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  1. RIP MOM

    Mike, I'm sorry about the loss of your Mom. My condolences to you and your family.
  2. You know you need a Cuban passport?? They are not going to let you in without it.
  3. My friend Charlie (Puffdaddie), Jose and I went to see Hamlet roll cigars at a tasting put up by Roberto and Arturo Molina owners of Habano Port in Metairie ,LA. As always Hamlet was a GREAT host and very entertaining. When I told him I was a member of FOH and that I had met him at Havana Fest in November 2014 he rolled a special cigar for me that I would treasure forever. Hamlet is coming out with a new cigar soon that is going to be the bomb and from what I heard I believe that is going to be very successful. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  4. New México Regional

    Spoke to a friend at a LCDH in Mexico he said that they will have them in a couple of weeks for $1,250 USD a box
  5. I have half a box left, and they are a great smoke. Thanks for the review
  6. Time for a cigar?

    I'm sure is an expensive watch, just like the Cohiba brand. LOL.
  7. Going to Holguin Nov. 2nd thru American Airlines
  8. Look what i found in my cigar.

    I had paper in one of my cigars
  9. Real/Fake Esplendidos - Your Thoughts

    looks good to me.
  10. Bienvenido de un Cubano a otro. Nos veremos en Noviembre
  11. How many boxes you buying?
  12. Bart's Ever Growing Collection

    Looking good my friend.

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