of his management methods, Ecclestone is unrepentant, “If I had not done a good job with F1, would they have bought the company?” MIKA: The removal and changing of the engines from V12's, 10's, 8's, removing refuelling, removing tyre manufacturers to a single supplier, inconsistent stewarding, Herman Tilke designed tracks JUST to name a few were all done under Bernie Ecclestone. This guy changed the DNA of this sport so I think Liberty can't do any worse and so far IMO, it's for the better. This is an evolution of sorts and will take a couple more years to fully introduce their vision.

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