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  1. It´s finally getting warm in Finland. Enjoying a TOR JUN16 Hoyo du prince.
  2. Always a pleasure listening to Lisa Hannigan, such a beautiful voice.
  3. Done. This is a very good cause...
  4. Thanks for help Ken!
  5. Hi! I´m looking for some champagne to drink with a special cigar. Bollinger and Pol Roger seems to be good choises but how about vintage stuff? Since I don´t have much experience is it just waste of money for pay 50-100 euros more? Here´s some alternatives that I can get: Cuvée Perle d'Ayala 2001 Pol Roger Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill Brut 1998 Dom Pérignon 2000 Deutz Vinothèque Brut Millésime 1990 Pommery Cuvée Louise 1998
  6. Best - Upmann magnum 46 07 Honorable mention - Bolivar corona extra 08 and Hoyo Regalos EL 2007 Worst - CAO brasilia Samba and Cabanas perfecto
  7. I had exactly same thoughts when I smoked Bolivar Colosales RE 2006 today.
  8. Thanks for warm welcome all of you, nice to see someone speaking finnish here. Here´s some my cigar pics: http://s571.photobucket.com/albums/ss156/aj60s/
  9. I´d really like to make that order, but there is a big risk that I have to pay duty and taxes. And if so, the cost would be almost twice. But if there is something that I can´t find from my normal sources I will make that order!
  10. Hi! I´ve been reading this forum for a while and decided to register. My favourite cigars at the moment are Upmann mag 46, Bolivar corona extra and Partagas shorts. There are very few places to get cigars here in Finland and the prices are very high. So I usually order my cigars from Germany or UK.

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